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Monday, April 24, 2006

Whatever happened to Afghanistan?

If you're one of those wingnuts who get their world news solely from, then you might be forgiven for thinking that Afghanistan is a peaceful, thriving democracy with a little apostasy problem.

Over the last month, Charles Johnson's coverage of events in Afghanistan has been patchy, to say the least. He mentioned the Abdul Rahman case a few times, because it neatly encapsulates the barbarity of Muslim apostasy laws, and he mentioned the ex-Taliban who now studies at Yale (how ironic) as an example of America pandering to extremists.

He mentions the happy memories two Afghan boys have of their time in the Cuban Gulag, oh, and Charlie J even finds it in himself to refer - ONCE - to the fact that there is a guerilla war going on in Afghanistan, five years since the invasion.

Luckily for his readers, it's a hero story about Canadian troops securing Helmand province. No mention of casualties, Canadian or American. Or that remnants of the US-created warlords armies are regrouping to attack foreign troops. Or that around half of the Afghan economy is based on opium growing, the end product of which kills infidels from Los Angeles to Melbourne (a large chunk of the other half is foreign aid). Or that Osama bin Laden is still alive, merrily broadcasting his anti-western propaganda to the delight of violent young radicals.

No, Charles Johnson has moved on. For every mention of Afghanistan, there are now three mentions of Iran on LGF. Never mind a job botched in one country (and we haven't even mentioned Iraq!). Let's focus on the next target...

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