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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Irony alert!

Quoth Charles, in response to this piece in the Grauniad in which he is quoted extensively:

Do you notice anything missing from this limp-wristed [wink, nudge - Ed.] attack? For example, a counter-argument? People like Glaister think it’s sufficient to simply quote statements and point disapprovingly. Why strain his logical faculties? All decent people will automatically agree with him, after all.
This from someone who has turned the argument-free quote-and-point into an art form. And if you want to see "people automatically agreeing" with one another -- while constantly congratulating one another on their "decency", of course -- there's no better example than the LGF comment section.

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lobbey_dosser said...

Do they even get the irony, do you think? Looking at the comments, its pretty clear they don't. I don't think those fuckers will be happy untill there is a anti muslim pogrom of some sort.

The comments on LGF to the piece are as expected, with a bunch of comments on the Guardian jurno's looks. Bit rich considering the 'physique' of the cheif lizard himself?

lobbey_dosser said...

Later, in the comments, 'cookielady' states the following, its comedy gold:

"It's very amusing to me even as a newbie that journalists of the left and their sycophantic readers would level charges of Nazi tendencies, racism, religious bigotry, and intolerance at the participants of LGF... in the short time I have been honored to be here, I have read and participated in coherent, logical discussions with people from different backgrounds, ethnic ancestry, and religious persuasion. For the most part, these discussions, even when heated over some debated point, were fairly polite and showed respect for the ideas and opinions of others, and have never ONCE degenerated into racial or religious vitriol toward the other person. You want multi-culti? It's right here, and we all just get along very well, it seems. It is the most tolerant of groups, genuinely interested in the varied backgrounds of participants and the ideas springing therefrom. Most everyone here is open-minded in that they invite debate, even when they passionately espouse their own views.

This is one of the most tolerant, multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural and diverse places on the net, all in the best sense of those words.

The one common thread that holds all of these diverse people together is their complete and thorough understanding of an evil and deadly ideology that calls itself a religion. Shouting Allah'u'Akbar while killing is no different than shouting Heil Hitler while killing.

The Nazi tendencies are on the other side. Sorry to burst your bubble, you leftist fools."

I'll have whatever your drinking, girl!

Anonymous said...

hahaha nice find lobbey_dosser, that truly is comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

Why do the people at lgf attack on the muslim always?

they should know as i do and you i know that ISLAM means PEACE in the beuatiful language of arabic which no one real america speaks.

the christian are the killers of ALL TIME. the zionists are the killers in palestine TODAY. NOW.

PEACE to you thank you.

db said...

You may find my recent post on LGF amusing:

yodaking said...

At first glance, this post accusing Charles seems to have merit...until I read the whole thing (Both the Guardian article, and what Charle's posts)

There is one glaring error.

Charles is NOT saying one cannot post a counter-opinion using just quotes (as you correctly identified he often does)

Charles' point was the criticism levied at LGF and Charles DID NOT address any of the points Charles has made.

If you read the Guardian op-ed, it simply derided LGF as a racist site, but did not address any of the assertions.

A rational debate or counter argument to a viewpoint/post needs to at the first first level address the points that the original argument makes.

in this case, that this shooter was a Muslim, that he as recently as December was attending a Mosque that already had a previous memeber defect from America, that the shooter's own father stated he feels some outside force influenced his son.

Hurling insults and blanket racist labels is the easy thing to do....intellectually addressing points is a lot harder, and something this Guardian article did not do.

V said...

"Hurling insults and blanket racist labels is the easy thing to do"

Replace the word "racist" with the word "liberal" (or "Muslim" or "leftist" or "Democrat" [sic] or "European") in the above quote, and we have yet another 100% accurate synopsis of Charles' MO.

Well done!

yodaking said...

...right, and there is a post on LGF that has no other content other then to hurl insults.

If the post points out a issue and then garnishes it with supporting disparaging remarks, that makes a whole lot more sense then just insults by themselves with no supporting issue.

Anonymous said...

I think the real irony here is "v"'s reply to yodaking's comment. (yodaking: It's harder to intellectually make a point than to make accusations. V: LGF throws blanket liberal labels around!! [No attempt at addressing yodaking's point made. And throwing blanket liberal labels around? Since when is that a sin when the liberals embrace the title?]) As far as irony on the blog as a whole, today's pick is the entry right above this one: "Free Kareem."
A comment from that entry (again from yodaking; kudos to you) :
"you do know that this guy is in jail because he criticizes the "Religion of Peace"

Don't you find it ironic that you celebrate a guy that basically does the same thing as Charles?"