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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Blogging from the frontline

Charlie J recommends a blog called Hollwood Interupted to his readers with the simple statement: "Western Journalists Aiding the Global Jihad". CJ doesn't bother to put a question mark at the end, or put the sentence in quotes. No, he presents it as a straightforward fact, and his source for this 'fact' is a former Hollywood agent turned blogger (you know, one of those people who live in the 'real' world, like Roger 'the Hat' Simon).

You have to grant Pat Dollard, the man behind Hollwood Interupted, two things:

a) He has the guts to go over to Iraq and see for himself what's going on (unlike Chickenhawk Johnson) and

b) He doesn't gloss over the fact that Iraq is a big fucking mess, three years since the invasion (unlike Head-in-the-sand Johnson, who thinks it's all going just fine over there)

Where Dollard fails is in his analysis. To him, it's all the media's fault. Because the media doesn't get 'on message' and parrot what the Pentagon tells them, because some people in the media are critical of Bush's War (tm), and because some of them question the premise behind whole war on terror enterprise and don't fancy putting their lives on the line for someone else's mistakes (if you wanted to do that, you'd have joined the National Guard), they're effectively aiding the enemy, according to Dollard.

This black-and-white, good-vs-evil, Democrat-or-Republican partitioning of the world doesn't help win the war, it doesn't provide us with any insights, and it won't make America great again. All it does is show that Chuckie, Pat and Co are prepared to blame anyone, ANYONE, for the fall of America from the world's most powerful and respected nation to a cesspit of corruption and incomptence, but the man in charge. Thanks for that insight buddy, but we're not convinced, Ramadi holiday or not.

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