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Friday, April 28, 2006

How to be a complete asshole without really trying (Part One)

Chuckles the Clown doesn't like Juan Cole. Big deal. It's quite obvious he doesn't. After all Juan is an expert on the Middle East with years of experience, travelling and languages. Chuckles is a immature hack of the highest order. Full stop.

The proof of this is very evident in this post were he encourages his moronic little attack drones to leave messages on Juan Coles petition to apply the same 'Freedom of Speech' principles to Walt-Mearsheimer that Johnson wanted for the Mohammed cartoons.

Here’s where you can read the signatures, and even leave a note of your own to show how much you appreciate Professor Cole’s efforts: Freedom of Speech on the Israel Lobby - Signatures.

Oops! Looks like only certified college professors are invited to leave signatures. My bad. Please don’t post any signatures there, unless you’re a genuine, fully peer-reviewed college professor.

UPDATE at 4/27/06 7:19:45 pm:

The LGF stalkers are going nuts over there. Probably not certified college professors. But you never know.
How old is this man again? This is childish nonsense. Hypocritical nonsense at that. Remember, this is the man (with the aid of others) that promised Pajamas Media would be the 'new Media' and the death of 'old Media'. I reckon the MSM are sleeping easy, don't you?

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