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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Week in LGF History, Part Trois

It's been a very long while indeed since we've done this (part the first, part the second) so here's a Thanksgiving Week edition of This Week in LGF History.

November 29, 2008 - Soon-to-be-banned Lizard "Zombie" accuses San Francisco Muslims of celebrating the attacks on Mumbai
November 19, 2007 - Charles publishes a very post facto freakout over a terrorist non-incident that wasn't even real in the first place
November 25, 2006 - Confused Lizards attribute thuggery committed by anti-Semitic white French youths to anti-Semitic brown French youths
November 30, 2005 - The peace-loving "LGF brain trust" vents spleen and several other bodily organs against four Christian peace activists who were kidnapped in Iraq
November 17, 2004 - Charles bashes a freelance NBC journlist who had the temerity to criticize George W. Bush
November 21, 2003 - Charles bashes Salam Pax, the renowned "Baghdad Blogger" who had the temerity to criticize George W. Bush

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Charles erasing old LGF posts?

Per commenter "he who scoffs at danger" comes word that Charles may have been deleting old posts of his that are, shall we say, inconvenient. See the gory details here. Complete with throbbing LGF memo!

Fortunately for aficionados of the way LGF used to be, our voluminous archives (at least through early 2009 or so) do contain excerpts, and occasionally screenshots, of the insanity that Charles foisted upon the world and is now desperately trying to disavow. A recent post of his is entitled "The Roots of Sharia Hysteria," which expends a couple hundred words attempting to explain a phenomenon that Charles could much more easily recapitulate by simply looking in a mirror.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spencer Watch!

For obvious reasons, LGF Watch has been rather silent of late. Much to his credit, Charles Johnson has increasingly edged away from his past sentiment that demonized Islam and everything related to it, and has lately started thrashing people for "Anti-Muslim bigotry" and for protesting against an 89-storey islamofascist terror-breeding, infidel-beheading Ground-Zero Super-Duper-Mega-Ultra-Mosque Islamic cultural center. Yes, times have changed dramatically in Lizard Kingdom.

However, concerning his former allies and friends who have turned into his bitterest foes, none less than intellectual fraud and disgraceful "scholar" Robert Spencer, and his faithful Shrieking Harpy Pamela Geller, who is basically just that... They've become loonier and more bigoted than ever.

So while Charles Johnson's blog is actually becoming quite readable, the only way to stomache the insanity of the anti-Muslim movement is with brilliant exposure with a pinch of parody. Now, we're not planning on shifting our focus to other anti-Muslim extremists across the media, because LoonWatch does exactly that, and they do it very well.

But while LoonWatch may not be new, a new sister site of it is, which focuses on one of LoonWatch's prime suppliers of material, and it needs some publicity. So Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy Spencer Watch! It does a fabulous and long-overdue job of placing Bobby Spencer onto the manure heap of scholarship, right where he belongs. And I'm sure Charles Johnson would get a few chuckles (no pun intended) out of that.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Charles' moment of truth

Charles' moderate-liberal bona fides are about to be put to a serious test... because even though he has publicly flip-flopped on every other issue imaginable, his unconditional support of Israel has, apparently, remained steadfast.

Now the IDF has killed several foreign pro-Palestinian activists on a flotilla of boats -- which may or may not have been in international waters -- trying to deliver supplies through the Gaza blockade. To the extent that Charles cares about retaining his current leftish fanbase, which he surely does if he wants to hold on to whatever traffic he has left, he will have to tread very, very carefully -- for the almost unanimous reaction to this, at least for anyone to the left of Robert Spencer and Pammy Atlas Gellar Shrieks, is shock and horror.

If this were 2007, he would of course be coining amusing nicknames for the victims, heaping scorn on Turkey and Europe and the UN and (why not?) the moldering corpse of Yassir Arafat, and cheering silently as his readers spew every anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian cliché imaginable. But this is 2010, so he can't do that.

So what'll it be, Charles? Back to the future, ignore it completely, or (gasp!) criticize Israel for once?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Company You Keep

It seems that our work here, as far as LGF and Charles Johnson are concerned, is just about done. Charles has become a reformed character and the most venomous of the Lizards have been booted or left in disgust. Well done LGF Watch!

Unfortunately, during his rabid days, Charles encouraged others to the dark side. One such is "batshit crazy" Pamela Oshry Geller, mentioned here at LGF Watch many times: (see tags).

Since we have space available, here she is today, boobs to shoulder with the John Birch Society. Note in the small print of the Tennessee Tea Party shindig that the TTP is planning to give away FIREARMS at their rally!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The tears of a clown

The death of Rep. John Murtha leaves Charles Johnson with one less person to apologize to for past mistreatment -- including, but not limited to, venom, malice, contumely, and outright slander.

Which is a shame, because we'd really enjoy watching Charles trying to justify this and this and this and this and most especially this directly to Murtha's face.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big time!

Ooh! We got mentioned in The New York Times.

[At LGF, before the Great Switcheroo - ed.] Muslims were described as “vermin.” The posthumous nickname St. Pancake was coined for the young American pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie, in reference to the Israeli bulldozer that killed her. Discussion of U.S. foreign-policy options included terms like “targeted genocide.” As for Palestinians, “they don’t need statehood,” offered one commenter; “they need sterilization.” And on and on. A so-called stalker blog, called L.G.F. Watch, sprang up to document instances of what it considered hate speech on the part of Johnson and his followers. Vanity Fair’s James Wolcott compared Johnson’s site to a “disorganized Nuremberg Rally.”

It also emerges from the article that Charles is engaged to be married. Mazel tov!

And thanks to ChenZhen for the heads-up. (although actually, I was just about to post that article independently when I saw CZ's comment. Not that it really matters.)

There's no link to LGF Watch within the article, but just in case any NYT readers have been curious enough to seek us out: We've been on a, shall we say, somewhat lax posting schedule for the past year or so, mostly because Charles' Great Switcheroo has obviated much of our compulsion to keep an eagle eye on his shenanigans. Most of the anti-Charles action these days is, as you might expect, taking place in the far-right, ultra-right, ultra-far-right, and utterly-completely-batshit-bonkers segments of the blogosphere.

So -- if there are any first-time visitors here -- thanks for coming by, and feel free to browse our extensive archives for exhaustive documentation of just what nasty, hateful, warmongering reptiles CJ and his saurian horde used to be.