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Monday, February 26, 2007

Digg Derangement Syndrome

An LGFWatch reader writes:

Check out this thread

Then count the number of posts where Charles has complained about Digg in the last 48 hrs. Digg derangement syndrome at LGF is more like it. He's using Digg to get traffic, and it works, then he complains about how the stories are getting buried (in multiple posts). All the while blaming it on the 'leftist moonbat mob'. It's kinda loony.


Anonymous said...

Actually Mr. Moonbat LGF has plenty of traffic, the recent use of Digg is meant to balance the ridiculously slanted bulk of leftist comments that make it onto Digg. But of course you, like most Moonbats realize that in a fair marketplace of ideas you don't hav a chance and so can only gather your loonies together and stamp out free speech wherever you find it.

Verchiel said...

Charles' digg obsession is an amazing thing to behold. Before, he had to vomit forth every anti-muslim story that the em-ess-em "ignores" in order to feed his persecuted-lone-voice-of-truth complex.

Now he and his minions can sit in their respective basements and, in the midst of their one-handed web surfing, just watch the diggspy screen scroll by get all sweaty talking to themselves about being buried.


Anonymous said...

You're obviously stalking him because you're jealous of his popularity. Don't worry. Someday you'll go through puberty and find something else to occupy your time.

cokane said...

its amazing how many things have a liberal bias. The MSM both print and television. Digg, Wikipedia, academia, black people, etc. It's almost as if the conservatives are outnumbered!

Anonymous said...

The big question is this... If Charles believes that Digg is run by "left-wing fanatics", then why on earth is he even trying to post there in the first place?!

yodaking said...

actually cokane...IT IS pretty much accepted by all parties that media generally slants left...

that's nothing new.

the only conservative media outlets are talk radio, fox news, and certain blogs, local newspapers.

As for DIGG, it is true - comments are being automatically buried...sad but true.

cokane said...

hey starwars geek, I wasn't being sarcastic. Although you have left out the NYPost, the Washington Times, Joe Scaroborough, and well tons of others... but let's not let facts get in on some good ole paranoia.

Maybe, just maybe you guys have a distorted view of what is "left" and "right" politically because you're so far out on the fringe? I think this explains why a good number of conservative bloggers and their commenters sound so paranoid about the people around themselves. You guys really are outnumbered. Sorry but it's best you face this fact sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Watch LGF ... hmmmm ... good idea. They have quite a bit of wisdom over there, don't cha tink?

Go ahead and zap it -- censorship is your friend.

Anonymous said...

It's just hilarious to see how stampy-foot the LGFuckwits get when they encounter websites that don't work like Chucky's Bigot Compound.

Never mind the demand to see who's burying their filth: we all know that's because they want the power to intimidate anyone who dares suggest with their vote that they might be monomaniacs.

Here's the deal-io: if LGF-style 'news' were popular, it would be on every news network and broadcast every evening. Supply and demand, see.

Chucky's worms are spamming the site. Spam sucks. That's that.

Anonymous said...

The myth of the liberal media is one that is slowly unravelling at the seams. Essentially one need look no further then the build up to the Iraq war to see how it failed to do its job.

The problem that Neo-Cons have is that the media takes a harder look at what they do because of their position of power over the pasta 12 years. In order to avoid taking responsibility they attempted to proclaim that it was a liberal media that was out to get them.

After a while though it has become tired rhetoric, that is as common as claiming that 'activist' judges are attempting to change our way of life or to 'stay the course'. A more comprehensive review of the media tends to show that it is equally partisan and tends to flow towards the middle ground rather then to risk the ire of its audience.

If you are honestly interested in actually understanding some of the media and not interested in just spewing right wing talking points, I suggest you take a look beyond and start here:

Anonymous said...

Watch LGF ... hmmmm ... good idea. They have quite a bit of wisdom over there, don't cha tink?

Go ahead and zap it -- censorship is your friend.

Only to the ignorant. Only to the ignorant.

Its funny to see all the negative posts by everyone proclaim that they will get censored because the site has some moderation.

If I recall correctly, the reason for the moderation stemmed from an LGFeeb coming on here and spamming with pornagraphy.

Either way theres not to much wisdom found in CJ's one liners and regurgitation of the news with a hatred slant, what is important is that his various little antics and childish blow ups are shown for people to come to an understanding of just how petty hatred can be.

If there comes a time when perhaps he wants to be taken seriously, perhaps there would be no use for sites like this.

Anonymous said...

This is a typical conspiracy theorist tactic. If you ever read or listen to Jeff Rense or Alex Jones, they always try to convince their audience that some group is trying to silence their message and try to convince their audience that they are being "persecuted" for being against the conspiracy.

Charles and the Lizards, while not in the same group as the aforementioned, are by all means conspiracy theorists. They believe that an amorphous Islamic entity combined with an amorphous "The Left" and an amorphous "MSM" are all plotting together to destroy the world and silence the truth.

Fact is, there is a wide variety of material and ideas that are covered on Digg. Many of the topics the Lizards send in are already covered through a link to a more objective source, such as a news agency (where LGFers get the story from anyway). Charles might have a legitimate arguement if the Digg frontpage were covered in DailyKos or other Lefty blog links, but that is not the case.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this site. If Charles is so deranged you should refute his stories one by one.

Prove he is wrong in his interpretations and that the newspapers from the Islamic world that Charles quotes from are full of crap and the writers don't understand Islamic culture. Use logic and win arguements.

Otherwise this site is just a stalker ducking debate and hurling names. A chimp could do that. You can do better.

Anonymous said...

Use logic and win arguements.

You can't use reason to talk someone out of an idea he didn't come to rationally.

I have no clue why Johnson is so obsessed with Islam. Hell, I was in lower Manhattan on 9/11. I was pissed for awhile then I got over it.

Why some dork from Southern California decided to make it his reason for waking up in the morning is something I'm glad I'll never understand.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of loonies...

Anonymous said...

You can't use reason to talk someone out of an idea he didn't come to rationally.

The purpose isn't to convince Charles that he should change his views, but to convince everyone else that your views are correct and his are wrong.

Arcturus said...

You accuse LGF of censorship but look what you do here?
"Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."
I bet this comment never gets posted.

Anonymous said...

the recent use of Digg is meant to balance the ridiculously slanted bulk of leftist comments that make it onto Digg.

No, that's just what Charles represents it as. In reality, it's about money.

It has been very amusing to read Charles's attempts to explain to his minions how digg works. However, he doesn't seem to understand the notion of collaborative or social news systems himself.