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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LGF: Forget about McCain

His lizard minions may still believe that McCain will win this election, but Charles Johnson knows better. So instead of offering a fair discussion of the two candidates' positions that shows why McCain would make a better president, CJ spends all his time frantically digging up obscure links to left-wing radicals in the hope of discrediting Obama because it's about the only thing that could lose him the election.

Not a peep about McCain's policies, and certainly no discussion of Obama's! It's all about who met whom at a dinner party in 1981. Just why the American people should care about what Obama did 30 years ago(and more to the point, why they should trust a proven liar like Charles Johnson to deliver an accurate version of history) is slightly baffling, but CJ is probably deluded enough to believe he's doing a public service. What's so striking though is that he constantly shows himself up as a hypocrite: the press isn't doing it's job on Obama, says Charles, but what about it's failure to call Bush out on Iraq? Obama should be judged by what he did in his 20s, says Charles, but of course George W.'s youthful indiscretions were never an issue, were they?

It's the double standards on Charles Johnson's blog that mark him out as an untrustworthy, partisan chronicler of this election.

It's tempting to lean back and gloat as he spins ever faster in a last, wild attempt to throw as much dirt at Obama as possible before Tuesday, even though the election is probably a done deal. That word "probably" is the problem. LGF & Co are quite capable of whipping up enough of a bigot storm to turn the vote around yet, getting McCain & Palin into the White House and thereby shooting themselves and America in the foot more than they could ever know.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Proposition what?

Here in Charles' home state of California, the Presidential race -- the outcome of which, at least in this state, is a foregone conclusion anyway -- is becoming overshadowed by the fierce debate over Proposition 8, which would eliminate the recently-granted right of same-sex couples to marry.

It's worth noting that back in August, Charles' ideological and business partner (and Pajamas Media co-founder) Roger L. Simon actually stuck his neck out and roundly condemned Proposition 8 -- much to the disgust of the Pajamas Media commentariat, naturally.

When one considers Charles' laudable struggle against religious obscurantism, and his repeated condemnations of anti-gay attacks by Muslims, and the fact that the "faith-based coalition" supporting Proposition 8 includes Muslim groups, one wonders why he has chosen not to speak out about this vital and contentious issue. The Yes on 8 campaign has recently resorted to threats and outright lies, while the No on 8 side continues to lag in fundraising.

Besides, if Charles were to come out (so to speak) against Proposition 8, he would be in very good company. And it's not as if his traffic rankings would really suffer -- if six months of non-stop Obama bashing, and constant infusions of new "hatchlings," and an endless array of exciting new Web 2.0 features haven't been enough to boost his ratings past those of the arch-fiends Kos and Huffington, nothing will.

But from his silence, we are forced to conclude that either Charles doesn't care about this issue, which after all only affects the essential civil rights of 2 million or so of his fellow Californians (as opposed to matters of vital national import such as the latest statements by Mary Mapes), or that he is more or less OK with the idea that out-of-state religious groups could successfully conspire to amend the California Constitution and institutionalize bigotry forever.




Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lizard Outreach Efforts

Long time Lizard "Realwest", describes a conversation with a couple lucky enough to make his "acquaintance":

45 realwest
10/22/08 9:13:07 pm 6
Did something today that I SWORE I'd never do: engaged a moonbat couple in a "converstation". They were all for Obama (no one mentioned Biden). When I said that although Bush had disappointed me in some areas, I think he should get the credit for there being no further "9/11"'s on American Soil. They started by saying that it just proved that there is no real GWOT - that 9/11 was a "one-off". The conversation - I fully confess aided and abetted by me - went downhill very VERY rapidly from there.
I cooled off a little and ticked off all the reasons to not vote for Obama and to Vote for McCain. He said that he didn't know most of what I'd said about Obama, she said I was making it up. I responded by sneering at her and addressing him: "Don't you think you should learn about the candidate you intend to vote for BEFORE you vote for him?" and his and her reply were that they did know about Obama - my response was that they manifestly did not as he had said he didn't know these things and "so what" everyone can make a mistake in choosing a candidate and I replied - before storming off - FUCK YOU - YOU are making a voting decision that's going to FUCK UP MY LIFE and the lives of tens of millions of Americans you stupid POS.
I didn't win any friends, but I'm thinking that the male of the couple is thinking about what I said and may not vote for Obama.
And I'm just embarrassed as hell cause I lost my temper like that.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Charles Disputes Al Jazeera...For Finding People Like His Lizards!

Charles highlights a video from Al Jazeera English for finding people expressing the very same sentiments towards Obama as....his own commenters! What? Cherry-picking to promote an agenda on a news network? All they really need is a blog....Here's Chuck:

Now showing up on lefty blogs, the following Al Jazeera English report from a Sarah Palin rally in Ohio. Are you surprised that Al Jazeera managed to find racists and Christian extremists in the crowd?

Yet these people are doing nothing other than quoting various bits of paranoia and false propaganda that has been propagated by sites such as....LGF! Charles, thanks for helping create this monstrosity.

Nope, and we're not surprised when we find them at LGF, either. From "Spiny Norman":
Will an Obama Justice Department start "hate crimes" investigations against anyone who voted for McCain? Or just campaign volunteers?

Or from here:

re: #287 buzzsawmonkey
Yes overall they appreciate his Socialist behavior more than his blackness. As you correctly pointed out, if it really had anything to do with his being black they would have been singing Republican praises for years. They love Obama because he is going to hurt the United States and bow to the International community (ie: them). He is going to put International Acceptance over National Security, Negotiate with despots and dictators while refusing to negotiate across the aisle.

And help bring in the Caliphate.

Actually I have myriad "HE'S A MUSLIM" LGF quotes but I think we all remember those. Just a few extremists. Nothing to see here, move along....

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hypocrite alert!

Another stroll at the little green loony bin yielded the following findings about the insincere nature of the old lizard monarch


They’re relentless.
Uhhh, yeah.. Said the guy who just can't get enough of barking up the proverbial Obama tree.

The latest Associated Press masterpiece of journalistic malpractice: a headline that goes right to the edge of saying Sarah Palin called Barack Obama a terrorist (which she did not): Palin defends terrorist comment against Obama.
Quite the strawman, no? There's nothing in that title to suggest that Palin called Obama a terrorist. After all, she did make a comment about terrorists, directed it against Obama and now she's defending it. Rather accurate if you ask me.

They’re parroting Obama campaign propaganda, word for word, ..
(We advise our readers at this point to check out the previous LGF Watch entry)
.. and doing everything they can to minimize William Ayers’ terrorist acts.

Speaking about minimizing, has everyone ever seen a post on LGF about Troopergate?

Then he goes on to quote the article in question:
"But while Ayers and Obama are acquainted, the charge that they “pal around” is a stretch of any reading of the public record. And it’s simply wrong to suggest that they were associated while Ayers was committing terrorist acts. Obama was 8 years old at the time the Weather Underground claimed credit for numerous bombings and was blamed for a pipe bomb that killed a San Francisco policeman."
Can you spot the world’s biggest straw man in that highlighted sentence?

And now he's going on about strawmen. Wow.. Just, wow..

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stating the obvious?

Today in our inbox we found the following email:

"Sorry to write anonymously but if I revealed my name I would be dead. I just wanted to tip you off that what you've written about LGF and other right-of-center blogs getting their marching orders from the Republican spin machine is true. I contribute to one of the bigger blogs out there and I'm sickened to see that my fellow contributors are willing to take their cue from some faceless party apparatchik instead of writing whatever the damn hell they please about whichever damn issue they please. Every day we get a memo with two or three talking points to write about and you can bet your bottom dollar that those issues will appear on blogs like ours and LGF. Even if our contributors have personal misgivings about negative campaigning and some of the more racist stuff coming out of the Republican camp, not posting something would mean having our loyalty questioned. So even though we know that half of the stuff we post about Obama is a lie, even though we know McCain won't win, and even though we've frankly got better things to do than rewrite (for free!) what the GOP wants us to, we do it anyway. Someone's going to blow the whistle on this after the election, but for now prepare for a nasty fight..."

Of course we have no idea if this email is genuine, especially as it came with a fake name. Still, interesting, especially in view of the concerted Palin/LGF effort to smear Obama with the terrorism stigma today.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Selective Good Wishes

Every time Google fails to change its logo in celebration of a holiday that Charles Johnson thinks is important, he throws a tantrum, accusing the search giant of having some hidden agenda in its well-wishing practice.

So it's interesting to see that Charles chose on Tuesday to wish his Jewish readers a Happy New Year, but not his Muslim readers a Happy Eid.

Do we detect a bias? And is anyone surprised?