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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The racism of Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson has a habit of focusing on murder stories coming from the other side of the globe, but only if the alleged perpetrators are Muslims.

So it came as no surprise that when the virulently Arabophobic Brussels Journal posted a story about the killing of a young Belgian at the hands of 'North African' youths (code for Moroccans or Algerians), Charles Johnson picked it up with gusto.

The thing is, although some news reports mentioned the 'North African' link, and although the Muslim community was prominently mentioned as having condemned the killing, Charles Johnson went a step further - he came right out and blamed Muslims for killing 17 year old Joe Van Holsbeeck:

There were huge demonstrations tonight in Belgium, for a teenager stabbed to death by Muslim immigrants
Of course, you might say Charles Johnson was justified in blaming Muslims. But stop and think for a moment about the circumstances of this story: Even allowing for the fact that Johnson is such a pathetic blogger that he'll take every MSM report at face value (if it suits his agenda) and add a little bit of his own inimicable spice to it, ask yourself whether he would have posted this story if it had been clear from the start - as it now appears - that the culprits were of Polish origin. This fact, not his error in overplaying the story, is what makes Charles Johnson and his merry band of little green footballs such a sick - and dangerous - entity: his willingness to pluck a human tragedy out of context, from a country he has probably never been to, whose newspapers he doesn't read and probably can't understand, whose people most likely despise everything he stands for... all to suit his racist agenda.

It doesn't matter that he misread the news reports. What matters is why (because his is a world in which Muslims/Arabs are to blame for everything), and what effect it has on others. You need to look no further than his own comments section to see where Charles Johnson's racist demagogery leads:

14 Poimanester 4/23/2006 09:05PM PDT

A rope and a light pole. That's all that's needed. Well, maybe a splash of hog's blood for drama.


Robert McClelland said...

Your link to the racist's comment is broken. But what I wanted to know is, did the freak post that picture in its comment on Little Green Madrassah or did you add it for effect?

David Heidelberg said...

If Johnson ran an identical site, but instead of highlighting crimes committed by Muslims, the focus was on Jews, what do you think the reaction would be?

The point has been made - By Clinton, I think - That Islamaphobia has become the new anti-Semitism, and I agree with that assessment.

A.Q. said...

Boycott racism, and its incarnation as Pajamas Media.

MJ said...

Is Pajamas Media still going? Is it worth boycotting?

PS The Brussels Journal piece was a perfect example of Muslim bashing, even though in the first paragraph they admit that neither attacker was Muslim/Arab/North African...the rest of the piece goes on to blame that community.

No wonder Chuckles the racist loves that site so much!

Shan said...

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Advertising on LGF is like advertising on the Stormfront site; we should make these companies aware of that fact.

amenaidy said...

This reminds me of the Armanious family slaying in New Jersey a year or two back. The Armanious were Egyptian Coptic Christian immigrants in the U.S. who engaged in heated debates on Islamic websites.

The family of four were found murdered and their throats slashed. The Islamic connection was made very prominent by LGF, Jihadwatch and other anti-Islamic sites, even excerpting Islamic religious scripture as the motive in the slayings:

Some time later, 2 white (Christian) neighbors of the Armanious were arrested and charged with the murders:

Richard said...

LGF Watch posts the link to Johnsons' post. But the link to the specific lynching comment is here.