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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Going with the flow

Somehow, it seems that the echo chamber behaviour isn't limited to the army of sheep lizards, but is sometimes seen in the herder of the bunch himself.
There's no other explanation for this strange post where Chuckles posts about a picture from the Associated Press (The blasted MSM..) that shows Barack Obama in (gasp!) Muslim clothes, with the ominous question: "Another Photo Of Obama In Muslim Garb? Looks like it."

This however doesn't really appeal to the fanbase, who'd rather hate the guy for his policy than whatever he happens to wear. (See the first few comments. Flying lizard moment?)

Charles then hastily agrees, as seen in #48:

I agree, by the way, the discussion about Obama's clothes is stupid. All politicians do this kind of stuff, including George and Laura Bush.

But there it is -- in this silly election, it's news.

I'm much more worried about Obama's ideas. Or lack thereof.

Well, that didn't seem to be your tone in the original post. Sounded a lot like:
"Hey guys, look! Obama in Muslim clothes!"
"Meh, stupid.."
"Uhh, yeah.. Yeah, stupid.. Really stupid.."

If the discussion about Obama's clothes is dumb and unproductive, why mention it? Come on Charles, if your fanbase wouldn't have said that and had instead started fantasizing about the "Crypto-Muslim" taking over America and bringing about its downfall, you'd have mumbled something about the strangeness of him wearing typical Muslim clothes, and mention nothing about the stupidity of the discussion. (After all, he has a faithful army of worshipers he has to keep satisfied, right?)

And if this topic about clothes is worthy of a mention even though it's stupid, then the condemnation of terrorism by influential Muslim scholars must be really, _really_ stupid for you not to mention it at all.


Eric Dondero said...

The first photo I thought, was kind of harmless. All politicians wear silly hates and clothing to appease the locals.

But this new one is a bit more damning.

If it's not a fake, Obama is going to have to answer a lot of questions. And this, coming on the heels of Louis Farrakhan's endorsement of him the other day.

And his ties to radical Islamic groups in Chicago which are starting to come out.

Dark days ahead for BHO.

Eric Dondero, Publisher
Libertarian Republican blog

ChenZhen said...

LOL. I think #54 nailed it:

A-ha! Suspicions confirmed, Charles' news is the news, not what the news says is the news. Thank you, Charles.

Got that?

I'll cut Charles some slack on this one. It's just a thread about the fact that even the AP is covering the "dressed" pics. On the one hand, sure, you could say that he's helping to spread the propaganda or whatever, and then pulling the cop out in the comments section. But on the other, it may be more of an open thread to discuss the ridiculousness of it all. And if there's one thing I learned over there, it's that Charles likes his open threads, so I'm gonna go with the latter. But, hey, maybe it kills two birds with one stone.

M.J. said...

They're desperate, achingly desperate to portray Obama as a Muslim. As Eric above proves so perfectly. According to him the new pic is damning....damning of what exactly? That whilst in Africa he wore a dashiki? Jeebus, call the FBI, I think they're on to something!

Dark days for Obama? Possibly, but not for anything he's done. Almost certainly what the desperate forces of dumb are going to try and pin on him.

+ Also not the almost obligatory uses of his middle initial in Eric's post.

This is a classic Charles post and the kind that draws the similarities between him and extreme right wing propagandists. This post has nothing to do with terrorism or radical Islam. It's a pure point and hate excercise.....thankfully it reads as if he didn't get it all his own way. I'm sure the more racist and moronic of his saurian horde will change that.

Lex said...

I really hope this isn't true of my country, but it's almost as if being unable to attack Obama on racial grounds they keep trying to dig up religious ones, both the "crypto-Muslim" and his church. It's pathetic the constant refrain of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, which I slammed myself today asking if anyone knows John McCain's middle name, since he and the rest of the Senate almost without exception do not use their middle names either.

One of the radio talkers as I was changing channels in the car today trying to get their take on Obama (after all, what else would they talk about right now?) actually said that Obama was "ashamed to use his middle name", otherwise "why would he try to hide it"? Well, Hillary dropped the maiden name "Rodham" that used to be insisted upon pretty fast once she started running for office. But no, Obama alone must use his middle name? I won't even use mine!

Oh jeez, there's another photo now? I've got to see this. The early 'coverage' of the 1st one was pathetic. Hardly unusual for a politician traveling, and even less so for a man in his father's country.

Yet they try to attack him on lack of ideas, while the next Lizard attacks one of his policy ideas? These idiots need to reach a consensus of what they hate about Obama and then have to listen to some Public Enemy for a while. Even without the "Hussein" as long as he's a Democrat and not a 100% white guy he's going to get heinous crap from the other side, especially after the rest of us vote him into the White House! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

I wish Obama WAS a Muslim. The LGF reactions of wailing and gnashing of teeth when he wins would be priceless.

Bwaaahaaha. A Muslim president. Imagine it. Lol. Delicious.


lol @ eric - 'damning'

stvip said...

In LGF's own style of mocking the mainstream media, I hereby dub it "The Turban of Doom". Only the dunce cap is on Charles' head.

(disclaimer: I do not support most of LGFWatch's articles or contributors)