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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Charles is a poor historian

Charles claims that William F. Buckley did a lot to "purge the conservative movement of its far-right nut cases, the racists and crackpots who poisoned the well for too long. "

Charles apparently forgot that the National Review, Buckley's magazine, was against civil rights for blacks:

"WHY THE SOUTH MUST PREVAIL", National Review 4 (August 24 1957), p. 149:

The central question that emerges -- and it is not a parliamentary question or a question that is answered by merely consulting a catalogue of the rights of American citizens, born Equal -- is whether the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas where it does not predominate numerically? The sobering answer is Yes -- the White community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race....
Gordon H. Nash, The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America: Since 1945, page 185

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Charles Johnson and statistical fraud

Charles usually has the strange habit of throwing around some numbers to "prove" that Palestinians are in fact very well off, and that all this mumble about Palestinian suffering is a scam.

First off, the claim that Palestine has the lowest infant mortality rate is rather bogus. Extrapolating the statistic, that only includes three other countries, to all 22 Arab states is nothing short of silly, and rather dishonest. Because according to the CIA Factbook, there are lower mortality rates in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan (wait a second..), United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Israel and the US have an infant mortality rate more than 3 times less than the one of Gaza and the West bank.

Aside from that, Charles just can't be arsed to mention that Gaza has about 80% of its population living under the poverty line. Silly me to claim that they're suffering, right?

/update: Oh look at the happiness in Gaza! They're living in risk of drinking contaminated water! What suffering do you speak of?

CJ: No racism here, move along now

Charles Johnson is a great example of the power of belief. Whatever the eyes see, whatever the ears hears, Charles Johnson is still capable of twisting things to suit his agenda.

So when a TV crew goes out to see what Americans do when they witness discriminiation, Charles Johnson turns the episode into a 'CAIR controls the media' fable. It's a lesson in delusion.

First off, he says that "ABC News does their best to set up the 'dumb American bigots' at a roadside Texas bakery". Not so. ABC set out to see how Americans react to bigotry. And, if CJ had bothered to watch the clip, he would have seen that many of the customers react the right way: they are angry at the bigot and tell him so. Thumbs up to America, thumbs down to Charles Johnson.

Next CJ states that the scenario _ a classic 'hidden camera' situation _ has "one actor wearing misogynistic radical Muslim garb and provoking the yokels as another actor pretends to be a Muslim-hater". It's difficult to know where to start with this, because naturally any form of Islamic dress is provocating to CJ (aka the ueber-yokel). If you watch the clip though, she's not actually shown talking to anyone but the sales clerk. So arguing with a sales clerk while wearing some cloth over your head is considered objectively provocative? Give us a break. It's not like she's wearing a burqa with 'Convert to Islam or I'll eat your babies' on it.

Finally, Charles say that its "all designed and staged to show how 'Islamophobic' Americans." No it's not, you chump. It's designed to show how different people react to bigotry. And your reaction, Charles, says it all.

UPDATE: Several readers have written to us to say that there are two further - more sinister - issues to this story. The first is CJ's claim that the hijab is a symbol of *radical* Islam. The implication being that if you cover your head with a cloth, you're in favor of all kinds of *radical* Islamic ideas. By this logic most people in the Islamic world are *radical*. The second, unspoken but increasingly obvious, issue Charles is trying to allude to is the Obama photo. Remember the one showing him wearing a turban of sorts on a visit to Kenya. Although CJ hasn't come out and said it, there are plenty of people in his little lizardsphere who have been spewing nonsense about Obama being a crypto-Muslim. Why, with the picture and CJ's 101 of Islam, we know he's a *radical* crypto-Muslim. Nice work, Karl.

To bomb or not to bomb....

there was no “threat to bomb a mosque.”
Charles Johnson

Well done Charles, there was obviously no comment threatening to bomb the mosque. I mean, there are no threats here, if you think there are you're a fool and an Islamist!

On "Little Green Footballs," blogger Amer1can wrote, "Would be a shame if it were to be vandalized or destroyed. Just a shame I tell you....wink wink STL youth."

Blogger Arthur E. Hippler added: "I suppose dynamite would be considered an extreme response."

See, they said dynamite would be considered extreme! Vandalized or destroyed is completely different.

UPDATE: Still no apology from Charles for the post that incited the threats.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Going with the flow

Somehow, it seems that the echo chamber behaviour isn't limited to the army of sheep lizards, but is sometimes seen in the herder of the bunch himself.
There's no other explanation for this strange post where Chuckles posts about a picture from the Associated Press (The blasted MSM..) that shows Barack Obama in (gasp!) Muslim clothes, with the ominous question: "Another Photo Of Obama In Muslim Garb? Looks like it."

This however doesn't really appeal to the fanbase, who'd rather hate the guy for his policy than whatever he happens to wear. (See the first few comments. Flying lizard moment?)

Charles then hastily agrees, as seen in #48:

I agree, by the way, the discussion about Obama's clothes is stupid. All politicians do this kind of stuff, including George and Laura Bush.

But there it is -- in this silly election, it's news.

I'm much more worried about Obama's ideas. Or lack thereof.

Well, that didn't seem to be your tone in the original post. Sounded a lot like:
"Hey guys, look! Obama in Muslim clothes!"
"Meh, stupid.."
"Uhh, yeah.. Yeah, stupid.. Really stupid.."

If the discussion about Obama's clothes is dumb and unproductive, why mention it? Come on Charles, if your fanbase wouldn't have said that and had instead started fantasizing about the "Crypto-Muslim" taking over America and bringing about its downfall, you'd have mumbled something about the strangeness of him wearing typical Muslim clothes, and mention nothing about the stupidity of the discussion. (After all, he has a faithful army of worshipers he has to keep satisfied, right?)

And if this topic about clothes is worthy of a mention even though it's stupid, then the condemnation of terrorism by influential Muslim scholars must be really, _really_ stupid for you not to mention it at all.

When you call a shovel a shovel..

Charles Johnson of the highly honourable blog Little Green Footballs could not come to terms with the fact that his website is a safe haven for people who passionately hate Democrats, Liberals, Muslims, Islam, the Middle East, and basically anybody who doesn't agree 103% with their ideology. So naturally he will be surprised when it gets filtered out for "hate and discrimination".

Alright Chuckie, how about you prove your site is NOT about hate, by posting about this article? First of all, it'll show that you're probably not entirely engaging in a smear campaign against the Islamic world, and furthermore it'd be interesting to watch your fans' response, which traditionally aren't really that intelligent. Would they give credit where credit is due, or is the dreaded "h" word what they're going to express? Stay tuned and watch the King Lizard do the right thing!

... or maybe not.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fearmonger alert!

Expect no less than high-quality fearmongering from the herder of pant-wetting soldiers:

Iran Could Have a Nuke By the End of the Year

But ... but ... the NIE said there was nothing to worry about! Alarming Test Results: Iran Could Have Enough Uranium for a Bomb by Year’s End.

This of course prompted the lizard army to whine about other countries starting wars (#1), call for nuking Iran (#5, #8), accuse Europe of war-mongering (#13), scream from the rooftop for 5 straight years (#26), spew out the wildest conspiracy theories about Europe and Russia (#45) and develop over-simplified views of the world (#77). In other words, just another day out at LGF.

Alrighty then, let's play along and see what dire, dire threat this article really promises. First off, read the article through. Notice this:
For one scenario, the JRC scientists assumed the centrifuges in Natanz were operating at 100 percent efficiency. Were that the case, Iran could already have the 25 kilograms of highly enriched uranium necessary for an atomic device by the end of this year.
I will personally swallow all of my left socks one by one, if of all the devices found on this earth, there were any one that was even CLOSE to capable of working at 100% efficiency. Notice also that this part says they could have enough Uranium for a bomb, and not the bomb itself, as Chuckles has implied with his post title.
Another scenario assumed a much lower efficiency -- just 25 percent. But even then, Iran would have produced enough uranium by the end of 2010.
According to the same article, the NIE has stated that Iran can be technically capable of enriching enough Uranium between 2010 and 2015. So wait, what's new here?

This one's priceless though:
Despite the uncertainties, however, the scientists at the Joint Research Centre are confident that their simulations are realistic. But, the group is quick to point out, they are theoretical. They don't make any claim to know whether Tehran is currently working toward the production of an atomic bomb.
Let's see. So this whole report is based on some uncertain assumptions and theories, has next to nothing to do with any hard and solid evidence from Iran's nuclear program, and is made by people who don't even know what the hell their work has to do with reality, rendering it.. That's right: Rubbish.

Charles, just a tip from LGF Watch: 10$ isn't a very big investment.

Why the quote marks Charles?

Sometimes he's bigoted, sometimes he's dishonest and sometimes he's just plain stupid. This however is just odd.

Armed Serbian “youths” in Belgrade have attacked the US and German embassies, and the US embassy is on fire.
Now we all know that Charles is very keen on the myth that the MSM use the term "youths" to disguise the fact that the dreaded Muslim hoardes are smashing up Europe. So much so that he uses the term in quote marks at every given opportunity. One wonders then why he would use it here. Why would Serbian yobs be given the dreaded quote marks? It doesn't help that the article you quoted doesn't actually use the term "youths", that just adds to the oddness of the post.

After all these "youths" attacked the US Embassy in protest against Kosovo declaring its independence and are therefore highly unlikely to be Muslims.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

The very definition of hypocrisy

Charles apparently still hasn't got it and probably never will. Seems that he solves just about all his problems by spewing out one hypocritical statement after the other:

Here’s an email received from the Assistant Managing Editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on their uncritical, irresponsible reporting of CAIR propaganda: (..)

Heh. What about this bunch of uncritical, irresponsible reporting of anti-Islamic propaganda you've been parroting lately and have proven to be wrong about?

We know you're reading this, either you or your own faithful fanbase. For once, grow a set of balls and admit that you were wrong. Either that, or we'll conclude that you intentionally rely on lies and false information to support your cause. Some fauxtography catcher you are indeed.

To quote the Nodrog (interestingly enough, similar circumstances):
This post exemplifies a classic Charles Johnson technique - put up an inflammatory story, but with no editorial comment (sometimes he can't help himself, but other times like this he shows "restraint"), let the illiterati run wild, and then, if anyone calls him on it, point back to the actual post and say "Who, Me?"
Bonus Chuckie Quote:

There was no apology for Townsend’s rude, childish, and insulting tone, of course
Chutzpah anyone? Where's your apology Charles? After all the post the incited these calls for violence was completely and utterly bogus. Where's your apology to the local Muslims who have now had internet threats made against them based on a lie spread by you?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Charles blames the 'Media' *Yawn*

This is just so easy. Charlie still refuses to get it.

Bottom line: the mainstream media are disgraceful once again, carrying water for a known radical Islamic organization and failing to do due diligence in covering the story.
No Charles.

Bottom line: Your site, through your carefully structured anti-Muslim bias attracts people who make open threats against Muslims and their property. Pointing that out and exposing you as someone who enables intolerance and threats of violence is not libel. Why should they contact you? The comments were on your site, made by your 'lizards', you've spent two posts and haven't once apologized for the statements that openly threatened Muslims and their property.

Neither have you apologised for your original post which incited the comments.
Why apologise?

Well it was complete and utter rubbish that's why. Which was either deliberate anti-Muslim propaganda or perfect example of what's wrong with 'citizen journalism'.
Gateway Pundit has the pictures of a huge tower being constructed in St. Louis City, complete with loudspeakers for blaring the adhan
And here's an interesting paragraph in the St Louis paper Charles links to today.

But Madina Masjid's spiritual leader, Imam Muhamed Hasic, said the minaret is symbolic, not practical. There is no sound system or speakers on the minaret, which is scheduled to be completed next week. He said the minaret will not be used to call Muslims to prayer.
As a bonus Gateway Pundits pictures have no loudspeakers.

So there you have it.

The comments which were reported to the FBI stemmed from an LGF post which was factually incorrect. So Charles, you're in no position to complain when it's pointed out your in the wrong. Be a man and admit it.

FBI to investigate LGF?

Mosque threatened, Muslim group says

Another blog, called "Little Green Footballs," linked to the "Gateway Pundit" post, and several comments on "Little Green Footballs," caused the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations to contact the FBI, said Ibrahim Hooper, the council's spokesman.

"We ourselves get these kinds of hate messages and threats frequently," Hooper said. "But you never know who's just talking and who's going to carry out some these threats, so you have to check them out."
It wouldn't be the first time Chuckles has had to speak to the Feds.


Wouldn't it be sensible to delete the comments (which he has done), ban the posters who made them and then posting a brief statement condemning the promotion of violence against Muslims and their property?

Not for Charles, he's reacted to the claims in his usual hysterical fashion, instead of dealing with the problem he's playing around with re-directs and throwing around accusations and posting multiple updates which really don't say very much.

Let's hope the Feds have a very serious chat with him and his moronic blogging buddies.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Simple equations

In Charlie-land the world's so simple: Hezbollah militants raise their arms like Hitler youth? They must be Nazis, on par with a movement that murdered 6 million Jews and virtually destroyed Europe with its mighty war machine: Hezbollah = Nazis.
Meanwhile, LGF has found PROOF that GWB is the son of God:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Prophetic comment of the day

All it takes is a predominately Muslim region in Europe to gain independence - never mind all the atrocities committed against it - for the lizard army to go "EEEEK!!" (Nothing to fear but fear itself, indeed..)

Can you smell some genocidal tendencies here? And why, while I'm reading this, does the distant memory of a certain Flemish nationalist party keep coming up, along with other European neo-fascist parties? Could it possibly be that the apologists of such groups sound.. you know.. just like that?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What exactly do you want Charles?

Here's a choice Charles quote.

Nearly a flying pig moment this morning, as a United Nations “humanitarian” functionary condemns Palestinian rocket attacks.

But the flying pig stays in the hangar, because at the end of it he just parrots more “peace process” fantasy-think.
So really Charles what are you suggesting?

The 'peace process' is fantasy-think?

So what's the alternative?

A quick look at the comments below Charles' post demonstrates the average LGF denizen's suggestions.


UPDATE: Anyone who follows Middle East news (isn't that what you do, Chucko?) would know that the UN condemns the rocket fire at civilians at pretty-much every opportunity. How come CJ has only just noticed this? Too busy playing with the fluff in his navel?

Friday, February 15, 2008

LGF: Only Muslim nutters count (Yes, again)

After giving Charles a chance of 24 hours, in which he has happily blogged about stuff like the "Cult of BHO" (That's right, "Hussein" is now significant), his time is now up.

A student by the rather non-Islamic name of Stephen Kazmierczak fires into a crowded lecture hall, kills five students and injures over a dozen before committing suicide.

Of course Charles Johnson was all over the story, providing brilliant and unprecedented analysis on how this fearful event could happen, beside information obtained nowhere other than from the most reliable of sources..


After a pretty high rate of such shootings in random education facilities in the US in less than a week (Four, according to BBC News) and zilch coverage from our favourite non-partisan blog, you'd think that Chuckles - who certainly doesn't live under a rock - would have noticed that something's rather wrong.
So either Charles will try to save his reputation by coincidentally posting about this, naturally after seeing it here.. *waves*.. Or he won't understand why reporting on murderers in American schools should be of any significance, and just carry on feeding his fans with rubbish.

Anyone willing to guess how many posts and comments the killer would have earned himself if his name was Ali Mahmoud Hassan?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The hypocrisy of Charles Johnson #48932

The honourable California-based blogger Charles Johnson has broken Godwin's Law by equating Hamas to Nazis for a term used by a Hamas spokesman that coincides with a Nazi cartoon from the late 30s.

The problem doesn't lie there. But by that standard, may we remind our readership to take the LGF Quiz..

/update: Sorry, the link to the LGF page wasn't working. Fixed now.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Israel does the right thing (again)

Many of Charles' minions are sure to be flummoxed by this:

Israel will extend gay couples full adoption rights, thanks to a ruling by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz on Sunday.

Previously, gay couples could adopt only if the child was one of the partners’ biological offspring.

“I welcome the decision,” said Welfare Minister Isaac Herzog. “There is no reason why same-sex couples who meet the criteria for adoption should not be able to join the process of adoption and of parenthood. We must adapt to the spirit of the times and the changes that are afoot.”

Israel has moved quickly on gay civil rights since the Knesset decriminalized homosexuality in 1988. There have been no restrictions on gays serving in the military since 1993. In 2000, the age of consent for gays was lowered to 16, to match the legal age for consensual sex for heterosexuals.

Gay couples are given most federal rights in Israel, although gay marriages (which are only religious marriages in Israel) are not permitted. Gay marriages performed abroad, however, are recognized as of 2006. Private companies as well as the public sector are required to give gay employees the same benefits as straight employees.

In this respect, as in many others, Israel is much more in line with liberal European democracies than with its principal patron and protector.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Six-word Joke

The Sphinx has gone through some of the pathetic suggestions at LGF for what America's motto should be. Here's a selection. Remember, this is what the combined intelligence of the lizard hordes came up with when asked to describe how they feel about their country:

"#21 sharmuta:
"America- we subsidize your sorry asses."

"#23 mitthrawnurdo
"Better than the French every day."

#36 usbeast
"Find a better country, brainless a**hole"

#48 pat
"More Tanks, More Guns, More Fun"

#78 snapped shot
"Even When We Lose, We Win"

#83 ak47pundit
"Always Saving Europe From German Invasion"

#168 maddogg
"We are Americans! And you ain't!"

#189 maddogg
"America rules, while jealous Euroweenies drool."

#203 Sizzlack
"Employing half of Mexico since forever"

#212 MacDuff
"We Rock, You Suck, Any Questions?"

#213 saberry0530

#265 Palandine
"Nothing to fear but fear itself."

#325 billhedrick
"our crap is better than you"

....and so endlessly on for 1,700+ comments. Uplifting and dignified, isn't it?

Che Derangement Syndrome

Wow. Obama has often been accused by his opponents of have no message, but Charles Johnson's latest attack on him doesn't exactly demonstrate a high level of sophistication either when it comes to addressing "The Issues".

What CJ's post boils down to is: "Someone in one of Obama's campaign offices has a corny 'Che' flag on the wall. Eeeek! Commie!"

All the news that's fit to twist

Check out this sensationalist headline on LGF.

'Honor Killing' Epidemic in Britain
In a post which includes a devastating one line of commentary from the 'lizard clown' himself he states.

At least 17,000 women are victims every year.
You would conclude that 17,000 women are being killed in Britain every year because of the 'epidemic' of this barbaric practice.

The first line of the piece however (which Charles quotes) puts it into context.

Up to 17,000 women in Britain are being subjected to “honour” related violence, including murder, every year, according to police chiefs.
So that's not 17,000 murder victims then, despite what Charles misleadingly states in the headline and his one line post. Police estimate the number of killings at about 12, which itself is a horrific figure but not exactly an 'epidemic' as Charles states.

Now we here at LGFW believe that one victim who suffers because of an 'honor crime' is too many, but as a label 'honor crime' is useless and unrepresentative.

Obviously Charles highlights this on his blog in the context of painting Britain as being 'Islamized' and the dreaded Muslims importing their religious fanaticism, but in reality 'honor killing' is far from being a uniquely Islamic problem. Immigrants from South Asia are the most likely to be the victims of these crimes and many cases have involved Sikhs and Hindus. Even Christians have been found to indulge in the practice.

None of the world's major religions condone honor-related crimes. But those who are guilty have sometimes tried to justify their actions on religious grounds. I suppose this is good enough for bigots like Charles Johnson.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Faux Outrage

Staying with the theme of "what's ok for Muslims ain't for Christians" Charles Johnson squeezes out a lizard tear for some of the Copts of Egypt who live in even worse circumstances than the rest of the population of that country (though he forgot to mention that being a Copt isn't necessarily a hindrance to power and riches).

Now just think what would happen if someone made a film about the lives of Muslims in East London, or Mumbai, or Shanghai, or Moscow. Do you think Charles and his loony crew would be screaming about the outrageous discrimination they were suffering from the majority population? Or would the lizards be attributing the Muslims' circumstances to their backward mindset?

Take a wild guess...

The company he keeps

VN sent us a nice little screengrab of a typical Lizard mind in full flow:

Charming, those people at , eh?

UPDATE: 'Woodie' points out that Kaintuck (the above racist) has been blocked and his comments have been deleted by Charles. Quite right. Still, two issues remain: why are nutters like Kaintuck attracted to LGF in the first place? And second, what's stopping CJ from making some public statements about the problem of racists posting comments on his blog? How about a clear statement from Charles about what he thinks of the possiblity of Barak Obama maybe becoming the first African-American president of the United States?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

LGF: Only Muslim nutters count

If a man or a woman in America commits random acts of violence, you're unlikely to find mention of this on the weblog of Californian Charles F. Johnson.

If, on the other hand, a Muslim woman in New Zealand goes on the rampage, then it deserves two posts on LGF.

Can anyone seriously doubt that Johnson's twisted portrayal of the world is largely motivated by a hatred of Muslims?

Friday, February 08, 2008

People who live in glass houses..

The evidence of Charles "Mr. morally correct" Johnson's hypocrisy is growing by the minute, as shown here:

"Speaking of President Bush’s sword dance with the Saudis, here’s the Iranian reaction, from Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, Chairman of the Iranian Guardian Council. (Courtesy of MEMRI TV.)

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati: Death to those who participated in the Annapolis Summit, and who got rewarded for this. Their mouths were stitched up, so that they could not speak out anymore. You really deserve death for being so despicable, and for wanting to please Bush, America, and Israel, rather than pleasing God, the Prophet, the Muslims, the oppressed, and the wretched.


That insignificant man [Bush] visits Islamic countries, while all these crimes are taking place. He travels from country to country, and you are handing him a sword – a sword with which you should be chopping off his head.
Religion of peace!

Alright then, the old reptile can complain about this as much as he likes. But say, what have his own faithful minions been saying about this incident when it happened?



And last but not least, a lizard's wet dream:

Charming bunch you're herding there, Charles, and now tell me your fans are advocates of peace, will you?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hillary Bingo

Now that the arch-fiend John McCain looks to have the GOP nomination sewn up, Charles and his obedient saurian horde are sure to focus even more of their attention on the Democratic contest.

What you'll need is something to make their endless dreary recitations of Senator Clinton's alleged shortcomings a bit more entertaining. So, from the folks who brought you Wingnut Bingo, here is...

And if you want to join in the fun, why not use this bingo card as a guide? Example: "Every time I see that socialist Hitlery saying 'Ah am one of yew, and Ah wanna hep yew!' I want to smash her conniving Democrat face in." Hours of fun for the whole family!

... unless of course Obama should re-take the lead, in which case he will, of course, have a bingo card of his very own.

Symptoms of LGF syndrome

How you end up when LGF becomes your sole news outlet:

O ye of green skin, wasn't it about time you started questioning the news source?
(Found here)

Monday, February 04, 2008

I can haz Romnee?

Senior Republican Political Analyst Charles Johnson must be feeling a tad depressed lately, what with the near-certainty that John McCain will emerge from tomorrow's quasi-national primary as the GOP nominee. Hence, we surmise, his latest Silly Internet Poll™, which shows Mitt Romney with a commanding 50-point lead over John McCain among people with an inclination to vote in Charles' Silly Internet Polls™.

Call it Chicken Soup For the Lizardoid Soul, for today an undaunted lizard opined,

Better lizards, please.

The Genius of Charles Johnson

In response to this piece by AFP (Which he headlines 'AFP Shills for Hamas again'), it is quite obvious that Charles Johnson is either so ideologically blind that he reads bias and twists news at will or that he is a complete and utter moron.

Here's the AFP piece.

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AFP) - Seventy-year-old Naim Ahjazi needs just a half-hour — 45 minutes at most — to run across the border to Egypt and pick up the desperately-needed farm supplies that he paid for last week.

But the Hamas gunmen standing guard at the frontier are not moved — after nearly two weeks of unfettered access between Gaza and Egypt, the border is shut again.

“I paid for the supplies, but the shop was closed all day yesterday so I couldn’t pick them up,” says Ahjazi, his tanned face etched with despair and resignation as he looks over at the border just metres away.
Quite how this is 'shilling' for Hamas when the piece quite clearly points out that the Hamas gunmen were'nt moved by the plight of Naim Ahjazi. How is this 'shilling' for Hamas?

Oh and Charles Johnson's advice to 70 year old farmer Naim Ahjazi regarding his problems?

Easy way to make things better: stop trying to kill people.
Yes, because all Palestinians are terrorists aren't they Chuckles?


Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Definition of Chutzpah

Chutzpah –noun Slang.

1. unmitigated effrontery or impudence; gall.
2. audacity; nerve.