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Friday, February 22, 2008

Fearmonger alert!

Expect no less than high-quality fearmongering from the herder of pant-wetting soldiers:

Iran Could Have a Nuke By the End of the Year

But ... but ... the NIE said there was nothing to worry about! Alarming Test Results: Iran Could Have Enough Uranium for a Bomb by Year’s End.

This of course prompted the lizard army to whine about other countries starting wars (#1), call for nuking Iran (#5, #8), accuse Europe of war-mongering (#13), scream from the rooftop for 5 straight years (#26), spew out the wildest conspiracy theories about Europe and Russia (#45) and develop over-simplified views of the world (#77). In other words, just another day out at LGF.

Alrighty then, let's play along and see what dire, dire threat this article really promises. First off, read the article through. Notice this:
For one scenario, the JRC scientists assumed the centrifuges in Natanz were operating at 100 percent efficiency. Were that the case, Iran could already have the 25 kilograms of highly enriched uranium necessary for an atomic device by the end of this year.
I will personally swallow all of my left socks one by one, if of all the devices found on this earth, there were any one that was even CLOSE to capable of working at 100% efficiency. Notice also that this part says they could have enough Uranium for a bomb, and not the bomb itself, as Chuckles has implied with his post title.
Another scenario assumed a much lower efficiency -- just 25 percent. But even then, Iran would have produced enough uranium by the end of 2010.
According to the same article, the NIE has stated that Iran can be technically capable of enriching enough Uranium between 2010 and 2015. So wait, what's new here?

This one's priceless though:
Despite the uncertainties, however, the scientists at the Joint Research Centre are confident that their simulations are realistic. But, the group is quick to point out, they are theoretical. They don't make any claim to know whether Tehran is currently working toward the production of an atomic bomb.
Let's see. So this whole report is based on some uncertain assumptions and theories, has next to nothing to do with any hard and solid evidence from Iran's nuclear program, and is made by people who don't even know what the hell their work has to do with reality, rendering it.. That's right: Rubbish.

Charles, just a tip from LGF Watch: 10$ isn't a very big investment.


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OH MY GOD. A Muslim bomb. In 5 months! Or a year. Maybe. Or longer. Possibly. Maybe five. If those crazy Iranian, Jesus haters work flat out and dont spend their Muslim money on anything else. We're all doomed. Or not. Doomed I say. Aiiiiieeeee

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