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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Charles Johnson Style Guide

Charles has been driven into a self-righteous frenzy (again) at the failure of the MSM to identify Muslims as "Muslims" even before all the facts are in.

Well, OK then. Let's see what one current news item would look like if the media chucked out their AP Style Guides and replaced them with the LGF version:

Immigrant murdered in Tennessee

Ramses Iskander, a Muslim, was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Metro Police said he was helping out a friend when he was shot and killed in Nashville.

"It was very depressing. I was very sad and I started realizing life is so short that we never know when it's the end coming," Iskander's presumably non-Muslim co-worker Armando Rodriguez said.

Iskandar, 66, was a Muslim immigrant from Egypt, which receives $2 billion in U.S. foreign aid per year.

He was shot in the parking lot of the Wynstone Apartments on Millwood Drive Feb. 8. At 11:30 p.m. friends said he had just finished giving another co-worker, religion unknown, a ride home.

"He's a Muslim of Egyptian descent, so we don't know if he really understood what they were saying. He began yelling and shots were fired, and it turned out he was shot multiple times," Brad Putnam, probably a Christian, with the Metro Police Department said.
But this still lacks that certain Johnsonian je ne sais quoi.

If Charles Johnson were ever to feature this story on his blog, which of course he never will, the LGF Style Guide™ would require him to add a heavy sprinkling of lurid adjectives and irrelevant clauses and "scare quotes," all cunningly conceived to foster the impression that all Muslims are very, very bad people.

Something like this:
RoP Struck in Tennessee; Victim's Immigrant "Friend" Whines, Seethes
A Muslim immigrant in Tennessee is sitting in front of a big pile of rotten raisins tonight, after he was allegedly "murdered" while giving a "friend" -- probably a meteorite-worshiping, wife-beating, Jew-hating jihadi -- a ride in his car:
He began yelling and shots were fired, and it turned out he was shot multiple times," Brad Putnam with the Metro Police Department said.
Any guesses what this obviously deranged jihad wannabe was yelling?
And as long as we're going to treat the unveiling of every individual's private religious convictions as a matter of national security: what exactly is Charles' religion, anyway? Now that he's being quoted in publications far and wide, the world has a right to know!


bob said...

heh so true.

Anonymous said...

God that was funny.

P.S. Are you View From Ireland?

cokane said...

hahaha well done. sad story though

V said...

I'm not sure who, or what, "View from Ireland" is, though I'm sure it's tremendous.

I'm not it, or him/her. Thanks for the nice compliment though.

Anonymous said...

VFI was a 'troll' on LGF who actually attempted to engage the mob in debate prior to Charles imposing registrating to stop the 'trolls'. I believe this very blog once put a call out for her to contact them/participate.

adultmalebluegrouse said...


5 years of LGF in a nutshell.

yodaking said...

I agree that would be the style if LGF was a site devoted to exposing Christian terrorism. But it is a site devoted to exposing Islamic terrorism.

the irony is, even if LGF was a site exposing Christian terrorism, this story would still not qualify since the Egyptian was not killed because he was Muslim or for "Jesus" - he was killed because he interuppted a robbery in progress.

Yes, LGF is about Militant Islmaic terrorism. Something that is a huge problem, and every poll shows that a large minority of Muslims support. It seems to me, a lot of people refuse to acknowledge that there *is* a problem within the Muslim community at large, and the tendency for Muslims to revert to terrorism to achieve their political goals. (and a large minority that supports this viewpoint)

V said...

"it is a site devoted to exposing Islamic terrorism"

So what does mocking Al Gore -- while ritually invoking an old South Park episode -- have to do with exposing Islamic terrorism?

What does mocking the Daily Kos for criticizing the decision of the Democratic Party to have a Presidential forum aired on FoxNews have to do with exposing Islamic terrorism?

What does bashing the L.A. Times for doing something that Scooter Libby also did have to do with exposing Islamic terrorism?

I'm sure we'd all like to know.

cokane said...

I would love to see a link to these polls so you could qualify your statements more precisely than "a large minority".

Your other points about "Islamic Terrorism" are unfounded. Every time a muslim commits a crime, or even does something like refusing service to alcohol drinkers, LGF and Johnson become outraged. Every negative act a Muslim commits becomes a reason to condemn the whole group of them. This is then used to justify turning the world into a giant RISK game for the people's of LGF who think invading or bombing Iraq, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, etc is just fine. This raging hatred blocks all the "cost" aspect of any rational cost-benefit analysis when making decisions on US foreign policy. This hatred is blinding.

yodaking said...

uh...because I said before, LGF is also a conservative news site?

a person that steals a car (or some other crime) doesn't really fall on any side of the political spectrum.

Focus on confronting Islamic Terrorism (or a harsh reaction to it) tends to come from right, the left is too busy with ignoring it.

V said...

"LGF is also a conservative news site"

Just don't tell Charles. He hates being labeled as a "conservative."

yodaking said...

Just don't tell Charles. He hates being labeled as a "conservative."

That's new to me...but you may be entirely right... do have a link? I want to see the context he makes that statement.


Anonymous said...

So a man gets killed in Nashville by robbers. ???

He just happened to be a Muslim?

What's the point here? It counters the Muslim cab driver that ran over 2 Ohio college kids because they were Jewish in Nashville???

Anonymous said...

so you make a religious issue out of someone that was killed by people that were attempting to commit an armed robbery? and then it becomes necessary to guess at the religion of the cop that is reporting the events? that makes sense