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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

At the risk of veering ever-so-slightly off-topic, today brings the happy news that the notorious Christo-fascist hatemonger Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps and his so-called Westboro Baptist Church have had a $2.9 million lawsuit slapped against them. A jury found them "liable for invasion of privacy and intent to inflict emotional distress for picketing [a] Marine's funeral in 2006."

And those are just the compensatory damages; punitive damages are yet to be decided.

First-Amendment absolutists will deplore this decision, as will looney libertarians of the Ron Paul ilk (oop, guess one of us just took sides... Hi, Branch Paulians!), but among those cheering it today are left-wing gay-rights advocates, right-wing pro-military groups like the Patriot Guards, and a wide variety of other decent human beings from various political backgrounds.

And, as much as it pains us to admit it, on this issue we are once again on the same side as LGF, which has bashed Phelps repeatedly (though not without some static from his Christo-fascist admirers).

First we agree on Vlaams Belang, and now this. Will this madness never end?!

Feeble Accusations

While Johnson is fond of the "prove it!" method of knocking his opponents (which, btw, is entirely legitimate), one of our regular readers notes that it's a little hypocritical for Charles to take this stance when he himself goes around the place accusing people of all manner of things without backing up his claims.

Take the meme that Ron Paul (of whom we have no particular opinion) is racist and anti-semitic. As our reader "A" notes CJ

"can't pull even one example out of his ass to prove the accusation. Also look at how charles calls ron "irrelevant" and says ron has a total of 5 supporters, but then at the same times complains about the giant number of paul supporters at rallies!! sounds to me like charles is a little scared of ron otherwise why would he mention ron so much? oh and here is a little speech by ron that should blow the whole "racism" accusation out of the sky."

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

...and next on the list! is allegedly anti-Semitic according to Chuckles Johnson. You can almost set your clocks to the regularity that Charles hypocritically complains about other sites and their hateful comments. The only thing is, he does it at such regularity (digg, Kos, DU etc etc) it almost suggests he knows exactly where to look.

Are his 'lizards' infesting selected websites to create outrage?

It's not as if they haven't been directed by their 'leader' before.

What's a death threat amongst friends?

I'm sure Charles has a point, and Dennis Perrin is using 'creative' writing, but doesn't it sound strange?

Charles is actually accusing someone of lying about death threats on LGF?

I mean this is the man that allowed poster Rayra to post long after his published death threats on the site only to have Charles throw the accusation back in his/her face when they deviated from LGF group-think? Weren't the FBI involved?

UPDATE: From the "watch what you wish for Charles" department.

By their fruits we shall know them

You've gotta give former LGF good time girl Pam credit. When caught out mixing with racists, holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis she went into full denial mode, defending all involved in 'Bigotpalooza'. It even got a as desperate as Pam lying about the White Power symbol displayed in Filip Dewinters office.

After being caught out and proved wrong she now displays amazing chutzpah and tries the 'well the left collaborated as well' which is the equivalent of saying 'yes, I'm consorting with nazis but they're not as bad as other Nazis'.

As long as you stand for bigotry and hatred of Muslims you're Ok in Pam's book.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Belang and winding road

Those cheeky monkeys over at Sadly, No! are covering the Charles v. Pammy cage match in lavish, spit-take-inducing detail. Absolutely not to be missed.

[UPDATE 10/29 - Okay, this is getting weird.]

[UPDATE 10/30 - Quote of the century "In case you do not read Little Green Footballs, the blog is pro-Muslim, left-wing, politically correct.."]

Know them, know their friends

It seems Charles is horrified that a student conservative group has invited convicted holocaust denier and leader of Britain's premier nazi outfit the BNP to speak at one of their meetings. Maybe he isn't aware that they're a group that his once faithful obsessive Pamela Geller Oshry also has linked to and promoted in the past.

For more on the fascist BNP visit these sites.

Stop The BNP
BNP Uncovered
Lancaster UAF
Voice of Reason

Thursday, October 25, 2007

LGF Solutions

Four years of reading and you're bound to start having a few deja vu experiences...

Sort-of-open thread

As there has been a bit more anti-LGF "chatter" than usual in the interwebosphere lately, we thought this might be a good opportunity to sort-of-open* things up to general discussion about LGF, where it's been, where it's heading, etc.

Here are some topics we'd like some input on:

1. How To Get Banned From LGF: We've heard, anecdotally and otherwise, that Charles' Ban-O-Matic has been in hyperdrive; among the reasons we've heard for bannings are,

  • posting comments that take issue with LGF group-think (obviously)

  • posting "moby"-like comments that Charles think might reflect poorly on LGF

  • posting comments here

  • posting comments at GCP

  • using the LGF search feature to search for comments by banned lizards

What else?

2. Can we really believe that Charles has not taken a single day off from LGF during the past six years? To our knowledge, he has never missed a day since 9/11/01, nor has he ever relied upon guest-posters to fill in when he's not at his keyboard. Maybe he really is that dedicated (or should we say "obsessive"), or maybe he's not fully forthcoming about whether LGF is really a one-man operation. It goes without saying that Charles would never deign to address this issue, what with his mania for secrecy (just try to find out how LGF is funded!), but if anyone has any scuttlebutt, this is the place to share it.

3. Now that Charles has firmly repudiated the neo-Nazi segment of the anti-Muslim brigade, and given his utter contempt for anyone who might even remotely be considered "liberal," how will anyone ever pass his ideological litmus test?

Over to you.

*"Sort-of-open," because due to previous spam-bombings by enraged lizards, we are still forced to moderate comments.


Like the corners of my mind
Misty watercolor memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were
Let's not forget that despite his current worries about Vlaams Belang, Charles Johnson was quite happy to promote them and his 'lizards' were quite clear on defending him from accusations of far-right extremism.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life's a riot

...or if you're a lizard an 'intifada'.

Never one to miss an opportunity to dress up a riot in a European city as part of the International Muslim Conspiracy, Charles Johnson is becoming a laughing stock. You'd think that anyone with a smidgen of self-awareness would question their worldview wouldn't you. Not Charles Johnson.

Via Sadly, No! (With added LGF comments)

Defending the indefensible

Paul Belien, Pamela Geller Oshry and assorted bloggers involved are trying desperately to shed Vlaams Belang and other participants of Bigotpalooza of their fascist pasts. Here's a reminder of what Vlaams Belang and their leaders support and the people they admire. No matter how they spin their new found philo-semitism they are rooted in their fascist past and surprisingly unwilling to exorcise it.

'A true idealist' is the title of a page-size interview with Bert van Boghout (1916-2003) in the VB magazine of march 1990. More correct would have been 'A true national-socialist' because Van Boghout was not just a collaborator: kreisleiter of the National-Socialist Movement in Flanders, active in the antisemite 'Volksverwering' who strove for a pure Arian Flanders by, among other things, publishing lists of Jews and freemasons, a Waffen SS volunteer at the east front, convicted to a life sentence after the war, later one of the founders of the Vlaams Blok and a distributor, until late in the 1980's through the Were Di bookservice, of German nazi literature and "historic-documentary long play records" such as 'Das Vaterland ruft' and the very pedagogic 'Wie gewinne ich eine Wahl?', with speeches of Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler at the election congress of the NSDA in 1938. The author of the tribute in the VB party magazine: Filip Dewinter.


About Staf De Clercq (1884-1942), the much hated (by the Flemish people) leader of the Vlaams Nationaal Verbond (VNV), who collaborated enthousiasticly with the nazis, Dewinter says in Haaretz: "He is one of the historic leaders of the party. This is part of the history of the Flemish nationalist movement and it is impossible to deny this. We are the descendants of this movement."
This is the same Filip Dewinter who is speaking at Bigotpalooza and Pammycakes and other racist cranks are trying to defend.

In this regard we congratulate Charles Johnson for his, albeit belated, stand against these bigots.

UPDATE: Charles has more on Vlaams Belang and the Swedish neo-Nazis. Again, no matter how much LGFW criticises Charles for fostering bigotry and hatred on his site he has to be applauded for his stance on this issue.

A quick question

When is it ok to promote a Islamo-Stalinist-terrorist cult?

When they're being promoted as an anti-Iranian Islamo-Stalinist-terrorist cult by of course. Of course the main person behind the promotion of this terrorist group is 'too soft on Islam' according to the LGF lizards.

The hypocrisy of the extreme right has never been so obscene.

LGF: blowing in the right direction

When it comes to blowing, Charles Johnson likes it one way, not the other.

When the NY Times "blew" (i.e. scooped) an investigation by his bloggyfriend Rusty, Charles went ballistic on their sorry MSM asses.

Yet when the Bush administration blew the cover of a private intelligence company which had infiltrated Al Qaeda-linked websites - not a peep from the mighty green reptile.

Caught out again, Charles!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


LGF Watch, January 2006:

Lie down with dogs, get fleas.
Commenter "phoenixgirl" at LGF, today:
lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.....
We hate to say "we told you so," but... No, on second thought, we don't hate to say it.

When wingnuts fall out

It seems all is not well in Wingnutsville.

Pamela Geller Oshry (aka Atlas Shrugs) isn't happy with Chuckles Johnson. She's very upset that Charles, after advertising a European Bigotpalooza, added an update warning that some of the people involved where a bit on the extreme-right side.

Well to be fair, what did Charles expect? If he'd done his homework before the original post he would've realised the kind of people involved and would've been a little bit more reticent about promoting it.

Unfortunately for Charles this update (which was spurred by one of his Lizards pointing out a Nazi connection) was some sort of catastrophic occurrence for Ms. Geller Oshry. It was the ultimate betrayal by her once hero. You see Ms. Geller Oshry has no problem promoting and linking to neo-Nazis as long as they're saying the right things about Muslims. As a Jewish woman linking to and promoting the British National Party, a fascist organisation run by a convicted holocaust denying anti-Semite is unforgivable. So her support for this 'event' and inability to see what is wrong with sharing a platform with race supremacists, neo-Nazis and bigoted propagandists is nothing out of character.

She's an absolute nutjob.

Poor old Charles. These are the people his little hate site encouraged, now he's having to deal with their madness.

UPDATE: Interesting to see Atlas Shrugs mention Fjordman and his opinion of the LGF betrayal. Fjordman fits in perfectly with this 'event', he has some very interesting views on the Holocaust and Anne Frank, which Charles was quite happy to allow at LGF.

When hypocrites blog

Charles seems mightily offended that Crooks and Liars are suggesting he got his Zombies to freep their poll.

What a surprise! The crackheads at Crooks and Liars are lying again, saying I had my “zombies” freep their poll. And that makes us indistinguishable from the Kremlin: Little taste of Russia: Little Green Footballs removes Ron Paul from their GOP Poll for “gaming” reasons then “games” C&L’s Poll.

Of course, I never told a single LGF reader to do anything with their poll. Go ahead. Search LGF. You won’t find that, because it doesn’t exist, except in their fevered semi-brains. OK, zombies, calm down. There are no brains at Crooks and Liars, I was kidding.

But that’s why they’re called Crooks and Liars. (And I fully expected this kind of moronic counterattack, by the way.)

Note to the crack web team at Liars: If you don’t want people to “freep” your poll, try writing your own instead of using a free poll host that has no safeguards at all. Just because you’re incapable of doing anything about it when your polls are stacked doesn’t mean everyone has to be that stupid.


The Liars web team has closed the comments for the thread linked above. Again. Pwned!
Somebody remind how old this man is again? This sounds like a hysterical teenage girl obsessing over what her friends are saying about her in other classes.

Anyway, the thought that people could believe that Charles condones such actions as freeping upsets him greatly. It seems he goes into tantrum mode at the very suggestion.

In other news, on the same day as the post above we have this...

The leftist-Islamist axis at one of the most out-of-control campuses in America, UC Irvine, has put up a poll at PetitionsOnline denouncing Islamofascism Awareness Week, with the run-on title: Islamo Fascism Awareness is Week is a Cover for Politicized Attacks on the Foundations of Academic Freedom at UCI and Across the Nation.

Currently the petition has 165 signatures. That seems kind of low, doesn’t it? Maybe we should help them out?
I wonder where Crooks & Liars would get the idea that Charles would freep their poll?

(...and it's not as if Charles hasn't got previous)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Little Green Hypocrite

Today on LGF:

...the crack web team at moonbat blog Crooks and Liars has been working
overtime trying to delete every single comment that criticizes them or departs
in any way from the groupthink. Finally they just gave up and shut down
commenting entirely.

Right. As Sura 109 in the comments notes:

Unlike a certain little green wingnut who bans people outright for departing in any way from the groupthink. I suppose the pot and the kettle aren't black after all. They're green. And C&L did not shut down commenting entirely, just on the thread in question. Of course I do not expect even a single lizardoid to point this out...


Read Sura 109's excellent piece about being an ex-LGF'er at Daily Kos.

Friday, October 19, 2007


True to form (in the form of a one line blog post) Charles publicises movement of European resistance to Islamization (in the form of a link to the Gates of Vienna blog). He later adds an update stating that some of the supporters of this effort are less than honorable.

No shit!

One of the groups he specifically mentions is Vlaams Belang. Now where have we heard that name before?

The main source of this 'resistance' is here. And here are some of the 'big names'.

Austria: Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff
Belgium: Filip Dewinter
Czech Republic: Matyas Zmo
Denmark: Lars Hedegaard
France: Nidra Poller
Germany: Stefan Herre
Italy: Adriana Bolchini Gaigher
Netherlands: Dr. Johannes J.G. Jansen
Norway: Jens Anfindsen
Romania: Traian Ungureanu
Sweden: Ted Ekeroth and Reinhard
Switzerland: Dr. Arnaud Dotezac
United Kingdom: Gerard Batten

If that's the resistance we all know what to expect. Right-wing hot air, barely disguised bigotry and in some cases outright race hatred.

Where was Charles Johnson's invite?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More 'fauxtography'

Here's an image-manipulation scandal you won't be reading about at LGF, land of Billowgate™ and the Throbbing Memo:

Police have been accused of manipulating a photo of Jean Charles de Menezes so it could be compared to that of one of the 21/7 bomb plotters.

The image had been "stretched and sized" to form a composite image of the Brazilian and Hussain Osman to show the jury, prosecutors told the Old Bailey.

Mr de Menezes was shot dead after being wrongly identified as one of the men who targeted London's transport system.

The Metropolitan Police denies breaking health and safety laws.

Mr de Menezes, 27, was shot seven times in the head on a train at Stockwell Tube station on 22 July 2005, after being wrongly identified as Osman.

The Met Police said the composite picture was created to illustrate the difficulties officers would have had in differentiating between the two men.

But Clare Montgomery QC, prosecuting, told the court it had been altered "by either stretching or resizing so the face ceases to have its correct proportions".

Forensics consultant Michael George told the court that the police composite appeared to have a "greater definition" than the two images used to produce it.

He produced an alternative composite, which was shown to the jury, in which the two faces had different skin tones and their mouths and noses were not aligned.

Ronald Thwaites QC, defending, asked Mr George whether there had been any manipulation "of the primary features of the face".

Mr George replied: "I don't believe there has been any... but making the image brighter has changed the image."

For much more on the Menezes case, follow this link.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quote du jour

One cannot be a torturer unless one identifies oneself as a torturer. In other words, a regular person can commit thousands of acts of torture and still not be a torturer if he doesn't embrace the accompanying lifestyle (wearing dark shades and fascistic looking uniforms, reading Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin, etc.).
Pope Benedict XVI at Jesus' General

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh, by the way...

We forgot to mention it, but yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the first post on LGF Watch.

Happy belated birthday to us! And to those who want us and/or this blog dead: better luck next quadrennium!

Gordon's Revenge

Recently banned from LGF, long-time lizard Gordon/Nodrog has set up a website documenting his experiences there.

Quote du jour

Take, for instance, Chuckles of the Little Green American Bund. The most rabid of the New Right’s pretend philo-Semites, a consistent Chuckie would have called for Coulter to be “glassified.” Which, of course, didn’t happen. But then since anti-Semitic ventilations such as Coulter’s do not give Charles Johnson an excuse to wish for the genocide of Muslims (his real interest in politics, in blogging, and, no doubt, in life), his reaction was confined to equivocating on Coulter and bashing Media Matters for reporting the story.
HTML Mencken (Sadly, No!)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Charles (indirectly) endorses murderous racists

Charles Johnson should know he's playing with fire every time he tries to smear someone by pronouncing them guilty through association (his latest example is particularly ridiculous as it's actually a completely one-way relationship he's highlighting).

If Charles is going to take that line then perhaps he'd better get his house in order first. You see, the other day a teenager in Belgium was found guilty of double murder. The teenager was the son of a Vlaams Blok founder and Vlaams Belang politician - both parties endorsed by Charles.

So, by CJ's own logic, he's endorsing racist murderers and their ideological (and biological) parents. Nice!

King of made up controversy

...a lot of people want to discuss the latest manufactured Media Matters controversy

Do they Charles? Perhaps it's because some of your Saurian hoarde actually agree with her. Let them, but let's just pick you up on that whole 'manufactured controversy' thing. Aren't you the Charles Johnson who got his panties in a twist and promoted the hell out of these stories?

1. OMG!! the Muslims are taking over the stock exchange!!

2. New Jersey is under attack, duck and cover!!

3. Hijab! Hijab! Hijab!

4. Jamil Hussein anyone?

5. Crescents and coronaries

That's just a quick list of five, who could forget the other manufactured outrages, controversies and moronic talking points. There's always the UAE Port Scandal, digg, the numerous Daily Kos rants...etc etc.

Charlie boy, take a chill pill.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Classic Chuckles

I think Agence France Presse should just rename themselves, “Al Jazeera Lite,”
Charles Johnson

Fair enough Charlie but only on the condition that you change the name of your blog to the far more accurate 'Stormfront Lite'.

Pot vs Kettle

Which political blog can't handle any dissent and bans people in an instant for not toeing the party line? Why, Daily Kos, of course. Ho, ho, ho, the irony.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Are you an LGF Stalker?

One of our regular readers has mocked up this beautiful button for you to put on your website if you consider yourself an LGF Stalker.

Hat tip to The Sphinx!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Red meat

For no reason discernible to us, today Republican blogger Charles Johnson directed his minions (twice) to a photo essay created by longtime lizardoid operative "Zombietime," in which he/she documents various goings-on at San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair.

And the lizards responded. Boy, did they ever! As of this writing, there are 574 comments on the thread. Compare with earlier threads:

A thread about Ayaan Hirsi Ali - 138
A thread about charges being dropped against the last of the Marines accused of massacring civilians at Haditha - 88
A thread about the arrest of an al-Qaeda financier in Iraq - 58
A thread about the Democratic mayor of Atlantic City embellishing his military record - 136

Even a thread about Republican blogger Charles Johnson's arch-enemy Google can muster no more than 425 comments. And a slightly earlier thread about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is languishing well under 150.

We will leave it to you, dear readers, to ponder just why the saurian horde are so inordinately interested in depictions of poorly blurred-out penises, buttocks, and pudenda -- and not in the travails of Ayaan Hirsi Ali being terrorized by Muslims, US Marines fighting Muslims, Muslims funding the anti-American insurgency, etc.