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Monday, May 12, 2008

Twisting news around

CJ is certainly well-known (almost notorious) for his achingly long articles that strike everything right to the point and sport a magical kind of honesty and informativity hardly seen elsewhere on the intertubes.

Take his last 18-word epos:

In this piece he was quoting an even more massive 25-word article from YNet News in its entirety, something almost never observed anywhere amongst quotes from the lizard king.

And now you can go ahead and search for any inconsistencies between the two pieces. In other words: Guess which statement Chuckles pulled out of his own derrière (which his little green sheep squad gladly swallowed):

The Arab League has condemned Hizballah for using weapons.

Because they weren’t using those weapons to kill Jews. (<- Could it be this one? Hm.. - ed.)
"The Arab League condemned Hizbullah for using its weapons within Lebanese territory. The League’s foreign ministers who gathered in Cairo, called for an immediate ceasefire."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Simple equations

In Charlie-land the world's so simple: Hezbollah militants raise their arms like Hitler youth? They must be Nazis, on par with a movement that murdered 6 million Jews and virtually destroyed Europe with its mighty war machine: Hezbollah = Nazis.
Meanwhile, LGF has found PROOF that GWB is the son of God: