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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No comment

Charles Johnson:

Our Friends the Saudis

Saudi Arabia announced today that they have arrested 520 people for terrorism. Of course, when they use the word “terrorism” it could mean almost anything, from mass murder to publishing cartoons.

"RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia has detained 520 people suspected of being involved in terrorism, state television reported on Wednesday."

BBC News on the same story:

Saudi Arabia is holding 520 suspected militants following raids across the kingdom this year, its interior ministry says.

They are accused of links to what it called the "deviant group" - a term used for al-Qaeda by Saudi officials.

They said the accused were of various nationalities and had been plotting attacks in and outside Saudi Arabia.

You decide..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Evolution @ LGF?

Anyone not notice how much science Charles is posting on his blog these days? He's gone from almost zero to 100 on that topic.

Chances are that it's part of the Republican Machine strategy to give up on the religious fundies and appeal to mainstream voters who might be unsure about voting for the other candidate.

Or Charles is doing this on his own initiative, in the hope of remaining on message with McCain. In which case CJ is also going to have to start saying something about the importance of stopping global warming; reforming the medical insurance system; and improving America's energy security instead of shovelling billions at big oil.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hypocrisy personified

Check out this classic Chuckles moment,

Moulitsas sets the tone for his site, and this is the tone we’ve been hearing for years from Daily Kos—mean-spirited, dishonest, and vicious.
Coming from a man who's commenters are some of the most depraved, death obsessed bigots in the entire blogosphere that's quite some statement.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Comment of the Week

I just had to post that. This is from the latest LGF freak-out:
A Question for Fox News - Update: Beckel Calls Right Wing Bloggers 'Crackers'

Charles is quite possibly needing defib at this point:

And away they go! Comments might need a new thread eventually on this one...

".. but they don't hate Muslims!"

If you've been following LGF Watch and its comments for a while, you'll have heard from a few people that the lizard army doesn't hate Muslims as people, but rather only terrorists. Also you get a cock-and-bull story about how the lizard army is only waiting eagerly for the "silent moderate" Muslims to renounce violence and fight terrorism, so that the little green sheep squad's views of roughly a fifth of the world's population can improve. This claim is endorsed by the likes of Robert Spencer, and some of the sad excuses of LGF apologists we get here every now and then.


Visit this brilliant (heh..) epic analysis of Chuckles on an article about Indian Muslims renouncing terrorism and vowing to fight against it. (And it's not the first time that has happened):

(Link: )

Breaking: Indian Muslims Commit to Fighting Terrorism
But you just know there’s a catch, and as usual it comes down to the remarkably flexible definition of “terrorism,” and the need to shift the blame: Muslims commit themselves to fight terrorism.

The comments on the thread are (not surprisingly) skeptical of this, accusing these Muslims of meaning something else by "terrorism", e.g. 'terrorism committed against them'.

Well if you read the last bit of the original article:
Qazmi earlier told IANS that there was no place for terrorism in Islam. 'Individual Muslims involved in acts of terrorism should be dealt with under the law. Why should the whole community or religion be smeared and given a tag?'

.. and ask yourself for which kind of terrorism Islam has been smeared and given a tag for, there's no room left for ambiguity. All this doesn't matter for the little green army of idjits, who won't let anything take away their justification and desire for making 1.5 billion people into scapegoats for all the world's misery.

Wingnuts eagerly waiting for a positive Muslim voice. I repeat: Bullsh*t.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Charles Johnson's one-sided reporting

Charles Johnson posted an (uncredited) AFP report Friday about Hamas militants accidentally blowing themselves and others up as they prepared explosives. Good. The grotesque Hamas practice of having bombs factories in civilian areas deserves all the publicity it can get.

But it's blatantly obvious that CJ is only interested in using this tragedy for his own political ends when you consider what he hasn't written about recently. Imagine if it were Palestinians who had poured acid on a teenage girl or attacked West Bank farmers.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Instant LGF classics

Behold lizards massively biting themselves in the tails. It all started when CJ whined about "Children on crack" at attacking his poor website, and that included.. that's right.. the rather old Digg entry of LGF Watch! (link: )

Here we go again at Digg - LGF Watch - Keeping an eye on those rabid racists at Little Green Footballs.

But wait! There’s more: Digg / lgfuckballs.

Complain to Digg about this ongoing abuse of their site at:
Apparently Chuckie wasn't capable of realizing that the LGF Watch entry has been submitted over 1.5 years ago, otherwise he wouldn't be saying "Here we go again". Notice how the entry has been infested with lizards trying to have some fun.

But that's not all, the comments that ensued on that thread are just hilarious..
#55 Sharmuta

You know- when you have nothing better to do with your time than stalk a website, you might really want to consider therapy.
#56 Charles

They've been doing it for years. And they've also registered numerous accounts at LGF, and tried to pose as friends of the site until they're exposed and blocked. It's beyond insane. I suspect that there is money behind this.
If you scroll waaay down the main LGF Watch page:

"Do you want to advertise on LGF Watch and help a good cause? All revenue is donated to The International Red Cross (CDN$525 so far...)"

Beside that, no.. we're not getting any money for this. Speaking about money..
#60 JammieWearingFool

It's quite pathetic.

There's also some loser out there who calls his site Instaputz, and he obsesses over Glenn Reynolds.

Seriously, you have to have no talent whatsoever to just sit around and blog other people's material.
Right, because when Charles isn't busy "stalking" the Obama website, he is most certainly not grabbing other peoples' material and adding only 7 or 8 words of original content. No sir, Chuckles is very talented indeed.
#143 Charles
If there isn't money behind the stalkers, they're even crazier than I thought.
It's called not-trying-to-make-profit-at-the-expense-of-others. Speaks volumes that this d00d thinks it's crazy.
#176 swamprat

re: #143 Charles

Your very first obtuse post. Get a cup of coffee. They are nuts. And very angry at a blog that points out the warts and pimples adorning their positions and beliefs.
Hang on, I thought this relationship worked the other way round.
#188 JeremyR

re: #143 Charles

Charles, you have posted stuff against the Obamination. That makes you fair game for Soros and fiends. You also take well aimed shots at the Religion of pieces, which makes you the enemy of 1 billion fanatics and fanatic supporters.
Only a lizard will tell you that 1 billion Muslims are fanatics or support fanatics. (LGFers aren't anti-Muslim, nooo..). Funny that I don't feel like one..

Just another day out at LGF..

Friday, June 13, 2008

Charles J {hearts} Mel P

Charles Johnson: "If there’s any hope for the Sceptered Isle, it’s going to come from people like Melanie (Phillips)."

Would that be the same Melanie Phillips who believes that evolution is "merely a theory," that "urgent questions about the (MMR) vaccine’s safety remain unanswered," and that global warming is "one of the greatest scientific scams of the modern age"?

Nice idea of hope you got, Chuckie.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

CJ cherries

Recently a poll was posted on the MSNBC website asking: "Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?". The vast majority of the participants said "Yes".

Soon enough, Chuckles produced an ingenious statement:

"Never mind that there is absolutely no legal basis for even asking the question"

Right, because it's called freedom of thought and stating one's honest opinion. And apparently in LGF-land, it's not legal.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday, June 09, 2008


There's a new Obama flap in town and this one is about an anti-Semitic post that appeared on the portion of Obama's campaign site that's open to the public. Charles offers this nugget:

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of posts that refer to the “Jewish lobby” at the Obama site. I stopped looking at the results on page 10.

The Jed Report does a nice take down of this claim in "LGF is crying wolf and it ticks me off" and here are the main findings:

- There were one hundred posts (10 posts per page, 10 pages.) Not "hundreds," not "thousands," but one hundred.

-Only 9 of the 100 posts actually used the phrase "Jewish Lobby"

-5 of these 9 posts could be potentially be considered antisemitic (a, b, c, d, e)

-And 2 of them were actually statements against antisemitsm (f, g)

-Many of the remaining 91 posts were written by Jews in praise of Barack Obama. My favorite favorite one featured a pro-Obama video from Rabbi Samuel Gordon from Wilmette, Illinois.

If you want a little more info about this latest "Obama scandal," check out the work matttbastard has done to find the source of the offensive post.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Do Lizards Just Ignore the Zappa Quotes?

I often wonder about the response of the LGFers to the daily quotes posted under "frank says" by Charles Johnson. I realize that I probably know the least of anyone posting here about Charles personally, but I am aware that he was a musician of some sort prior to his desire to start blogging daily about Islam (and whatever pleases his 'lizards'), and apparently remains a fan of Jazz as well as of Frank Zappa. (Please pardon my ignorance of Charles' early history here.)

What startles me is that Zappa was rather profuse not only as a musician and producer but also with books and sharing his political views from interviews to testimony to the U.S. Senate. That I remember well. According to the Wikipedia article on Zappa,

Zappa was a self-proclaimed "practical conservative", an avowed supporter of capitalism and independent business.[5] He was also a strident critic of mainstream education and organized religion.[6] Zappa was a forthright and passionate advocate for freedom of speech and the abolition of censorship, and his work embodied his skeptical view of established political processes and structures.

OK, discussions of the late musician's statements could lead one all over the map. Do they reflect Charles' views is more to the point, and what do the more right-wing lizards who would probably fall over at some of Zappa's more provocative statements and lyrics think when Charles posts his "frank says" segment at the bottom of the right sidebar? Many lizards are more of the Libertarian views politically, but the majority would probably view today's Zappa quote regarding Ronald Reagan winning the office of President of The U.S.A.?

Had he posted that quote in an open thread instead of one today from none other than Niccolo Machiavelli, there'd be mass outrage over the statement, as many at LGF are in the "deify Reagan" category. Do note the quote from Zappa's testimony against the PMRC in the segment on the Wiki page starting with "1980s". Typically Zappa, a very intelligent take on Tipper Gore's old terror of the '80s which was also provocative. He thrived on being provocative and stretching the limits, hence popularity of his books and the man himself among people who can really stand very little of his music.

So why do the lizards not get all up in arms over the more political Zappa quotes (They do change, if you reload LGF the quote will be different)? Just because "it's Charles' living room"? Or because Charles sticks them at the bottom of a sidebar? Which side of Charles Johnson is still in there? Anyone other than the guy who just overuses the "throwing so-and-so under the bus" analogy ad nauseum?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Un-American beards

Charles Johnson has now decided he's the arbiter of beards! CJ laments that "(Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) has been ... allowed to grow his beard to a ridiculous length." Outrageous! There's an acceptable beard length and an unacceptable beard length, and KSM has definitely crossed the line!

In other news, Charles Johnson finds he has more in common with the Taliban than previously thought...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Charles, This Bird, He Cannot CHANGE(!!!)--or, Charles liveblogs Obama's Victory Speech

This is just too funny. Charles is in the comments on his own Obama Victory Speech thread having some sort of fit, unable to offer anything more than grunts in comment form. Not that the other lizards aren't, such as this one who is already planning ahead:

#457 Palandine 6/03/08 7:30:43 pm reply quote 3


In the very scary hypothetical that this guy manages to win, it's wise to

1. Start paying down credit card debt, car payments, mortgages, student loans, etc. (always a good idea anyway).
2. Buy any rifles (and ammo, scopes, slings, etc.) you'd been thinking about buying. He won't let the mask fall for the first 100 days, so he won't try any bans beore then.
3. He can't raise taxes in 2009--too early to get a budget in.
4. Save up your money, get an emergency fund, and load up on beans, bullets, and band-aids. Between cap and trade tax increases and an unwillingness to find energy sources in our own country, money's going to get tight, businesses will go to business-friendly countries, and the economy will go in the dumper.

Be Prepared! I took an oath, so if he wins I have to respect him as my Commander-in-Chief, but it doesn't mean I don't see what a disaster we're heading for. I was a kid during the Carter years, and will never forget. We're going to look back on the Carter years as the god old days.

But even better, though probably scrambling to think up what to post now (despite claiming confusion in the Obama camp: "Imagine how the Obama camp is scrambling to figure out how to respond to Hillary Clinton’s non-exit.")

I figure he'll add a few more yet tonight, but here is the brilliant and insightful live-blogging by Charles on Obama's historic victory speech. More insight and intelligence are hard to find on political blogs these days, truly:

Ahh, there you go. I'm sure Charles is still throwing them out there (I skipped quite a bit of the procession, actually). No, wait he has started a new thread....unable to come up with any analysis off the cuff on his own aside from grunts, Charles has begun a new thread linking to this Wiki article, with the few post words:
"Change. Hope. Health care for all, and make the evil corporations pay for it. Surrender in Iraq.

America First!

Barack Obama’s victory speech in a nutshell."

And thus ends my live-blogging of Charles Johnson's live-blogging of Obama's Historic Victory (finally) Speech. If you take away nothing of value from this post, well then I've done my job in accurately reporting on LGF tonight.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Drawing up lists

Wow! I can only agree with Charles Johnson here. (Copy & paste link)

If you ever find yourself spending valuable time to compile lists of your Zionist enemies and their secret motivations, it’s a sign that you may need a shrink
I mean listing peoples names and giving reasons why they're on the list that's just nuts. (Copy & paste link)

Even more so if you let others contribute names, add additional information for the list and then vote on who you hate the most.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday = Funday

Obama as You've Never Known Him!

Here are some things we can look forward to learning about Barack Obama:

· That he was mentored in high school by a member of the Soviet-controlled Communist Party.

· That he launched his Illinois state Senate campaign in the home of a terrorist and a killer.

etc. etc. from one of the best columnists in Washington.

P.S.: Of course, LGF readers already know all of this and more about the evil leftist islamofascist dhimmicrat trying to turn America over to Osama bin Laden!

Beware the Paisley Intifada

Pharyngula, the science blogger, gets the whole scarf issue right. He remarks;

But she is wearing a scarf, and as we all know, good Americans wear only traditional American clothes, which do not include scarves.
It's amazing that such a trivial issue gets blown up out of all proportion by the shrieking heads of the right wing blogosphere.

The most alarming fact he comments on however is that the scarf has a paisley design. Now far be it for me to point out the problem there and not being an expert on Palestinian couture, unlike a certain Californian blogger, but I've never seen terrorists draped in paisley.