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Sunday, February 11, 2007

LGF closet racism watch

Barak Obama announced his intention to run for the presidency in 2008. How do the lizards react?

#2 freakagriep 2/10/2007 04:05PM PST

He'll won't be the first black dude to get his butt beat!

#12 mama winger 2/10/2007 04:10PM PST

Barak Obama is the Anti-Christ.

You heard it here first.

#47 mac 2/10/2007 04:22PM PST

obama,...sounds like osama

#124 Dayenu 2/10/2007 04:47PM PST

Wait a sec...

Is or was Barack a Muslim?

Just what we need. A Muslim president. Then we're all dead, dead, dead.

Expect lots more of this over the next 18 months...


yodaking said...

It doesn't suprise me that their are racist comments on LGF, the same way it wouldn't suprise me that their are racist comments on any political public comment board accross the spectrum. (heck there is an idiot that said Ronald Reagon was a white supremist on this very website)

Yes - racists post on comment boards. What a revelation!

Anonymous said...

You're hallucinating. OK, the first quote, maybe. It says 'black'. Good catch.
The rest have nothing to do with racism. Nothing.
You are presenting your own connotations... which is fine.
But, you really ought to explain how you got there.

Anonymous said...


Are those quotes racist? I think ya'll need to take a step back on this one...

1st quote- political
2nd quote- political
3rd quote- mocking Ted Kennedy
4th quote- Islam is a 'race'? Last time I checked it was a religion.

X said...

Dear Anonymous, take some time to get acquainted with LGF. Read through the longer posts. Take a step back and compare LGF with what a normal person might have to say on these topics. And if that doesn't turn on the light for you, take a look here

and here

and here

and here

and here

and here

and here

and...well, if you've come this far and you're still not convinced, forget it.

yodaking said...

X, if your point is that there are racists on lgf - I think only the intellectually dishonest would disagree with you.

I completely conceed there are racists on LGF, the same way there are racists on Daily Kos.

Identifying racists on any board is not a grand acheivement - all you need to do is have gone on he now defunct yahoo news message boards.

The main thesis of this site is that Charles 'himself' and the site 'itself' is racist.

Remember don't confuse race with religion. I would acknowledge the site is anti-Islam due to the propensity of this religion to be warped into suicidal attacks waged purposely on innocent victims.

Of course every religion has it wackos, but to deny that Islam in the current state has the lion share of this disturbing reality is also intellectually dishonest.

If Charles himself calls on Arabs to be exterminated then, all you would have a point. Finger pointing at comments doesn't prove anything about Charles himself.

yodaking said...

X, As I said numerous times before, if your thesis is that there are racists at LGF - that is true.

The same way that there are racists at Daily Kos posting comments.

People posting comments will inevitably lead to idiots, trolls, etc.

They key is if Charles makes these remarks himself or supports them. After all there is this inconvenient thing called the First Amendment....

cokane said...

yodaking, your sophistry in these threads is appalling and making me impatient with replying to you. Only going to try a few more times...

"After all there is this inconvenient thing called the First Amendment"

Not surprising that an LGFer would call it "inconveninent" -- why I could link to numerous lgf posts calling journalists treasonous, demanding their arrest, silence, and often execution.

Anyways, I assume you were being sarcastic. You were saying "Charles should allow racist comments because they are protected by the first amendment"

Uh no. Charles isn't the government. He can bleep whatever he wants without worrying about that amendment.

Secondly, please link me to some "racist" comments a DKos. I'd love to see them. Keep in mind the level of racism too, don't make false equivocations. I.e. commenters at lgf regularly call for widespread internment, castration, denial of civil rights, and executions for arabs and other muslims.

yodaking said...

Not surprising that an LGFer would call it "inconveninent" --

I see the sarcasm has been lost on you...

Uh no. Charles isn't the government. He can bleep whatever he wants without worrying about that amendment.

You telling me Charles should monitor the over 1000s of comments posted on his site a day? He does have filters for certain words, but what you are calling for is hiring a staff to screen comments.

I've said already comments are comments - I've also said there are racists on LGF, but to say Charles is a racist or that his posts are racist is false. I can prove it easily....Simply post one story that he attacks the color of a person versus what *that* person has done or believes.

As for daily kos

"redneck" gets used multiple times
see it here:

Here is somebody calling a person a "beaner"

As I said before, you can find a whole host of idiot racist everywhere on the political spectrum - it is neither an accomplishment nor does it prove anything about the original post.