Little Green Footballs

Monday, September 29, 2008


Gordon has set up a new blog called "LGF Banned and Blocked" with case studies on some classic episodes where Charles booted a long-time reader off his site.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Little Green Sycophants

Next, it'll be: "Charles, is it ok for me to take a short break and visit my sick child in hospital?"


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Edited interviews for me, and not for thee


Old Chuckles is having a few problems with the recent TV interview with Sarah Palin:

ABC News Hid Important Parts of Palin Interview

It won’t come as a surprise to LGF readers, but Charlie Gibson’s interview with Sarah Palin was heavily edited by ABC News to make Palin appear more hawkish and less knowledgeable. Mark Levin has the complete transcript, and what ABC News tried to pull here is a textbook example of media malfeasance: Gibson Interview.

Also see: ABC News Edited Out Key Parts of Sarah Palin Interview.

The interview was so egregiously biased, even UPI is calling out ABC News for their blatant double standards: ABC’s Gibson grilled Palin hard, but it may backfire.


Fair enough, however, it does come as a surprise that Charlie should complain.. After all, the source on media in the Middle East he relies on the most does that kind of stuff quite a lot of times..

//UPDATE: Not only does he entirely trust this bogus and sad excuse of a media outlet, he also urges his little green army to give them money: