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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


While perusing the LGF front page earlier today, our eagle eye noticed that a person referring to him- or herself as "Bottehond" had posted a comment. This piqued our interest, what with "Bottehond" being a Dutch word and all (literal translation: "Bone Dog"), so we did a bit of digging.

And found this -- a pro-Vlaams-Belang article posted on a website to which a person referring to him- or herself as "Bottehond" also contributes.

It's unknown whether these two "Bottehonden" are one and the same, but be that as it may, we thought you might enjoy reading an excerpt, hastily translated from the Dutch, from the aforementioned article:

People of European descent who draw the Celtic cross or have a picture of it are, in [Charles] Johnson's eyes, filthy "racists." People who state that Europe was white and must stay white are, in Johnson's eyes, nothing more and nothing less than direct descendants of Adolf Hitler. People who believe that their fathers and grandfathers were wrong in supporting or ignoring the goals of the aforementioned Adolf Hitler, but who nonetheless honor these fathers and grandfathers because they did what they did for their people, for their religion, for their traditions, for Flemish independence -- that is something Johnson has never heard of, nor does he want to.

Charles Johnson sees the world in black and white; there is only absolute good and absolute evil. Johnson is never wrong and can never treat the enemy of his enemy as a friend. Johnson lives in a country whose original inhabitants were wiped from the map and has no problem with such a scenario repeating itself in other countries. Johnson dislikes symbols, and especially crosses, even though these fit in well with his hatred of Islam. Johnson can't deal with political incorrectness, even though it fits in well with his own form of political correctness. Johnson believes that the entire world should be like his dream vision of the United States: multiracial, but free of Islamists; with freedom of opinion, but not for those who disagree with him; multicultural, but with no room for other modes of thought besides his own economic and ethical liberalism and his atheism.

It goes on for quite a bit, but you get the idea.

Memo to Charles: adding hundreds of new "hatchlings" per day in a desperate attempt to boost your traffic rankings is a swell idea, but do you really know who they are?

Monday, November 26, 2007

GOP in neo-Nazi shock!

Yet another institution near and dear to Charles Johnson, viz. the Republican Party, has been revealed as a haven for neo-Nazis. The fascist loon in question is one J.T. Ready, who is a Republican Precinct Committeeman in Maricopa County, Arizona. Notes a puckish local commentator who refers to himself as "the Bird":

So look who's got a neo-Nazi in the woodpile: the Maricopa County Republican Party. This plumed penman first sniffed a whiff of National Socialism in local GOP ranks when The Bird was forwarded an e-mail signed by the Ernst Roehm of the East Valley, J.T. Ready, in which the turd-Reicher mentioned he's a Republican Precinct Committeeman.

... A call to campaign finance director Kristi Passarelli at Maricopa County Elections confirmed Ready was telling the truth about his PC-ship. Passarelli informed this pelican that Ready was elected in 2006 from precinct 529, also known as Mesa 67. There were two slots open for Republicans, but Ready was the only one on the ballot in that primary. He received 36 votes.

Local Republican bigwigs have vowed to unseat Ready at the next election, but the damage is done. Incidentally, Ready is also a prominent member of the Minutemen, a group of tubby vigilantes patriotic border-defenders who have also received the LGF seal of approval.

Surely Charles, having assumed the mantle of Defender of Respectable Anti-Muslim Zealotry Against Those Who Might Give It a Bad Name, will be keen to disassociate himself and his Party from such disreputable characters.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Meanwhile, in Australia

Dirty tricks Down Under as the right-wing Liberal Party of pro-Bush PM John Howard struggles to retain its majority in Parliament. A group of Liberal operatives, one of them married to the local Liberal MP, took it upon themselves to distribute fake pro-jihad flyers in the Sydney suburb of Lyndsay:

Bogus flyers from a fake organisation called the Islamic Australia Federation were distributed through the letterboxes of voters in a marginal seat, claiming the Labor opposition sympathised with Islamic terrorists.

The leaflets referred to the men imprisoned for the 2002 nightclub bomb attacks in Bali, which left more than 200 people dead. The flyers also claimed Labor support for the building of new mosques in the area.

Howard has made it clear the stunt was not authorised by his party, but the damage has been immense. With only two days to go before the country goes to the polls, it overshadowed the prime minister's final rallying call to voters today asking them to trust him with Australia's future.

A team of Labor officials found five men posting the clumsily printed flyers - the phrase Allah Akbar, God is Great, had been misspelled as Ala Akba - through letterboxes in the early hours of the morning.

The effect on Howard's poll numbers has been somewhat less than salutary.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with LGF? Quite a lot, actually. Leaving aside the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will accompany a Labor victory, this is a preview of the sort of election shenanigans that will start erupting in a certain other large democracy any day now -- with, one surmises, the tacit approval of Republican blogger Charles Johnson. One is also reminded of the howls of outrage that greeted another recent dirty-tricks campaign at a university in Washington, the intent of which was to smear conservatives as being rabid, genocidal Muslim-haters. Which couldn't, of course, be further from the truth.

[UPDATE 11/24 - Howard lost; wailing, teeth-gnashing imminent.]

Monday, November 19, 2007

More LGF Hysteria

Charles Johnson decided to post another "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid" item, this time from Tucson, AZ. The problem is, there's no problem at all. The report about Iraqis possibly sneaking into this country to attack a military base in Sierra Vista is 6 months old AND the FBI issued the following disclaimer:

"There is no information to state this is a credible threat. We remind people to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to their local authorities."

Saturday, November 17, 2007

American Hedonist

The spat between Charles Johnson and Paul Belien is just getting more surreal by the day. Quote of the day today has to go to Paul Belien.

...while Charles Johnson (PBUH) is an American hedonist??
All because Charles caught Brussels Journal linking to an anti-Semitic website. Bizarre.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pat Condell

Senior Religious Affairs Analyst Charles Johnson has given the official LGF imprimatur to someone who said this (emphasis added):

It seems to me that fundamentalist Christians, jihadist Muslims and settlement-building Jews are causing more than their share of trouble in the world. World events are being driven by people with apocalyptic delusions, while here in Britain a paralysing liberal guilt allows religious bigots to use intimidation and violence to stamp out free speech.

If he's at all interested in reconciling with the Atlas/GoV/"Culturist" crowd, this isn't going to help.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One post in defense of CJ

These are the kind of idiots Charles Johnson is arguing against.

I must say that he's right to point and laugh at these people.

The Gates of Vienna is a fascist cesspool.

Hell, let’s win first… then we’ll worry about who had the high moral ground later.
So that's a hearty endorsement for joining the neo-Nazi anti-Muslim cause then? Do we even have to quote Martin Niemoller here?

Hat tip: Lex

Monday, November 05, 2007

Combating Islam... Cheeto at a time.

259 Sharmuta 11/05/07 11:24:32

re: #240 Ethelred

I have seen with my own eyes the results Charles Johnson and his minions have in combating the creeping tide of shari'a, so don't you tell me LGFers aren't doing anything to combat islam!
If only neo-Nutzies like Brussels Journal and Atlas Shrugs realised that 'combating' Islam consisted of sending swarms of swivel eyed loons over to various websites to spam, freep and troll! Perhaps they wouldn't have to make friends with the Nazis?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Vote early and often!

If you have a moment, please go vote for Sadly, No! in Wizbang's Republican-skewed "silly internet poll™" for Funniest Blog.

Notwithstanding his stance on "silly internet polls™" [i.e. the kind that tend to get spammed by Ron Paul supporters], Charles is urging his readers to vote for certain blogs, including one that, in addition to being surpassingly lame and stupid, is also actively spamming the conservowebosphere to garner support. So please go vote for Sadly, No!. It's not important, but actually, it kind of is.

You can vote once every 24 hours, apparently.

[UPDATE - In addition to being surpassingly lame and stupid, the "humor" blog touted by Charles Johnson as the Funniest Blog is run by someone who can only be described as evil. Unless, that is, you think it's amusing that someone would orchestrate a denial of health care for someone who's dying of pancreatic cancer.]

Sunday silliness

We're a few days behind the loop on this one, but what with CJ's new-found support for sane, moderate politics, we're wondering whether he'll find the time to throw his lizard support behind the US judge who refused to extradite a mafioso to Italy lest he face undue duress in prison there.

Presumablye he deserves only the best that the US prison system has to offer (that would be the holiday resort of Guantanamo, Cuba, according to Charles).

Friday, November 02, 2007

How do you like them sprouts?

Charles Johnson (Ace Reporter) finds anti-Semites, racists and nutjobs at the Brussels Journal.

It may be a blog which he has been quite happy to link to and promote in the past but Charles has uncovered their dark secret. He's seemingly on a one man mission to expose neo-Nazi, fascists and racists in the 'anti-Jihad' movement.

With the case against Brussels Journal finished, rumours are abound that next week he's hoping to find out whether the Pope is Catholic or not.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

We now return to our regular programming

Senior Journalism Ethics Analyst Charles Johnson, of the California Union for News Truthiness (there must be a clever acronym for them somewhere) is breathlessly reporting that some other people are reporting that some further people think that Senator Hillary Clinton might be a big ol' dyke.

Is this the vaunted "new journalism"? It certainly looks like good old-fashioned tabloid trash to us.

LGF Death Threats (UPDATE BELOW)

Squeaky Johnson has a long history of "decrying" threats of death and other violence posted by his hand-picked "lizard minions" and then letting them stand. The recent kerfuffle per Sadly No! is but the latest.

If you were a Johnson-approved dead-ender, you could search for the following on LGF:

#278 Iron Fist 3/21/2005 07:37PM PST

Yeah, the PRC has some nutcase laws on knives. Blade has to be less than 2" long, but it can be a switch. Go figure.

That actually makes it more dangerous, not less. If I have a big fighter, I'll try and cut off some fingers or something. Hell, they can generally sew 'em back on. A little blade means femorals, kidneys, brachials, and carotids. I have to go for the kill-shot because the blade can't perform the disabling strike.

Not to mention the fact that most people are going to wilt if I pull out an 8" fighter.

A 2" blade doesn't look lethal. Go in just above the pubic bone 1" to the left of the naval, yank it 1" to the right of it. 100% dead. No chance of survival.

The target is the aorta just before it bifurcates into the femoral arteries. If you miss and just get a femoral, oh well.

Personally, I hope they stay home."

The "they" in Iron Fist's posts refers to "moonbats" living in Berkely, which Fist and friends graced with a visit.


Commenter "anonymous" responds: 
anonymous said...
Um, that description of why the government's regulation of knife size is silly was posted 2.5 years ago. Is that the best "death threat" you can come up with? Is there something newer? Is ther something that's really a death threat?

If "anonymous" had clicked on the link we helpfully supplied, he/she would have seen this:
#53 Iron Fist 5/31/2007 6:22:16 pm PDT

Are you willing to bet YOUR life that they won’t? I’d be willing to kill you if they do.

Pistol to the forehead OK with you? Beheaddings are so messy.*

My response:

So…you have a pistol and you’re not afraid to use it (on) me?

The response:

#102 Iron Fist 5/31/2007 6:50:09 pm PDT
#94 ChenZhen,

Actually, I’d prefer the blade, as there is a certian circularity to it.

I can arrange the pistol.

We posted the Fist Hippy-slashing fantasy from years ago to make the point that Johnson obviously allows "regulars" like Fist to do their thing -- for years.