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Friday, February 09, 2007

Hate vs Love

A few weeks ago Charles posted a cruel, mocking comment about the death of 10-year old Abir Aramin. At the time he claimed the reported circumstances of her killing were "Another Palestinian Big Lie" (

Today Abir's father has an article in the Jewish magazine Forward. It's heart-wrenching, and hope-giving at the same time.

If only we listened more to the Bassams of this world, not the hate-filled Charles Johnsons...


ken said...

LGF have a open thread for 'Barack Obama announced today that he’s campaigning to be the first black anti-war progressive president...'.

Two comments in, we have someone post this:

'He'll won't be the first black dude to get his butt beat!'

It's nice to know that racism is alive and well. I think I've just been 'mugged by reality'.

yodaking said...

If your thesis is that there are racists at LGF - that is true.

The same way that there are racists at Daily Kos posting comments.

People posting comments will inevitably lead to idiots, trolls, etc.

They key is if Charles makes these remarks himself or supports them. After all there is this inconvenient thing called the First Amendment....