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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Charles blames the 'Media' *Yawn*

This is just so easy. Charlie still refuses to get it.

Bottom line: the mainstream media are disgraceful once again, carrying water for a known radical Islamic organization and failing to do due diligence in covering the story.
No Charles.

Bottom line: Your site, through your carefully structured anti-Muslim bias attracts people who make open threats against Muslims and their property. Pointing that out and exposing you as someone who enables intolerance and threats of violence is not libel. Why should they contact you? The comments were on your site, made by your 'lizards', you've spent two posts and haven't once apologized for the statements that openly threatened Muslims and their property.

Neither have you apologised for your original post which incited the comments.
Why apologise?

Well it was complete and utter rubbish that's why. Which was either deliberate anti-Muslim propaganda or perfect example of what's wrong with 'citizen journalism'.
Gateway Pundit has the pictures of a huge tower being constructed in St. Louis City, complete with loudspeakers for blaring the adhan
And here's an interesting paragraph in the St Louis paper Charles links to today.

But Madina Masjid's spiritual leader, Imam Muhamed Hasic, said the minaret is symbolic, not practical. There is no sound system or speakers on the minaret, which is scheduled to be completed next week. He said the minaret will not be used to call Muslims to prayer.
As a bonus Gateway Pundits pictures have no loudspeakers.

So there you have it.

The comments which were reported to the FBI stemmed from an LGF post which was factually incorrect. So Charles, you're in no position to complain when it's pointed out your in the wrong. Be a man and admit it.


The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

This isn't the first time,, Charles has demagogued on the issue of muezzins and adhan,

The Sphinx said...

Heh.. I'd be surprised if he knew how to pronounce "adhan" correctly. But Charles "All-knowing" Johnson throws factual inaccuracies around him, along with an Arabic word or two. That should guarantee him the lizards' admiration for sure.

You have to give it to Charles though. He proves us all wrong every time we think he can't go any lower.