Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Week in LGF History, Part Trois

It's been a very long while indeed since we've done this (part the first, part the second) so here's a Thanksgiving Week edition of This Week in LGF History.

November 29, 2008 - Soon-to-be-banned Lizard "Zombie" accuses San Francisco Muslims of celebrating the attacks on Mumbai
November 19, 2007 - Charles publishes a very post facto freakout over a terrorist non-incident that wasn't even real in the first place
November 25, 2006 - Confused Lizards attribute thuggery committed by anti-Semitic white French youths to anti-Semitic brown French youths
November 30, 2005 - The peace-loving "LGF brain trust" vents spleen and several other bodily organs against four Christian peace activists who were kidnapped in Iraq
November 17, 2004 - Charles bashes a freelance NBC journlist who had the temerity to criticize George W. Bush
November 21, 2003 - Charles bashes Salam Pax, the renowned "Baghdad Blogger" who had the temerity to criticize George W. Bush