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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Anybody surprised?

Do you remember the right wing of the blogosphere going nuts over soon to be released documents linking Saddam to terror? Do you remember their shrill cries of 'we told you so'? Do you?

Well it seems the documents, like the case for war in the first place are a load of bunk.

The first surprising thing we find in the documents, which are available here through the U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Office’s Joint Reserve Intelligence Center, is that they are not necessarily from, or even about, Iraq…

Whether intentional or not, the conflation and confusion of materials has been more than sufficient to convince bloggers on the political right that there were, as Bush officials insisted, operational links between Saddam’s Iraq and al-Qaida.
Anybody surprised? We're not.


Agent Change said...

Hey guys, I know this is the wrong thread, but I was unsure how to contact you. Thought you might ilke this item I spied on Simon's site (and subsequently wrote about) a few weeks back:

moonbat monitor said...

like I've been saying, free Saddam and place him back into power. He was a wonderful and compassionate leader, a true man of the people. Evil Bushitler deposed him all for oil and in the process has killed over 3 million innocent Iraqis and freedom fighters.

shame on you, Bushitlerchimpymchaliburtonnazibuttwipe.

X said...

You're an idiot moonbat monitor. while the method used to depose Saddam was foolish and the subsequent rebuilding of Iraq has been comprehensively botched, you'll find few people anywhere (and nobody here) suggesting Saddam be put back in power.

In fact, the only people wishing for Saddam's return right now are the right-wing policy wonks in Washington. Maybe not Saddam himself (how would they explain THAT to the american people) but Saddam Mark II, a 'strong leader' (read despot) who sells the US Iraqi oil and buys lots of American military equipment in return to form a nice little bulwark against Iran.