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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Will Jews be LGF's new enemy #1?

While Charles Johnson harps on and on about "truthers" (a term he never really defines), there are two recent news items (dare we call them inconvenient truths?) he has chosen to ignore:

Among Religious Groups, Jewish Americans Most Strongly Oppose War

Poll: 75 precent of Israelis want to join EU

To be sure, CJ always has a stock answer to polls like this, namely that they have been manipulated by Leftists/George Soros/Kos Kidz/etc. But we'd like a more differentiated discussion: What do these polls tell us, if anything?


Anonymous said...

No E.U. for Israel. And no NATO either, before they ask.

eff said...

I'm a jewish democrat -- and an LGF reader.

I dont think the war in iraq is such a great idea (although I supported it on the grounds of wmd), but LGF has information about acts of islamic terror and intolerance that you wont find on tv -- even fox news. It's important information, even if you don't like the source.

Anonymous said...

> What do these polls tell us, if anything?

They tell us that the majority Jews by and large want peace at any cost.

Jack Lacton said...

What an ironic site.

Anti-Semitism is rife on the left, has been for years. It's axiomatic that there's more racism from the left than the right. The right believes that Iraqis can succeed if we help them. The left believes it's not possible because of their culture - an amazingly racist position.

Steven said...

Jack Lacton:

I agree. Anti-semitism (ie. prejudice against semitic people) has been rife for years. Look how Hollywood portrays Arabs. Look how the AIPAC funded idiots in congress suck up to Olmert, Sharon, Netanyahu, (name your Israeli politician). Look how so few pro-Arab commentators appear on American television.

It's definitely a problem.

Anonymous said...

It's axiomatic that there's more racism from the left than the right.

That's just too funny. Can I rephrase:

1. It is evident without any proof required
2. that the group of people with X political views
3. practises more unfounded discrimination
4. against a group of people with certain characteristics
5. than is practised by the group of people with Y political views.

immigrant said...

'Leftists/George Soros/'' ??
This is mad. How in the hell a billionaire can be a 'leftist'?
This blog is much more stupid than LGF. You got pot-kettle-black syndrom.