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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Faux Outrage

Staying with the theme of "what's ok for Muslims ain't for Christians" Charles Johnson squeezes out a lizard tear for some of the Copts of Egypt who live in even worse circumstances than the rest of the population of that country (though he forgot to mention that being a Copt isn't necessarily a hindrance to power and riches).

Now just think what would happen if someone made a film about the lives of Muslims in East London, or Mumbai, or Shanghai, or Moscow. Do you think Charles and his loony crew would be screaming about the outrageous discrimination they were suffering from the majority population? Or would the lizards be attributing the Muslims' circumstances to their backward mindset?

Take a wild guess...


The Anti-Wahhabi said...

Not just that, but what about the Christians in the Indian state of Orissa that had their churches torched by radical Hindu fundamentalists on Christmas Day last year?

The Sphinx said...

How about the vast numbers of Egyptian Muslims who are living under similar abysmal circumstances?

Alright, let's look at some statistics:

According to the CIA factbook, around 9% of Egyptians are Coptic, and 1% are of other confessions.

Then, according to the same factbook, about 20% of Egyptians are living under the poverty line.

So if you do the math, which is even simple enough for your average lizard, even if we took the unbelievably wild assumption that ALL Christian Egyptians were living in extreme poverty (Which I can testify cannot be further from the truth), then there are just as much Muslims living under similar circumstances.

Second of all, there is nothing about a severely corrupt and unjust government, lack of education and abysmal economy that has anything to do with an allegedly malevolent Islamic rule in Egypt. In fact, what the Egyptian government is doing flies straight in the face of Islamic principles.

Bottom line: There are rich Christians, rich Muslims, poor Christians and poor Muslims, extremely poor people of both sides. In a relatively poor country like Egypt, this is completely normal.

Lex said...

Tell me about it. OK, I do know of a few relatives who were killed in skirmishes with Turks, but there were several wars in a row going on. Otherwise my family came here already well-educated and quite wealthy listing Turkish as their primary language spoken and with mostly Turkish cultural practices (other than the obvious religion difference).

It took moving to the U.S. for my poor beleaguered dhimmi relatives (and I have written this plenty and in other places) to have a cross burned in their front yard when my Great-Grandfather tried to run for public office (mayor) in the 1920s. This to their horror (duh) as well as to the horror of my Constantinople/Istanbul relatives back in California who were astounded by such barbarity (remember, they had moved here supposedly heavily scarred after having to live in what is now Turkey). OK, yeah, all Greeks are snobs and we are too, but still on this occasion there's just cause. My Grandmother is still alive at 88 and still can bear witness to this incident.

I've plenty of times watched discussions at LGF or LGF-related sites degenerate from supposedly "looking out for the dhimmis" to then going into tangents about Christianity and rather barbaric statements against either Roman Catholics or any of the other Catholic or Eastern (Orthodox) Churches and American members of these religious groups being here. They're still complaining about us being in their midst as much as the Santerians.

Anyone who can't see the obvious similarities between these Lizards, "Gatekeepers" and other latter day wack-jobs and the Know Nothing activists of the past is lying to themselves to try and justify their own bigotry. Period. They bash me for making that comparison and use 9/11 to try and differentiate, but look at the similarities. Am I wrong?

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

This isn't the first time Charles has smeared Egypt over the Copts:

Arab Liberal said...

"This isn't the first time Charles has smeared Egypt over the Copts:"

Oh boy, smearing? it is like Egypt is a wonderful democratic nation. boy, what do you call banning you from teaching your religion to others? banning converting from Islam to Christianity and allowing the other way? Putting load of restriction on building churches? Considering Islam is the official religion of Egypt?

The Sphinx might tell you well, the wonderful islamists if they rule they will give lots of rights. wrong, Muslim Brotherhood is famous in their violence, ask the copts which of the two bad they prefer the brotherhood or the corrupt Egyptian government? and I'm pretty certain the choice is the corrept government.

read the copts writings first before you Gordon pimp yourself free for Islamists, they hate liberals, leftists, rightists in general they hate everybody including themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "smear[ing] Egypt over the Copts" is a terrible line. If you here at LGF Watch are going to hold CJ accountable for the sorts of comments his site draws, you better get your own house in order first.

The Sphinx said...

"read the copts writings first before you Gordon pimp yourself free for Islamists, they hate liberals, leftists, rightists in general they hate everybody including themselves."

Think of the brotherhood what you want, but it's this kind of oversimplifying, sweepingly generalizing and silly statements that LGF thrives on. Or do you want to be on the same intellectual level as an average lizard?

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

arab liberal: If the Muslim Brotherhood was the Egyptian Government you would have a point. Unfortunately for your argument, they are not one and the same, as is evidenced by the fact that the Egyptian government has a habit of outlawing the party every once in a while and throwing its members in jail.

Are Copts discriminated against in Egypt? Yes. Are they "quasi-slaves." No.