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Friday, February 22, 2008

Why the quote marks Charles?

Sometimes he's bigoted, sometimes he's dishonest and sometimes he's just plain stupid. This however is just odd.

Armed Serbian “youths” in Belgrade have attacked the US and German embassies, and the US embassy is on fire.
Now we all know that Charles is very keen on the myth that the MSM use the term "youths" to disguise the fact that the dreaded Muslim hoardes are smashing up Europe. So much so that he uses the term in quote marks at every given opportunity. One wonders then why he would use it here. Why would Serbian yobs be given the dreaded quote marks? It doesn't help that the article you quoted doesn't actually use the term "youths", that just adds to the oddness of the post.

After all these "youths" attacked the US Embassy in protest against Kosovo declaring its independence and are therefore highly unlikely to be Muslims.



The Sphinx said...

Look at the graph on the right.

Even more likely that the dreaded youths are Muslim now, huh

ASM said...

Absolutely hilarious. Serbia, (aside from Bosnia and Kosovo which have seceded) is overwhelmingly Orthodox Christian, but is very anti-U.S. precisely because the U.S. had supported the independence of the mostly Islamic regions of Bosnia and Kosovo which Serbia has long claimed as its own.

Serbia was BOMBED by the U.S. and Nato in 1999 amidst its ethnic cleansing campaign of Kosovo which had targetted the largely Muslim population there.

If any people are appreciative of the U.S.'s role in the region, it is the Kosovar Muslims whom the U.S. had backed and aided throughout to the dismay and antipathy of the Serbians.

So it would be extremely unlikely that Serbian "Muslims" (whom are virtually non-existent in the rump Serbian state after the secession of Bosnia and Kosovo) would be involved in any attacks against the U.S.

Tex Taylor said...

Hard to believe but I got to agree with the Sphinx on this one - these are more likely the soccer hooligan type than rogue Muslim 'youth'.