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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'I just love the interwebbyblogosphere'

Mike Power takes a pot shot at Pajamas Media and makes some cutting and funny remarks about one of their 'contributors'.

I pop over to the Nightgown Media Empire now and then just to remind myself how to spunk three and a half million bucks, should I ever be on the receiving end of such largesse. It's still a pile of shite. Some people just don't know how to spend money do they? Looking around for something to read I came across this "essay" on anti-Americanism by a tennis-pro/freelance writer (I love these multi-taskers, welder/self-employed sci-fi editor, Wal-Mart shelf packer/ poet ...) called Kathy Krajco.


Boy I just love the interwebbyblogosphere. How did we manage before? What did we do with ourselves. Oh, I remember. We socialised, had sex, read good books, listened to music... Now we waste our time reading middle-aged tennis players dribbling on about the demented twitterings of a follower of the Left Hand Path, or WANKER for short. And to think, some multi-millionaire coughed up three and a half million dollars so Ms Krapco's intellectual masterpieces could reach a wider audience.
Well done Mr. Power. You do realise though that you are the ONLY person reading that site?

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Daedalus said...

and that his writing is equally as worthless.