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Friday, August 29, 2008

Hilarious moments in LGF history

Found here:


So Charles Johnson has given up on writing a blog.

Instead, he's letting other people do it for him: PJMedia and the John McCain campaign provide the video; the MSM provide the news; 'Zombie' provides the original content; and the lizards provide the mindless 'Open Thread' chatter that makes LGF such a pleasant place to hang out.

And what does Charles do? He counts his advertising revenue; he does the odd celebrity interview; and he monitors his little minions to make sure their Gesinnung doesn't stray from the accepted norm. Oh yes, and he hangs about at cocktail parties!

Way to go, that's 21st century media for you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zombie is missing a braaiiin

An ingenious piece by LGF informant Zombie, who is currently risking his/her/its life in Denver, reporting on the librul demonrat-commie-anarchofascist-terrornazis. Or something..


This piece was introduced by Chuckles with this: "Zombie's latest report is on the mosque that was constructed in Denver's Civic Center Park, within sight of the capitol building. The mainstream media don't think this is newsworthy."

..and started by the undead critter with: "I first arrived in Denver's Civic Center Park expecting to see hordes of anarchists and protesters. Instead, I was confronted with this huge mosque made of translucent fabric."

First off, that's not a mosque. If you look carefully at the provided photos, it's basically two short archways, a small "chamber" in the middle with a dome on top. No prayer rooms, just pictures.

Second, this isn't "huge" by any standard. In fact, when it comes to large mosques..

.. this contraption is tiny. But we know how the words "huge mosque" are bound to unleash awe and lots of wet undergarments amongst the lizard army (.. and apologize hereby to our faithful lizard readers for showing this horrifying photo of a beautiful large mosque in Istanbul).

Needless to say, some of the comments were demonstrating the true aching love of lizards towards Muslims everywhere and/or their conviction that only the small minority of them - like with all other groups - are actually maniacs (#4, #8, #13, #24, #26, #29, #32, .. to name just a few).

And as a bonus: #22 by 'ted', with positive ratings:

" '...this huge mosque made of translucent fabric...'

Anyone got a match?"

The distant memory of an episode concerning a mosque in St. Louis comes to mind..

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Recommended Fisk

The Independent's Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk is a hated figure among neocons and LGFers (same difference) so he's always worth reading. Imagine my delight when I got copies of a two-volume collection of his articles dating between 1988 and 2008. Perfect for the beach! (even if the content isn't exactly what you want to be thinking about on holiday.)

These books (also available in one volume as 'The Age of the Warrior: Selected Writings') show that Fisk recognized coming trends in the Middle East (and elsewhere) years before anyone else did, and wrote about events that others didn't dare go near or purposefully ignored.

In wingnut circles Fisk has been accused of pursuing an anti-Israel agenda, and of supporting terrorists. While he certainly levels severe accusations at Israel, much of his ire is aimed at hypocritical Arab governments and the cruelty they permit in their own country.

One good example is this piece, about the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Algeria. If you don't think this is great journalism, you need your mind checked.

New Feature: LGF threads on Digg

Some clever guy (you know who you are) had the bright idea of adding the latest LGF-related threads on Digg to the top of the page. Since most of us can't post on LGF, Digg is where you can vent your spleen about the latest racist claptrap on LGF.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Charles a Republican operative?

It's hard not to suspect that Charles Johnson's is part of a Republican campaign network to distribute Karl Rove's message to the masses. Now we have something resembling proof, thanks to this little slip:

"I'm getting emails from GOP lists trumpeting a 'historic event.'"
Charles isn't going to be on GOP lists unless he wants to be. So the question is, why does he subscribe to their propaganda, if not because most of the time he wants to help spread it?

This is the first time CJ has directly questioned the party line, and only in its interpretation of an event. Mostly he just parrots it.