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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Prison? It's a holiday camp!

The level of disconnect in Charles Johnson's brain is astounding sometimes. Take a look at the latest propaganda piece he's posted on his little green blog today: 'Brutal Torture Camp Turns Afghan Boys Pro-America' (

OK, so plucking a bunch of dirt-poor Afghani boys out of a warzone, giving them regular meals and even letting them snorkel a bit has made them quite fond of the old US of A, and now they're nostalgic for their time in Gitmo. It's plausible.

Presumably once the grunts dropped the boys off on America-sur-Caribbean someone realised these were kids and decided to treat them appropriately. Does this mean there's no torture going on at Guantanamo? Does this mean it's right to deprive people of their freedom for months - even years - on transparently flimsy grounds? Only in Charlieworld does it make any sense to present this as some sort of heart-warming story about the virtues of America without asking: why were these kids in a prison camp in the first place? If you wanted to treat them to the delights the USofA has to offer, why not send them to Disneyland or, even better, give their families Green Cards!

But no, CJ's can't see that far. Neither does he see how ludicrous it is of him and his minions to lambast every ex-hostage who makes it out of Iraq alive and dares to say they were treated well, while at the same time presenting this piece-of-crap justification for installing extra-judicial prison camps on foreign soil.

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adultmalebluegrouse said...

They're happy!?

They should be fucking ECSTATIC. Those foreign brown kids are so ungrateful sometimes.

There are kids here in the West who only DREAM about being flown blindfolded to the other side of the world on an adventure holiday by foreign speaking soldiers. It's like playing spy kids or something only with real bullets. and handcuffs. And sometimes you die.

We know they really mean it when they say 'thanks America' - It's not like they'll be looking over their shoulder for the rest of their worthless lives in their broken-ass country wondering if theyll ever be dragged off by marines for another extended swimming holiday at gunpoint.