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Thursday, November 30, 2006

LGF: Remote-controlled by the Lincoln Group?

LGF's confused and patchy reporting of various incidents in Iraq, fiery in its certainty but lacking in any hard, on-the-ground reporting, has given rise to certain suspicions among our readers. Chiefly, the allegation is that LGF, and its bed-fellows at, Powerline, JihadWatch and surrago-blogs such as Flopping Aces, are being used by a Washington lobbying company to attack the negative news coming out of Iraq.

The company in question is Lincoln Group, which has a multi-million dollar contract with the U.S. military to engineer positive stories about what the U.S. is achieving in Iraq.

If you think it's far-fetched to draw a link between LGF and Lincoln Group, remember that Charles Johnson has signed up with another governmental infowar outfit, GIYUS.

To find out more about Lincoln Group, read Billmon's account of them here. Then take a look at Sourcewatch, Wikipedia, Govexec, and Corpwatch.

Then ask yourself: Would the White House stoop to such amateurish practices as to try to create fake but (Bush) friendly news? It would.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Admitting defeat?

Was Charles stung by our last post that he has a utopian _ and utterly misinformed _ view of what is going on in Iraq? Today, for the first time in ages, he tacitly admits that America's crusade there has been a failure.

Monday, November 27, 2006

LGF: Getting the news out of its own arse

Well, well, well, looks like Charles is about to launch himself headfirst into another Qanaa fiasco (remember the massacre of Lebanese civilians Charles claimed had been 'staged', but which turned out _ inconveniently for him and the victims _ to have actually taken place?).

This time Charles focuses his eagle eyes tens of thousands of miles across the Atlantic onto a 'fake' Iraqi police officer, one Jamil Hussein (Arabs in the audience will be laughing now at the assertion that there is "no Jamil Hussein in the Baghdad police").

While we wait and see how this story developes, it's important to remember what the purpose of Charles' and Co's latest little campaign is: they want to discredit anyone who calls the situation in Iraq a civil war.

So they attack one blurry incident, using the combined might of Google and an allied Command Center that has spent the last 4 years unsuccessfully coming to grips with an insurgency/civil war in Iraq. Way. To. Go.

Just keep one thing in mind when you read LGF over the next few days: this is the blog that regularly ignores the mass killing of Iraqis by Iraqis (see 160 killed last week, which got not one word on LGf); the blog that doesn't deem it worth mentioning when US soldiers are found guilty of rape and murder in Iraq; and the blog that has kept stumm on the fact that Washington's man in Iraq is turning to ... the anti-Christ in Tehran for help because America has failed him.

Then ask yourself: who are you more prepared to trust when it comes to news from Iraq: Charles Johnson, whose primary source of information seems to be his morning stool, or journalists with years of experience working in the country?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

What planet do LGF'ers live on?

I'm not sure it's planet earth.

Look at the thread of comments following the Paris Saint German vs. Hapoel Tel Aviv match (in which a far-right mob of soccer hooligans went on the rampage). Nuclear Cop in the comments points to these particularly moronic statements.

#12 crash_test_dhimmi 11/24/2006 08:54AM PST

the Jews are the canary in the mine in eurabia. how many of the mob were of "north african" decent? was this a friday night attack? after mosque let out?

Given the pro-Le Pen chants, none. I also like how crash_test_dhimmi doesn't know what day it is. Says it all.

#38 jimmyk 11/24/2006 09:07AM PST

Hmm, any chance the rioters might have been, um, you know, people of a religion and ethnicity that may not be named in newspaper reports?

(For what it's worth, I believe Marseille has a lot of "immigrants" of the above unmentionable ethnicity and religion.)

If this guy read said newspaper reports, you'd know there was no chance.

P.S., Paris Saint Germain play their games 500 miles away from Marseille. A long way to travel for even the most dedicated Jaw-bashed Mohammedan. It would be a touching nationalist gesture for Marseille fans to travel all the way to Paris in order to assault opposing fans of their rival team, PSG, during a European fixture.
I'm sure it's comforting for the white, anti-semitic, anti-Muslim neo-nazi football hooligans of Europe that no matter what they do, certain bigots will always blame the Muslims. Even when a group of dedicated neo-Nazi thugs chant 'French for the French', 'Dirty Nigger' and 'Dirty Jew' it seems the LGF'ers are convinced they're Muslims. Here's a video from the group allegedly behind the attack on the Hapoel supporter (apologies for the language, neo-Nazi morons and horrible Euro hardcore)..


If you spot any Olympique Marseille supporting Muslims please drop us a line.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The plot thickens

The company behind GIYUS, a piece of software that 'pushes' Israeli PR to web users in order to get them to lobby mainstream media and politicians on the country's behalf, explicitly uses Charles Johnson's "fauxtography" incident as an example of successful use of the software.

Remember, the fauxtography 'scandal' centres around a picture of Beirut under fire which the wingnuts claim was an anti-Israeli propaganda attempt on the part of a major news organization. In fact, it was one photographer's badly touched up image which added nothing whatsoever to the horrors of the war. The incident was nothing but a smokescreen (no pun intended) to distract from pictures of dead and dying civilians that were causing immense damage to Israel's information control policy.

Expect to see this propaganda tool used a lot more in future, and Charles Johnson to be at the forefront of disseminating the 'news and views' coming out of Tel Aviv.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Is Charles Johnson part of a gov't propaganda network?

For the first time solid proof is emerging that certain sections of the right-wing blogosphere are taking direct instructions from a government (in this case Israel's) PR department to disseminate propaganda. And Little Green Footballs is slap bang in the middle of this story:


"During the [recent Lebanon] war we had the opportunity to do some very nice things with the megaphone community," [Israeli gov't PR man Amir Gissin] revealed at the conference. Among them, he claimed, was a role in getting an admission from Reuters that a photograph of damage to Beirut had been doctored by a Lebanese photographer to increase the amount of smoke in the picture. This was first spotted by American blogger Charles Johnson, who has won an award for "promoting Israel and Zionism".

To check out the power of the megaphone, I logged onto a website called GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support) last Wednesday afternoon. More than 25,000 registered users of have downloaded the megaphone software, which enables them to receive alerts asking them to get active online.

It did not take long for an alert to come through. A Foreign Office minister, Kim Howells, had issued a press statement condemning that day's Palestinian rocket attack which killed an elderly Israeli and wounded other civilians. GIYUS wanted site users to "show your appreciation of the UK's response".


UPDATE: 'The Nether World' has 10 useful tips for dealing with GIYUS

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Vandalised memories

Charles Johnson posted an item about how one war memorial to the British armed forces had been vandalised ( but didn't see fit to write about another instance of desecration. Coincindence? See if you can spot the difference between the two stories.

(hat tip TM)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

CJ: Stating the bleeding obvious

For some reason that eludes us, Charles Johnson has been making a lot lately of the fact that people in Muslim countries were happy that Bush's Republicans lost the midterm elections.

Well here's news for you Charlie: More than fifty percent of America and probably an even greater proportion of the rest of the world was happy too. In case you hadn't noticed, it was Bush's party who launched two offensives wars, snatched innocents of the streets of European cities, made Big Brother a cabinet member in all our governments and refused to act on pressing issues such as climate change until just recently.

Why the fuck shouldn't we celebrate? Hell, saying you can't celebrate a Bush defeat is like saying you can't be happy about the fall of the Iron Curtain. Only a truly twisted mind could not recognize that these are good things.

Similarly, what's with the surprise about Arab countries' anger at the US veto of the SC condemnation of Israel's attack in Gaza? Do you expect Arab countries to be happy about the murder of 18 innocents in their sleep? What kind of perverted lunatic are you?

Losers AND cheaters

Seems like Republicans were up to their old tricks again in Florida.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bush's Legacy

We missed this when it came out, but the sentiment will continue to ring true:

Remember, Iraq war and the chaos it has spawned will be Bush's lasting legacy to the world.

Laughing so hard, I can't be bothered to title this.....

The party of anger and appeasement gets to work; they’ve got a Nutroots base that needs to be repaid for its support: The impeachment drumbeat begins.
Charles F. Johnson (Republican Hack)

Get ready for the meltdown!

If you thought the 'Lizards' took the news of humiliating defeat in the mid-term elections badly, they're going to need counselling and suicide hotlines to deal with this!!

New York -- NewsMax has learned that U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton will likely leave his post next month.

After a rocky series of Senate confirmation hearings, Bolton was sent to the U.N. by President Bush in August 2005 under a recess appointment. That allowed the president to bypass Senate confirmation while it was in recess, but the appointee could only serve for the length of the current Congress which is set to expire at year's end.

There had been indications that Bolton might win Senate confirmation after the election when several key votes might be open to favoring Bolton. But the GOP's apparent loss of the Senate has doomed that hope.

"This nomination is dead and we have known it for several days," a source close to the U.S. mission to the U.N. tells NewsMax.
Source: NewsMax

UPDATE: James Wolcott points and laughs at the meltdown at Pam's place. Worth a laugh.

When dead children aren't news.....

It seems Charles Johnsons is angry. Angry that the news that the Israeli's have brutally murdered women and children (see below) has trumped the news that his Republican party have taken a hammering (see everywhere).

At the public relations wing of the global jihad, Al Jazeera, there doesn’t seem to be a word yet about the US elections: Aljazeera.Net English - Home Page.

LGF reader ratherdashing posted a comment earlier that their Arabic web site was running a photo of Nancy Pelosi, but as I write this there’s a big picture of dead, mutilated children at the top of that page.
You just can't please some bigots can you?

Source: Nuclear Cop in the comments

Lizards jumping ship?

Even a lizardoid knows a loser when he sees one. Take a look at these comments, unthinkable just a week ago:

"Bush seems like a beaten wife to me now." (Black George Bush)

"He sounds that way too." (cheesehead)

"Bush is a worn out leader... It is over... "(tfc3rid)

"Bush is done. I've given up on him. Time for conservatives to take the party over. The White House is inept." (Junior)

"Bush has surrendered." (J.Lichty)

"I’m listening to the press conference, Bush is really sounding like a complete moron. {:-( " (Da_Beerfreak)

"I said six months ago that Bush would be the ruin of the conservative movement as it currently stands" (Eric Cartman's Conscience)

"My wife has always said Bush is nothing but a yankee carpet bagger." (AMERICAN)

"Bush is really starting to look more and more like a sell out." (galloping granny)

"Whatever support I had for Bush and the rest of these fools just went down the toilet." (SouthernFriedChickenHawk)

"Bush's performance today was nothing short of abject surrender" (Spiny Norman)

"P.S. Jeb Bush, don't even think of running for President." (Asylum Aleikum)

And to cap it all, Charles too has started insulting the commander-in-chief as "a clown, probably with deep psychological issues around male parental figures".

This, more than the elections themselves, signals the end of the Bush era. Even the die-hards have had enough. Question now is, who are they going to turn to? Who can be their saviour in this dark hour?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Spot the wanker

In the true spirit of freedom and democracy....

They’ll be celebrating in Gaza tomorrow.
Charles Johnson on hearing that a Muslim American has become a congressman.
Since the Israeli "redeployment" from Gaza on August 20, 2005, Israeli
occupation troops killed 694 Palestinians and wounded four thousand.
Something tells me the people of Gaza have very little to celebrate.


Something tells me the people burying these innocent women and children won't give a damn about the US midterms and certainly won't be celebrating anything.
Israel Defense Forces artillery shells struck a residential area in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanun early Wednesday, killing at least 19 Palestinians and wounding dozens of others.

Ten children and seven women were among the dead, the Palestinian Health Ministry said, adding that 18 of the victims were members of the Athamna family.

Khaled Radi, a Palestinian Health Ministry official, said all of those killed were civilians. According to witnesses, the victims were sleeping when the 15-minute barrage of shells first hit. Radi also said at least 40 people were wounded, all civilians.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni expressed regret for the deaths, saying that Israel did not set out to harm innocent civilians.

The IDF confirmed that an artillery battery containing 12 shells had aimed at a site from where Qassam rockets were fired at the southern city Ashkelon on Tuesday. The artillery fire had been intended for a location about half a kilometer from the Beit Hanun houses.
Source: Haaretz


And today we have a rash of reports from the Middle East showing that my “bigoted, racist” prediction was right on the money. The Arab Street is greatly pleased with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and so are their despotic rulers and jihad-enabling media
Charles is now saying 'I was right!' although obviousy he isn't. "They'll be celebrating in Gaza tomorrow" isn't the same as "The Arab world will welcome a change of government in the US is it?" and anyway you made the comment in response to a Muslim becoming a senator not the appointment of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. You're still a shrill racist bigot Charles and considering the carnage the Israelis carried out in Gaza recently (that you're still to mention or justify) your comment will haunt you.

And what gives Charles? You were complaining the Arab media wasn't covering the US midterms, now you're complaining they are? Jeez, make your mind up!

Unleash Zyklon-B on Muslims!

The 'Lizards' sure don't like losing....

#272 Greg 11/7/2006 10:43PM PST

Bush is losing precisely because he has took the high road after 9/11 instead of Zyclon B-ing most of the muslim world after attacking our shores as they have been doing to our shipping since 1800.

This is a world war and not a tea party for the Yale/Harvard clique...

Islam must have a boot smashing into its face forever until it becomes a grown up religion not bent on murdering everyone on the planet...

Bush cannot comprehend this or the Donks even less...they do not have the intestinal fortitude for it...

The next attack after we lose a million (since each attack seems to square or cube the casualty rate), nothing will stop the rage in the streets.....
The word 'moron' seem too polite.

Is Charles a terrorist supporter?

What does this mean? That Charles trusts terror supporters? That Charles supports terrorists? That Charles is prepared to rely on CNN when it suits him, but not when it doesn't? That Charles is an ignorant opportunist? Come on CJ, explain this one to us:

Meanwhile, while the evil MSM gives over its front page to the elections, Israel is taking the opportunity to kill people in their sleep. It helps that no-one's watching.

Too little, too late...

...but better than nothing at all.

Considering that it has been decades since the incumbent president's party did not lose control of Congress during the last two years of his eight year term, this apparent victory for the Democrats is nothing more than natural correction. It doesn't, unfortunately, signal that America has seen through the evil machinations of the Bush regime.

But that will come.

Meanwhile, the fire Bush lit continues to spread.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Targeting the Red Cross

Remember that incident during the Lebanon-Israel war which Charles got so excited about, in which he claimed that Red Cross workers had blown up their own ambulance and blamed Israel?

Presumably Charles is going to say the same thing happened here...

The international Red Cross on Sunday deplored the killing by the Israel Defense Forces of two "clearly marked" ambulance workers removing a Palestinian body from an earlier Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip.

The paramedics of the Palestine Red Crescent Society were wearing clearly marked fluorescent jackets and the flashing lights of their ambulance were visible from a great distance when they were hit by Israeli fire after dark on Friday evening, said the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

"The International Committee of the Red Cross is appalled by this failure to protect personnel engaged in emergency medical duties," a statement said. (Haaeretz)

An inconvenient truth

The United States has now been at war in Iraq longer than it was at war against Hitler during World War II. Fact.

This is obviously what George W Bush meant when he said "mission accomplished":

PS: Charles recently linked approvingly to a 'satire' about World War II, in which the 'absurd' suggestion is made that a press such as America has today would have "criticized us for going to war with two nations that had never attacked us, Germany and Italy."

In fact, anyone with a bit of historical knowledge (i.e. not Charles) would know that the US did just that during World War II: it happily waited for Japan and Germany to make the first move against it before entering the war.

Why? Perhaps it had something to do with the US (and George W Bush's grandaddy) having plenty of financial interests in Nazi Germany...

Riot coverage

Remember when Charles Johnson blasted the media for 'not covering the riots in France' (i.e. they were covering them, but not enough for CJ's liking)?

Well, let's see how much coverage this story of religiously inspired urban violence gets on Little Green Footballs:

Ultra-Orthodox Jews have rioted in Jerusalem nearly every night over the past week, burning garbage cans, blocking roads and assaulting police officers in an attempt to get the authorities to call off the [gay pride] march, approved months ago by the Supreme Court. (CNN)

(hat tip BR)

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Charles is preparing his readers for a "debacle" at the upcoming mid-term elections. But then he quickly catches himself and has another go at that minority of Americans "who might still be Democrats". We'll see how many people are Democrats and how many are Republicans soon, won't we?

Inspired by LGF?

Is it unreasonable to think that the below incident might have been inspired, at least in part, by the racist ideas spread by Charles Johnson and his minions at LGF, where the term Koranimal is a synonym for Muslim?

Five Jewish teenagers have been charged with hate crimes for attacking a Pakistani-American man with brass knuckles in the Midwood section of Brooklyn and calling him a "terrorist," officials said.

Shahid Amber, 24, said in an interview last night he was eating ice cream near a Dunkin' Donuts at the corner of East 15th Street and Avenue M, when he was approached by a group of five teenagers at about 8:15 p.m. on October 29. They knocked the ice cream from his hands, called him a "terrorist" and told him: "Go back to your country," he said...(NY Sun)

(hat tip AM)

Friday, November 03, 2006

We're Not Buying it.....

I’m not going to get into a knockdown mud rassle with Allahpundit about it (or with Mr. Genial, for that matter), but I’m with Ace on this one. I just don’t buy John F. Kerry’s excuses, and I’m skeptical of—no, I scoff at, in fact, I mock—the claims that he deviated from a prepared speech. It just doesn’t pass the giggle test, after watching him deliver those lines.

Two words: Occam’s Razor.
Two words for you Chuckles: Republican shill


Nuclear Nonsense

And this guy calls himself anti-idiotarian?

It's common knowledge that in 1991, Iraq had the potential to develop nuclear weapons within a year. It's not certain he would have managed if coalition forces hadn't invaded Kuwait, but it's possible. The Gulf War put and end to that plan though, and the subsequent arms embargo ensured he couldn't revive the program. (See Iraq Survey Group report)

Yet by some fantastic twist of logic, Charles Johnson manages not only to misread, but to misinterpret a NYTimes article and earnestly ask: "Is the New York Times actually conceding that Saddam was just a year away from having a nuclear weapon in 2002?"

Hey Charles, why don't you stick to the Beano instead?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The real Iraq

Can anyone see the irony in Charles Johnson, a man who wouldn't know what a war zone looked like if he stumbled into one, criticizing John Kerry, somebody who has seen combat at first hand, for calling him and his like 'chickenhawks'?

Well, while Charles continues to mock those who have actually fought for their country (and by extension, all those who have fallen in vain for George W Bush's campaign in Iraq), here's a picture you won't see on LGF anytime soon: