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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Charles vindicated! Ehm...

Oh no, the dhimmi BBC has whitewashed Islamic terrorism again!

PammyCakes: Blogging While Shitfaced:

We believe Pam meant to say "Rudy Slams The Clenis".  

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Unwittingingly Humorous Moment of the Day

#28 Charles 6/25/2007 11:36:42 am PDT

Josiah Stevenson: if you ever find someone who stalks, smears, lies about and libels moonbat blogs, please let me know. As far as I know, this kind of obsessive behavior is only directed at right-of-center bloggers and personalities.

Previously on LGF Watch: Stalking Charles Johnson

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Peace when it suits you

One of our loyal readers points out the glaring hypocrisy of LGF ridiculing peace activists in a picture at the top of the site (and implying that not only are they in league with terrorists, but will also be blown up by a green football) and Charles Johnson then throwing a fit when Hamas murder peace protesters.

As our enigmatic reader says, look at this quote by Chuckles:

"Imagine the sustained outrage that would pour out of the media if Israel had done something like this. But Hamas murders peaceful demonstrators, and it doesn’t even rate a footnote in the wire service reports."

Let's turn the roles around here. Substitute the words "the media" with "LGF", "Israel" with "Muslims", and "Hamas" with an arbitrary non-Muslim terrorist group, then "wire service reports" with "LGF" again. Looks familiar now, doesn't it..

And lets not forget the glee with which LGF celebrated the death of Rachel Corrie...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dishonor among Lizards

The raison d'etre of Littlegreenfootballs is to pin all that is wrong with the world exclusively on one single entity - Islam - regardless of the truth.

In today's post about 'honor killings' Chuckles complains that a Sunday Telegraph article "never once mentions the 'M' word [Muslims]".

Of course CJ fails to tell his readers that the most prominent victim of 'honor violence' mentioned in the article (Jasvinder Sanghera) is in fact a ... Sikh.

You see, there's a reason the article says the problem is particularly prevalent among Britain's ASIAN community.

But maybe Charles just doesn't know one turban from another?

Friday, June 15, 2007

David Gaubatz

Should we be surprised that someone fingered by Private Eye (#1183) as a certified loon pops up a few days later with his own version of JihadWatch?

You see David Gaubatz ("director of counterintelligence and counterterrorism for the Society of Americans for National Existence") has gone undercover in America's mosques to prove they're all Salafist bridgeheads.

And he's written about it in the highly respected online magazine of the Moonie Times _ the same place he revealed the truth about Iraq's WMD's a short time ago.

Unfortunately, he didn't reckon with the powers of the Internet, which allows other people to give their _ very different _ account of events.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Oh my. For the second time in a few days, LGF is kaput. Chuckles Johnson self-styled "Chief Technology Officer" dare not even post an estimate of 'time-to-fix', so hopelessly buggered is the server. Ponder the savvy of a "CTO" who rests his entire hateopia on one hard drive. (note: Charles has been complaining about "disk-thrashing" for weeks. Uh, Charles, disk-thrashing = disk-failure). Ponder also the $4,000,000 in wingnut welfare slipped to Chuck and Roger Simon for the "Pajamas Media" misinformation distribution network. Gee, Chucky, ever hear of RAID?

Look for LGF to take a new traffic hit as disenchanted Lizards make their way to Stormfront and other more efficient wingnut wurlitzers.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back to Business

Comments following a BBC clip (though obviously CJ does acknowledge the source) about a woman in Britain who was encouraged by her husband to become a suicide bomber:


My friend says lots of Arab people [in London].


Well when MoeHamHead is the second most popular name in an Anglo country it is time to start evaluating your options.


Kick all white people out of the UK. I guess thats the way muslims assimilate.


I'm guessing the I.Q. of the average muslim will remain a closely guarded secret if there's any government organization that has any such documentation.



As you can see, it's business as normal again at ....

While they slept

Having scrimped the change for a spare hard drive off of his mom Charlie J is back in business, but during his absence we had the pleasure (ok, it was more like pain) of peeking at other angles of the wingnut-o-sphere, and boy is it ugly out there.

If you thought LGF was a hangout for genocidal lunatics, you'll be surprised just how much further a certain 'Debbie Schuessel' has taken things. Call us innocent, but we'd only vaguely heard about Ms Schuessel before, so we weren't quite prepared for what we found here after a tip-off from one of our readers.

Obviously, it's de rigeur among the American blogerati to belittle a city of close to 8 million people _ with a history four times longer than the entire United States _ as 'Londonistan' these days, so Londoners might not immediately feel well-disposed to Schuessel.

But it doesn't help that her questionable opinions are complemented by a complete disregard for facts.

First of all she says the keffiye is a symbol of Islam. Duh.

Next, she touts the stat that Muhammed is the 2nd most popular name in Britain, ignoring the inconvenient fact that less than 2% of male babies are called Muhammed _ even with a Muslim population of around 3 %. What's more, many of those Muhammad's will be just one of the names given to a baby.

Then there's this line: "by the time of the 2012 games, Muslims will likely dominate and rule Britain". Let's ignore the oozing racism here and just ask her for some sort of reference to back that up. Debbie, can you hear us?

And finally, there's this whopper: Schuessel claims that the logo for the London Olympics was "subsidized" by the U.S., which is "by far the largest payor to the IOC." Wow. Does she even know how the IOC works? Does she realize that if anything, the US OC is going to make money out of the 'Londonistan Olympics'? That it's British taxpayers, including British Muslim taxpayers, who will have to stump up to host the world and this stupid logo in their city in five years? That American companies will be making a tidy profit from sponsorship deals while Londoners put up with rate and rent increases?

Oh boy, bring back Johnson. At least his lunacy has limits!

Monday, June 11, 2007


In this picture, Charles "Squeaky" Johnson attempts to repair his Lizard 9000 "hoop-drive" Confabulator which ground to a halt Saturday stranding thousands of "Lizard Minions" with nowhere to hate.

In this "backup" site some Lizards desperately cling for hope as Johnson struggles to rescue his endlessly self-promoted "cred" as a top-tech guy. There is growing concern that a lot of Kill Muzzie/Bomb Iran comments may have been lost.


LGF has now been down for two days. This begs a question: what did Charles do with all that Wingnut Moolah? Four million smackeroos should buy you a mirror, ya think?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday night linkage

Some news items sent in by our dear readers that you're unlikely to read about on LGF:

A tale of racist bullying in America.

The most pro-American country in Europe is...?

Another 40-year anniversary.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is Charles Johnson going bust?

An anonymous reader wrote to us the other day to ask us why we're not picking up on all of CJ's recent posts about the migration of LGF to "new servers." The simple answer would be that this kind of stuff isn't very interesting.

But said reader suggested that all of CJ's techie talk needs to be seen in the context of the increasing number of ads that are appearing on LGF (and CJ's other project, pajamas media). And the fact that Johnson, according to someone who claims to know, has recently sold his house.

What could this point to? Either CJ is reaping the profits of his fame, upgrading his hosting service and moving to a bigger and better home.

Or, Johnson is slowly but surely going bust.

At this stage there isn't much to firmly point either way, but on the issue of servers at least there seems to be a hole in Johnson's reasoning.

You see, he claims that the servers are necessary because LGF's traffic is shooting through the roof. But if that were so, why is he getting far fewer comments per post these days than he used to? There was a time when readers would write hundreds, sometimes more than a thousand comments per post. Now, the number of comments is frequently less than a hundred.

As for the number of visitors, take a look at this graph.

Could it be that far from being an upgrade, CJ actually carried out a downgrade to cheaper servers, and had to completely rewrite his blogging engine to cope?

Could it be that not enough people are clicking on his ads, because they have adblocking software installed and don't see them in the first place?

Could it be that Charles Johnson has sold his house and his bike and now lives in a trailer park, sneakily tapping into the local diner's Wifi connection?

Do keep your tips coming, either in the comments on directly by email!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Who belongs to the hate and death cult now?

....asks The Realm of the Sphinx and answers it rather eloquently using the less than eloquent rantings of the moronic bigots at LGF to prove his point.

Read it all here.

CJ's Google hypocrisy

As documented by Dennis The Peasant.

The last - or at least next-to-last - person on this planet to be calling out Google on its lack of moral fortitude is Charles.Fucking.Johnson.

Let's just remember that back in early 2006 it was Chaz - The Poodle himself - along with his fearless business partners Roger L. Simon and Glenn Harlan Reynolds who decided that Google was one-third of the Google-Yahoo!-Microsoft Empire of Evil that was empowering the Chinese Government to censor the internet. And as part of their daily - and very commercial - nod to noblesse oblige (them being powerhouses of the internets and all) back then, the three of them called for us all to dump our stock in each of the three and commence with the BOYCOTTING.

Which lasted less than a year...

And not only did it NOT last even a year, it was less than year between Raj, The Poodle and Glenn Harlan calling for a boycott of Google and SIGNING A COMMERCIAL DEAL TO PUT GOOGLE ADS ON THEIR SITES!

It doesn't matter whether Charles Johnson is right about Google, the bottom line is he doesn't have the standing to complain about ANYTHING GOOGLE does... And he never will as long as he is picking up their cash. I mean, for the love of Christ: He has Google Ads sitting on his site at this very moment which are very hard to miss.
Read it all

LGF: Fucking peace

If you're looking for The Idiot's View(tm) on current affairs, is usually a good place to start. Take this gem, a comment from one of the lizards on the Global Peace Index in which America didn't score very highly:

This isn't a level of peacefulness - it's a level of P*SSY-NESS!

"An armed society is a polite society."
- Navy vet Robert Heinlein

OK, that was fun, wasn't it? But let's take a closer look at the index. Why did the US do so badly? Was it because of its "willingness to fight", as the above commenter claims? No, the US only scores 2/5 on that front.

With '1' being the best, and '5' being the worst score, here's where the US does badly:

Number of jailed population per 100,000 people (5/5)

Ease of access to weapons of minor destruction (3/5)

Respect for human rights (3/5)

Potential for terriorist acts (4/5)

UN Deployments 2006-07 (5/5)

Non-UN Deployments 2006-07 (5/5)

Military capability/sophistication (5/5)

Number of external and internal conflicts fought: 2000-05 (3/5)

Estimated number of deaths from organised conflict (external) (3/5)

But let's return to that idea that the availability of arms makes a society more polite. What do the lizards have to say?
"Amnesty International is a fair example of an organization being run by a flocking bunch of shitbirds."


"What a bunch of crock!"


"I hate peace activists"


"It's like the lefties sit around thinking of ways to make themselves look as stupid as possible."


"Man, I wouldn't want to live in any of the most peaceable (peaceful?) countries these loons have chosen."


"I think we should bomb all those countries that ranked higher than us, to eliminate the 'Peace Gap'."

And then there's this treasure:
"OT: The moslem who killed himself in Gitmo the other day--burying him in a sensitive way would include stuffing a Jimmy Dean sausage up his butt on the way back to sand land. IMHO"

Ah, it's always a pleasure to discuss important matters with people who know how to be polite...

Steve Gilliard RIP

May you rest in peace. You will be missed.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Quote of the year....

...and we're only in June!

Chuckles Johnson over at Killing an Arab has his bike shorts in a bunch. Why? Well, because that’s what he does. He sits around waiting for something, preferably involving a darkie, to cross his computer screen that he can be offended by.
Mister Leonard Pierce