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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Che Derangement Syndrome

Wow. Obama has often been accused by his opponents of have no message, but Charles Johnson's latest attack on him doesn't exactly demonstrate a high level of sophistication either when it comes to addressing "The Issues".

What CJ's post boils down to is: "Someone in one of Obama's campaign offices has a corny 'Che' flag on the wall. Eeeek! Commie!"


The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

"Barack HUSSEIN Obama," here we come!

Anonymous said...

Be honest. What would be the left's reaction if some of McCain's offices had the Stars and Bars on the wall with Jefferson Davis pictured on it?

Lex said...

The comments on this one are pretty hilarious and the masks are starting to slip quickly. Gordon nailed it, Obama is going to be called nothing but HUSSEIN(!!!) by this crowd from here on out. The comments stating that Obama is "really starting to scare" them are too numerous to fathom, and it could only be getting worse with the election results from tonight.

Honestly, I think Obama may react to this one. I think Anon's scenario more likely with a Huck office myself, but I am offended personally by Che veneration and frankly I don't think that would sit well with people like my Grandfather either. He's 85 and for Obama and so are many in his community, but these are older Cuban-Americans and the mere sight of Che will cause them to demand an answer. The bigger outrage will come from the Miami "exile community" Cubans who, but even the younger of that group tends towards the GOP anyway.

Either way, a few goof-ball Che-lovers working for the campaign aren't going to turn me or anyone with common sense away from Obama. I've met all sorts of people in this campaign, and that's what I love about Obama. He is inclusive and he's speaking to everyone. I understand that non-Cubans see Che as an icon of revolution in general, hence the flags. That's far more easy for me to grasp than members of "Huck's Army" and the things they say and support, not to mention Huck or Mitt's statements about gays or McCain's notion of being in Iraq for another century.

Obama supporters can still get along. If you want to see true divisiveness and exclusionary attitudes they really aren't in this camp, even if I'd personally rather be seeing some Jose Marti pictures at HQ.

Anonymous said...

I understand that non-Cubans see Che as an icon of revolution in general, hence the flags.

In fairness - there's an awful lot of Cubans (in Cuba) who see him as exactly the same thing. Polling Cuban-American opinion on Che or Castro isn't likely to produce a ringing endorsement for either.

The HUSSEIN Obama thing is just going to antagonise everyone outside the conservative base. Bigotry/Xenophobia doesn't play as well as back in the day.