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Sunday, April 09, 2006

More fables of the reconstruction

"The 'good news' never gets reported" cry the chickenhawks and warmongers. Well, perhaps if there was some it would help. The reconstruction of Iraq is supposedly the 'noble cause'. So why the hell is it grinding to a halt at the cost of American and coalition lives? The answer.....we're turning Iraq into one bloody big prison.

In their makeshift offices in a former Baghdad palace, a small army of American builders and engineers, oilmen and budgeteers is working overtime on last-minute projects to help reconstruct Iraq.

Their time is running short, their money running out.

After three years in which the U.S. government allocated more than $20 billion for Iraq reconstruction, a bill now making its way through Congress adds only $1.6 billion this year, just $100 million of it for construction - not for building schools or power stations, but for prisons.


The ambitions of 2003, when President Bush spoke of making Iraq's infrastructure "the best in the region," have given way to the shortfalls of 2006, in electricity and water supply, sanitation, health facilities and oil production. A University of Maryland poll in January found strong majorities of Iraqis hopeful about their country's future in general, but only one in five thought the Americans had done a good job on reconstruction.

Even after billions were spent on power plants and substations, electricity generation still hasn't regained the level it had before the U.S. invasion of 2003. When Fallon's experts keep the lights burning late, they're relying on emergency U.S. generators in their "Green Zone" enclave, since the rest of Baghdad gets power only a few hours a day.

Barely one-third of the water-treatment projects the Americans planned will be completed. Only 32 percent of the Iraqi population has access to clean drinking water now, compared with 50 percent before the war, according to the U.S. special inspector-general for Iraq reconstruction.

About 19 percent of Iraqis today have working sewer connections, compared with 24 percent before 2003.

Of more than 150 planned health clinics, only 15 have been completed, under a contract ending this month.

Oil production, meanwhile, has stagnated, averaging 2.05 million barrels a day in mid-March, short of the 2.5 million-a-day U.S. goal, and far short of Iraq's production peak of 3.7 million in the 1970s. Fewer than one-quarter of the rehabilitation projects for the oil industry have been completed.
Taken from the AP Wire


moonbat monitor said...

we need Saddam back. he was a truly great and compassionate leader.

allahu akbar.

MJ said...

Boy, you sure like your strawmen eh?

How about addressing the post? How about you explain to us how despite promising the reconstruction and democratization of Iraq, the Bush regime and its allies has failed even the most basic needs of the Iraqi people?

moonbat monitor said...

like i said, we need saddam back

all praise to allah.

MJ said...

So, you haven't got an answer.

So, you're admitting by posting moronic meaningless pap that the 'noble cause' of rebuilding Iraq and democratizing the region is failing miserably?

It's not a case here of being pro-Saddam (nobody in their right mind is). The case is that the USA and her allies went to war on disputed evidence, promised all kinds of things and is failing to live up to even the most basic needs of the Iraqi people. What a way to win hearts and minds. What does it say about the 'noble cause' if it is delivering worse water, electricity, health care, education etc etc than a blood thirsty dictator like Saddam?

David Heidelberg said...

That's all that wingnuts have, MJ. In the absence of all reason, all that they can come up with is the old "if you opposed the war you must love Saddam" chestnut. Fools.

moonbat monitor said...

it says "we need saddam back."

he was a good guy and a wonderful leader. America sucks and they are evil infidels. USA is at the heart of everything bad in the world. Capitalist pigs.

allahu akbar

MJ said...

No you cretin it doesn't. It says that despite promising much, post invasion policy (hey we don't even have to point out the holes in pre-invasion policy) was flawed. Flawed to the extent that it has been to the detriment of the Iraqi populace. Flawed to the extent that people are seeing more and more shortfalls in basic needs like water and electricity. Saddam was a brutal bloody dictator, and no-one in their right mind would support him (unless we're talking the US in 80's) just have to stand back and admit that Iraq is a fuckup. A monumental Vietnam sized fuckup.

If you deny that you only prove two things, a) Your so blindly pro-Bush that if the man sold his soul to Satan you'd vote for him and b) You don't give a damn about Iraqis

moonbat monitor said...


I'm not pro-bush. I'm pro-Saddam. Before the illegal, immoral war, The rivers runneth with chocolate and the rain was made of gumdrops, bringing smiles to all in Iraq.

then this evil empire known as the USA shows up and everything is ruined.

Sheesh. wake up, infidel.

MJ said...

Do you know what MM? You're a retard by LGF standards. You're so quick to build strawmen, yet too intellectually sub-normal to continue the argument beyond them.

You must be hoot at parties.

moonbat monitor said...

no, I'm just a liberal that thinks this was an illegal, immoral war and that Iraq needs a man like Saddam to run the show.

He was a great leader and they should put all his statues back up and change the name of the country to Husseinistan.

MJ said...

Wow, out comes that strawman again. You and him must be on 'personal' terms you whip him out so often!

Do you realise pig ignorant and stupid you're making yourself? I mean how can you justify spending your time being this idiotic? Do you think you're doing LGF any favours by playing up to the inbred moronic redneck stereotype?

adultmalebluegrouse said...

"Before the illegal, immoral war, The rivers runneth with chocolate and the rain was made of gumdrops, bringing smiles to all in Iraq."

Yeah. and people didn't get blown up as often as they used to in the new shining jewel of democratic-domino-effect-neocon Middle-East utopia.

When Iraqis in the street look back to the Sadman Insane years with fondness and envy, it means somebody really, really, really, REALLY fucked up over there.

moonbat monitor said...

mj, i just think iraq was better under saddam.

don't you?

moonbat monitor said...

we need saddam back! NOW!

bring back the great leader of Iraq! His compassion for his people was second to none!

phleabo said...

moonbat's just an anti-semitie. Ignore him.

moonbat monitor said...

im simply stating what everyone here agrees with - saddam was a great leader and iraq was better off under him.

lay off, meanies. sheesh.

MJ said...

No, you're building a strawman. And making yourself look like a complete moron to boot.

PS the whole point of building a strawman is to create a different argument so that you can win. I've rarely seen someone who built a strawman lose and admit defeat. You really are special.

moonbat monitor said...

who's the bigger moron....the original moron or those that choose to be baited into 17 comments for the original moron's amusement?

think about it.

and just for the record, I do think most people at this site would rather have saddam in power, regardless of what the topic of this post was.

MJ said...

The moron who's still making himself look stupid by not being clever enough to create a strawman argument that he can actually win or even understand properly. That takes some doing.

"and just for the record, I do think most people at this site would rather have saddam in power, regardless of what the topic of this post was."

Proof, if any was needed you're a fucking cretin.

George Carty said...

Was "Better Saddam than Shari'ah!" the reason why France was against the Iraq war? After all, they supported the military coup against the freely elected FIS government in Algeria, for much the same reason...