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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When you call a shovel a shovel..

Charles Johnson of the highly honourable blog Little Green Footballs could not come to terms with the fact that his website is a safe haven for people who passionately hate Democrats, Liberals, Muslims, Islam, the Middle East, and basically anybody who doesn't agree 103% with their ideology. So naturally he will be surprised when it gets filtered out for "hate and discrimination".

Alright Chuckie, how about you prove your site is NOT about hate, by posting about this article? First of all, it'll show that you're probably not entirely engaging in a smear campaign against the Islamic world, and furthermore it'd be interesting to watch your fans' response, which traditionally aren't really that intelligent. Would they give credit where credit is due, or is the dreaded "h" word what they're going to express? Stay tuned and watch the King Lizard do the right thing!

... or maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

I like #3 BlueCanuck: 'Amazing how often it get's filed "erroneously" as a hate site isn't it.'

Yes, it's unfathomable! I mean it's not as if there's a religious or ethnic group which is denigrated by Charles or his commentators on every post, or something!