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Monday, February 18, 2008

Prophetic comment of the day

All it takes is a predominately Muslim region in Europe to gain independence - never mind all the atrocities committed against it - for the lizard army to go "EEEEK!!" (Nothing to fear but fear itself, indeed..)

Can you smell some genocidal tendencies here? And why, while I'm reading this, does the distant memory of a certain Flemish nationalist party keep coming up, along with other European neo-fascist parties? Could it possibly be that the apologists of such groups sound.. you know.. just like that?


Sura 109 said...

"We just have to root for whoever is not following the religion of death."

News flash, my dear lizardoids: they're both following the religion of death.

Verchiel said...

"They will all be wearing the badge of honor--the bloodspray of the followers of a madman."

We should actually thank all the Right's faux-warriors for openly verbalizing the extremes of their messianic delusions. All we need to completely discredit them is their own paranoid ravings.

V said...

"billion feet"

Either the number of Muslims is half what anyone thought, or come Tribulation time they're all going to have one of their legs amputated.

cokane said...

great find. Those 2 comments really do sum up the overall culture of LGF. It's funny though. If there ever were a "muslim horde invasion" like they fantasize about, these doughby computer chair blobs would be the first to beg for mercy.

Ain't that right charles? When's the last time you rode your bike? Going to need to build up the stamina to withstand the muslim apocalypse.

Lex said...

Wow, this one is going to deserve a cross-post I think, Sphinx. I ended up with a tied comment of the week over at GoVVs. on a different post, but I did consider a few from a post on this subject over at GoV.

I'm not sure what the comments there center on or what Charles wrote, but consider Baron's take on the subject:

It’s not just that Kosovo is Islamic. The province is a sinkhole of corruption, crime, and religious fanaticism all rolled together, and will be unable to function as a viable independent country for the foreseeable future. It’s the Gaza Strip of the Balkans.

I'll get to that later, but the combined forces of heinous readership is going to be quite the juggernaut here. Let me guess, the Lizards are also ranting about how ungrateful these people are for U.S. intervention, the machinations of the UN and insulting Islam in general in the "different day, same old sh*t" category, right?

(Sorry to bring up that "other site", BTW, Baron's quote was just too funny and were he still posting at LGF he might have won the prize in those comments; "It's not just that Kosovo is Islamic....It's the Gaza Strip of the Balkans."?!?! Sheesh!!)