Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spencer Watch!

For obvious reasons, LGF Watch has been rather silent of late. Much to his credit, Charles Johnson has increasingly edged away from his past sentiment that demonized Islam and everything related to it, and has lately started thrashing people for "Anti-Muslim bigotry" and for protesting against an 89-storey islamofascist terror-breeding, infidel-beheading Ground-Zero Super-Duper-Mega-Ultra-Mosque Islamic cultural center. Yes, times have changed dramatically in Lizard Kingdom.

However, concerning his former allies and friends who have turned into his bitterest foes, none less than intellectual fraud and disgraceful "scholar" Robert Spencer, and his faithful Shrieking Harpy Pamela Geller, who is basically just that... They've become loonier and more bigoted than ever.

So while Charles Johnson's blog is actually becoming quite readable, the only way to stomache the insanity of the anti-Muslim movement is with brilliant exposure with a pinch of parody. Now, we're not planning on shifting our focus to other anti-Muslim extremists across the media, because LoonWatch does exactly that, and they do it very well.

But while LoonWatch may not be new, a new sister site of it is, which focuses on one of LoonWatch's prime suppliers of material, and it needs some publicity. So Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy Spencer Watch! It does a fabulous and long-overdue job of placing Bobby Spencer onto the manure heap of scholarship, right where he belongs. And I'm sure Charles Johnson would get a few chuckles (no pun intended) out of that.