Little Green Footballs

Sunday, April 16, 2006

LGFers: make up your minds

One of the most frequent criticisms we get from Charles Johnson's 'Lizard minions' is that we "cherry-pick" comments from his site that aren't sanctioned by him, and falsely attribute those comments to the Lizard Overlord.

Perhaps these sanctimonious mini-lizzies should be looking closer to home: Charles Johnson regularly (1,2,3) takes comments made in the open publishing section of Indymedia sites and presents them as the opinion of Indymedia as a whole, ignoring the fact that Indymedia sites don't even require registration and that the comments are not prompted by Indymedia activists' articles (the way CJ's minions are prompted by his own hint-heavy ramblings).

So, kids, what's it going to be? Is Charles responsible for what his commenters write, or not?


pHundle said...

He's shunting your links over to the IDF.

X said...

Poor Charles. Is he still scared of what our readers might find on LGF?

lobbey_dosser said...

I suppose in his sad little mind, he still thinks its funny