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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Zombie's Deja Vu

The attacks on Mumbai have generated plenty of emotions, but some can only be best expressed by Zombie at LGF who seems to be having some sort of Islamo-hating re-meltdown:

The Anger:

2 zombie 11/28/08 11:07:32 pm reply quote 8

I'm just so angry about this Mumbai terror attack that I am beyond words.

It's like 9/11 all over again, emotion-wise.
3 zombie 11/28/08 11:09:18 pm reply quote 0

Steam is coming out of my ears.

The Paranoia:
42 zombie 11/28/08 11:24:40 pm reply quote 5

Also, I happened to walk by a mosque today in San Francisco just as it was letting out after Friday prayers. You never saw so many smiles and elated people in your life. They weren't exactly high-fiving each other on the sidewalk, but close; everybody had a big grin and they looked like they were on top of the world.

I can just imagine what the imam said in the sermon.

That only exacerbated my bad mood.

The understanding of another

288 Crusty 11/29/08 4:41:40 am reply quote 0

re: #2 zombie

I'm just so angry about this Mumbai terror attack that I am beyond words.

It's like 9/11 all over again, emotion-wise.

Humanity is supposed to learn from history to keep it from repeating it. But when I see people all over the world who, in the War of Terror, spend all their energy opposing and protesting the US & her allies and not saying one bad word about the terrorists, I know that humanity hasn't learned a damned thing from history.

We are therefore doomed to repeat it.

WWII begat the Gulf Wars, 9/11 begat Mumbai, Madrid, London and, under 4 years of Mr. Radical Chic from Hyde Park, who knows how many other cities.

So, anyone else think Chen threw him over the edge?

Update: And here it is, the spreading to other lizards of one's murderous intent:

38 Paul 11/29/08 6:45:01 pm reply quote 12

This is no surprise, no extra horror. They've never spared women and children. In their demented minds, I'm sure the murder of women and children "proves" their commitment to holy war. This time they even invaded hospitals and murdered the sick and helpless.

It's now very simple, we kill them before they kill us.

There you go, head on over with your laptop and let the virtual shootout begin.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


An organization that was recently formed for the purpose of perpetuating second-class citizenship for gay Americans has a Board of Advisors that includes a lady called Amatullah Sharif, whose affiliation is listed as "The Mosque Cares - Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed."

According to what I presume to be an impeccable wingnut news source (and one that has been favorably cited at LGF on at least one occasion):

"The Mosque Cares" is an organization founded by Warith Deen Mohammed, a former leader of the Nation of Islam. "The Mosque Cares" often works together with other Islamist groups in the United States such as the Muslim Alliance in North America [MANA] and the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA, also an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF prosecution].

MANA recently gave W.D. Mohammed "its first 'Lifetime Achievement Award.' The fact is that historically, he led the largest "mass conversion" of Muslims in the United States, when he sheparded his followers from the Nation of Islam doctrine to following the Quran and Sunnah specifically." [see,]

The amir of MANA, is Siraj Wahhaj [see,], a party named by U.S. prosecutor Mary Jo White as an unindicted co conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombings.

This would be a perfect opportunity for Charles Johnson to demonstrate, once and for all, which side he's on in the battle over same-sex marriage. The presence of Ms. Sharif -- not to mention dozens of other religious extremists, most of whom are, presumably, believers in creationism and other icky things -- on the Board of Advisors of a vehemently anti-gay organization gives him a perfect excuse to "come out" in favor of equal rights for all. Of course he'd rather commit seppuku with a rusty butter knife than give us a "hat tip," but if anyone is so inclined, please feel free to bring this to his attention by other means.

If history is any indication, though, Charles will simply ignore the issue and hope it goes away. He's already lost the creationists; can he afford to lose the homophobes too?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dude, where's my self respect?

[ Link: ]

Charles Johnson:

We do have some LGF readers who are creationists, so we would be remiss if we didn’t bring to your attention a chance to win a prize of 100,000 new Turkish lira (about $63,191.14 US at current exchange rates), in a scientific essay contest being held by Turkish creationist Harun Yahya (aka Adnan Oktar): WHY IS THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION INVALID?

Comment #43, theparson:
There are some of us "creationists" who don't appreciate huckstering or subterfuge... or Charles' tone in the above quote.

Comment #48, Charles:
Hey, I'm serious! Here's your chance to win a fair amount of money just for writing something about a subject you believe in! Sheesh. Try to be nice and see what I get.

Comment #50, Walter L. Newton:
Okay, So. It's his blog. Right?

Comment #59, theparson:
Really? You are serious? No "snarkiness" intended? No underlying sarcasm? You're just trying to help?

Comment #78, Charles:
$63,191.14 sounds pretty serious to me. The offer's real as far as I can tell, although I'm not sure how all the international rules work.

So to sum it up, the host behaves likes an arse, puts a blatantly fake innocent act when called out on it, even complains about acting "nice" while geting his boot polished by the tongue of one of his minions, and won't even admit the obvious.

LGF, not a good place for maintaining your self-respect. Kudos to theparson though for standing up for himself.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Commons Sense

Charles has posted a nice video someone else made on his blog. Problem is, in doing so he violated the video's creative commons license, which states clearly that:

"No commercial websites ... are allowed to display this film without the author's permission."

Let's be clear: LGF is a commercial enterprise by virtue of the fact that Charles runs advertising and keeps the revenue for himself.

Ergo, he's breaking the CC license. Naughty Charles.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Simple Question for Simple Minds

Charles asks his readers to vote on what should happen to the Gitmo inmates, and gives them three options:

1) Release them to their home countries
2) Try them in the US criminal justice system
3) House them in a tent city on the White House lawn

As even the dumbest Republicon should know by now, it's not that simple. What should, and likely will, happen is that the inmates will be divided into three groups:

1) Those who will be charged, who will either face some sort off extraterritorial court or be transferred to the US for trial

2) Those who won't be charged and will therefore be released. They will either be a) sent home or b) sent to a third country because they face persecution at home but the US won't have them.

Camping out on the White House lawn is not an option. But you wouldn't expect someone like Charles to get that.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Are you confused by the ever-expanding list of players in the anti-LGF industry? Do you wonder whether we, because of our long and lavishly documented campaign against the saurian horde, are somehow "on the same side" as the new crop of Charles-bashers?

Well, wonder no more. As the saying goes, sometimes you can't tell the players without a scorecard; so here, for your edification and amusement, is a completely scientific, objective chart comparing the political and psychological orientations of various denizens of the webosphere and, for reference, a few organizations and public figures.

Any questions?


Here's one case of photo manipulation that Charles might just ignore:

Row over altered US Army photo

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Charles, Web Awards and Whining

(what left?!?!)
(hat-tip: LGF II) Oh, man is the web's competing narcissist (Baron is certainly in a dead heat, to name just one) whining about this one. Of course, being Charles Johnson, he deigns to remind us that we and others are in fact the whiners. Actually, he's not really talking much about us at all, but still:

Yes, you read that title right. He cannot stop people from 'whining' about being banned by him from his little echo chamber and therefore it's pickin' time. (For the record, I was never banned but emailed Charles to have my account removed in response to the banning at LGF of The Sphinx, also of this blog.)

People banned from LGF for supporting fascists and/or being hostile obsessive jerks whine endlessly about being “censored” (with no sense of irony whatsoever) as the Infidel Blogger Awards nominates me for “Biggest Pro-Censorship Ass-Hat.” Apparently, speaking out against Eurofascists, and not letting the LGF comments pages turn into a racist cesspool makes me as bad as or worse than the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Mohammed Elmasry, in their strange little world of “anti-jihad” make believe.

In Charles-speak, this means he's angry. Now back to regularly scheduled comments:

PISSED 11/18/08 8:34:53 am reply quote 19

Good morning Charles,
Last time I checked, this was YOUR blog... no one else.. you do what you want
if they don't like it start their own or read somewhere else. Easier choices as far as I can tell.

To ANGER a Conservative tell him a lie, To ANGER a liberal tell him the TRUTH.

Ooh! I hope that's the British version of "PISSED" and not just the whiny American one....

Charles 11/18/08 8:43:46 am reply quote 8

re: #22 Ayatollah Ghilmeini

As I have always said, Charles, it is your house and you have right to run it as you see fit.

I guess insolvable internet arguments are inevitable but absent racism, I am not sure I would ever bounce anyone. I am not sure I care if you patch up with Atlas but Spencer, who should now be chagrined at Vlaams true colors has been fighting the right fight. Sometimes a little tough love is better than breaking bridges.

Reaganite come home!

After the way Spencer has behaved (I really didn't expect him to be as malicious as he's been), and with the statements he's made recently, that's extremely unlikely.

Honorary Yooper 11/18/08 8:47:25 am reply quote 7

re: #19 mph

Spencer is the run away winner for the "Best Infidel Blogger"

There you go.

Which means that they havwe given fully into the ideology of the jihadists, that of fascism. These fools think that you can fight fascism with fascism. When one wins though, all one is left with is a variant of fascism, not the freedom we so richly desire. And by allying with these fascists, all they do is give the socialist enablers more ammunition to claim the anti-jihad is a racist endeavor.

Spencer, Dymphna, Bodissey, I'm looking directly at you. You fools. You think that allying with these fascists is the right thing to do? Don't you remember what these folks' ideological ancestors did in Europe? You fools.

Charles, keep on doing the right thing and oppose this craziness. Regardless of what they may think of your work, we lizardoids believe you are on the correct path. Thank you.

That may just be the quote of the YEAR. Way to go Yooper! Other than the "correct path" bit and all.

Killgore Trout 11/18/08 8:53:52 am reply quote 6

re: #48 WrathofG-d

According to the idiots at LGF2, I run Bartertown.

What, Killgore doesn't read this site?

113 Charles 11/18/08 9:01:11 am reply quote 18

Some of those people posting comments over there seem to think it's their way to speak directly to me, and let me know how much they still hate me. What a sad way to live, so totally hung up on one person's opinion of you.

And to sum up:
239 Iron Fist 11/18/08 9:23:31 am reply quote 2

re: #152 Dianna

Hooray for us! Everybody else can go fuck themselves.

The echo is deafening!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Caption Contest!

Pamela, of "Atlas Shrugs" with Bogey-Man promoter "Robert Spencer".

Our entry:

"Is that a kishka in your pocket, or are you just happy to grope me?"

Or, "I believe in missile defense, but some missiles just can't be stopped!"

Friday, November 14, 2008

Charles Johnson explaining fascism

Senior political analyst Charles Johnson has managed to shoot himself in the proverbial foot yet once more. It all started when he underlined his firm refusal to align himself with fascist organizations from Europe, such as Vlaams Belang et al., by posting in which respect they are by definition fascists. [link:]. A stance LGF Watch has applauded him for, only to get a "F*** you" in return from the classy lizard tyrant, by the way [ , comment #299].

Anyhoo, let's look at the points that Chuckles has posted and figure out why this counts as an own goal in some respects..

The correlation between these points, the tactics and positions of the Vlaams Belang, and the rationalizations of the “anti-Islamization” groups who are making alliances with them, is simply stunning.

* a sense of overwhelming crisis beyond the reach of any traditional solutions; [Check]

* the primacy of the group, toward which one has duties superior to every right, whether individual or universal, and the subordination of the individual to it; [Like the lizard's right to agree, and their solemn duty to shove their dissent up their green scaly derrieres..]

* the belief that one’s group is a victim, a sentiment that justifies any action, without legal or moral limits, against its enemies, both internal and external; [Let's see.. Oh, here's one]

* dread of the group’s decline under the corrosive effects of individualistic liberalism, class conflict, and alien influences; [Also the damage of different opinions and intellectual arguments. Evidence found here]

* the need for closer integration of a purer community, by consent if possible [Closely monitored registration times..], or by exclusionary violence if necessary; [.. and bannings galore. Yup.]

* the need for authority by natural chiefs (always male), culminating in a national chieftain who alone is capable of incarnating the group’s historical destiny; [Need I say anything?]

* the superiority of the leader’s instincts over abstract and universal reason; [Uh huh..]

* the beauty of violence and efficacy of will, when they are devoted to the group’s success [Check]

So is Charles Johnson a fascist? Probably not, however sometimes methinks he doesn't notice how his monstrosity of a blog - along with his bootlicking fanbase - is oddly similar to a little pathetic fascist circle.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LGF II: This Time It's Moronic

Are you a Lizardoid?

Sick of your leader constantly peddling dodgy goods via Amazon?

Sick of your leader dismissing pseudo-science like Intelligent Design?

Sick of your leader banning people with gay abandon?

Sick of the anti-Christian bias at LGF?

Sick of Charles not hating brown people enough?

Then visit LGF II!

The all new singing and dancing cesspit of ignorance, bigotry and Obama/Muslim/Democrat/Leftie hatred.

Honestly, the site is beyond parody. Get a load of this.

Didn’t some self hating Jews support Obama? Didn’t Obama appoint a self hating Jew. I will gladly attend Obama’s funeral if someone makes it happen before he takes power. The does not mean I ever supported Obama. I think he will be worse the Hitler and Stalin. Obama will kill all the Jews: He will be worse then Hitler or Stalin
One wonders how the writer of this piece manages the complex, intellectual exercise of breathing in and out without frying his/her brain.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't mention the war

As everyone in Charles Johnson's home state of California knows, last week a slim majority of voters voted Yes on Proposition 8, which imposes a ban on same-sex marriages.

Since then, tens of thousands of protesters have poured into the streets of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and other cities. Some of the protests have been violent; most have resulted in street closures and other unpleasantness.

Usually, when protests of this magnitude occur -- especially when the overwhelming majority of the protesters happen to be liberal Obama-lovers -- Charles and his loyal doppelgänger Zombie are at their keyboards 24/7 breathlessly reporting every single questionably-worded sign and rude chant.

But now -- not a word. From either of them.

Either Charles and Zombie don't think the furore over Proposition 8 is newsworthy, an attitude that is easily dispelled by the quickest glance at the front page of any California newspaper, or they lack the cojones to admit to their rabidly conservative readership donor base that they actually agree with the protesters' contention that religious biases have no place in the state Constitution.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Second Coming

Exactly what I've been waiting for. Charles posted the opening stanza of the W.B. Yeats classic poem The Second Coming for an overnight thread and the results were predictably frightening:

47 spidly 11/07/08 11:28:44 pm reply quote 0

re: #9 Killgore Trout

The Second Coming
2nd verse.....

on that topic
my wife watched the messiah's acceptance speech and the crowd frightened her. They put visions of the "left behind" series in her head.
Yeah, I don't know why she read the books but then I haven't so,

102 wordwarp 11/07/08 11:50:46 pm reply quote 0

Charles -

I've been reading this site daily since probably 12/01 -- and this is the first time you've unleashed the Yeats.

Do you really think it's going to be that bad?

Does having Rahmbo in the White House make it any less likely that the center will not hold?

433 notutopia 11/08/08 3:13:36 am reply quote 0

We will NOT be the falcons prey! Because WE did not unleash Obama.
He is still tethered by his arrogance and fear of public opinion.
Lo, it would not be in his BEST interest to eat the hand that feeds him!
The Prey will become those that disallow the consideration of dissent.
Never, Never, Never, give in or give up!

Oh boy, I've been waiting for the dispensationalist take on this election to show up somewhere in Wingnuttia.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Return of the Daft

Charles is getting all hot and bothered about Obama's alleged plan to bring back "the draft." The draft, you ask? Like enlisting young Americans to go overseas and shoot people?

Ehm, not really. What Obama suggested is that everyone do 100 hours of community service. You know, clean up beaches, help old people across the road, that kind of thing.

Forcing kids to sign up for the military is more of a Republican kind of thing...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Sharmuta Comment of the Week

Wait, is she talking about us? ROFL

Whichever way the wind blows

It must be really confusing for the Lizards. Before the election they're told to believe that the Arab world loves Obama, after the election they're told the Arab world hates Obama.

We can only speculate what kind of disconnect this will cause in a reptilian brain...

Kindle without the Kindness

Reader SD writes:

I was busy reading the comments on lgf as any self respecting person would do after an Obama election victory when I came across this golden nugget of a comment in this post:
Cognito: 11/05/08 9:13:04 pm

Ha, I can't lie, Charles, it's hard for me to read this objectively knowing how the Amazon thing works a little bit. (And knowing that everyone I know who has tried the Kindle has thrown it through the nearest window within a month, and reached for a good old paper book).

But heck, man. If you can make even a few pennies off this, I'm absolutely behind you. I know how bad things are right now. It sucks.

I know you guys have called out mr. johnson's amazon revenue stream and here it becomes plainly obvious, Cognito brings up a very fair point, Johnsons reply 11/05/08 9:14:56 pm: "You know, you really are a creep."

How is he a creep for pointing out that a) Charles profits from advertising Amazon b) The product he's trying to sell for profit has a shoddy reputation at best.

Cognito responds again in his own defense:
"Didn't intend it to be creep at all, and I apologize if it came off that way.

I've got a weird thing about blogs and ads/editorial, etc., but that's mostly because I'm stuck on the old model.

No creepiness intended. But it's late, so who knows."

or more like attempts to suck up to the fuhrer.

Enter sharmuta: "That's really low- even for you."

So apparently this Cognito character has a history of not agreeing with the fuhrer, what a creep he was for pointing out johnson is profiting from the sale of dodgy products!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Shorter LGF response to Obama victory

There! Our informal motto has always been, "we read LGF so you don't have to." Now we don't have to either.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Zombie is missing a braaiiin - Revisited

ChenZhen has found a good one over at LGF while reporting on some hardline Obama derangement syndrome:

"I'm going to pull out the wildest thing out of my arse..

.. wave it in your face and hope YOU WET YOUR UNDERPANTS LIKE I DID!! ABOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!!"

Luckily enough, there was some decency at the loony bin the old ghoul writes at:

Mr. Sandman
It looks like you and Charles from LGF are a good deal panicked and flustered as you see the impending election-day train speeding your way, and no way to avoid it. I looked at some your stuff before, and had a measure of respect for you, as you seemed somewhat intelligent and reasoned, but that respect is now flushed down the toilet (along with the respect I once had for McCain, and along with his honor, as he’s run the most vile, in fact dangerous presidential campaign in American political history). Charles from LGF paradoxically eschews and condemns paranoid, delusional conspiracy theories such as rumors regarding Obama’s birth certificate being forged and what have you. I say paradoxically because now in his panic he has approvingly linked to this garbage article of yours, with its ridiculous insinuations that Obama is the Weather Underground’s Manchurian Candidate. Good grief. How desperate and pathetic.

You know you are desperate and just fabricating a loony conspiracy theory in the last-minute, flailing-arms hope of confusing and raising doubts in some gullible voters. I know this to be the case since you essentially admit to this this tactic in your comments at LGF. For instance,

LGF member DisgustingOratory: “You see the arch symbol a lot in New Age stuff too. I tried to make the connection, but the symbol seems to have come from a respectable marketing firm with not too much input from Obama himself.”

Zombie: “I’m sure that’s probably true. But at this stage of the game, the only thing left that will reach the undecideds are *visuals* — words and facts are probably beyond the capacity of these people.”

DisgustingOratory: “That [Obama’s logo and the Weather Underground logo juxtaposed] gave me chills.”

Zombie: ” *That* is the reaction I’m looking for. Just a gut-level uneasiness. Something to make anyone pause before pulling that lever for Obama. Something non-verbal — something to give you chills.”

So by your own words you are trying to fool the “stupids” into voting for McCain on the basis of irrational fear. You really *are* a Republican! You are inventing propaganda you know to be false, absurd, and slanderous in your desperate last-ditch assault on Obama. You are an admitted liar, and this behavior is truly reprehensible.

Apparently common sense and decency doesn't survive at LGF and all associated blogs, save such comments like Mr. Sandman's..