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Friday, April 14, 2006

Pajamaline Pammy Hearts The Walrus

Proving the old Kissinger adage about how weak-minded reactionary women are strongly attracted to posturing blow-hards in undeserved (and in this case, unconfirmed) positions of power, "Atlas", aka Pammy, pens another mash note to her favorite Bush asshole:

"I happily interrupt my Passover holiday to express my unabashed admiration for John Bolton. Yes, again. A fine man indeed. Intestinal and testicular fortitude in one giant of a man. The left hates him because he makes them look so positively small, spineless, petty and limp wrist-ed. Which of course they are....
(Usual idiotic Pammy blather edited out). The "punchline":
"If it's not Cheney/Rice in '08, it's got to be Bolton...."
And then Pammy could marry The Walrus (who would surely dump frumpy Frau Bolton) and take her rightful place as First Lady Bolted-On.


ElectricBassPlayer said...

What's the mystery?

Richard "Night Stalker" Ramirez was courted and married in jail.

And when it comes to danger, nobody throws a stapler like Bolton!

moonbat monitor said...

hmmm. I must say, someone here has a crush on Pammy. awful lot of 'atlas' posts at an lgf watch site. someone might want to consider an 'atlaswatch' site.


just an observation, ya konw.

MJ said...


Yep, one post in an entire week! What an obsession. Someone should count the number of posts Pammy does about Charles Adolf Johnson over the last couple of months......that'll be a good indicator of 'crazed stalker'. Hope Chuckles doesn't own any rabbits.

Kryten42 said...

You're killin' me!! ROTFLMAO

That's the funniest (and surely the most sickening piece of unmitigated garbage) I have EVER read! I would never have believed that anyone could beat Coulter at the 'unmitigated crap' game, but Pammy wins the prize! Good Lord! That… female (I CANNOT describe her as ‘lady’ or even ‘woman’! NO real woman would write garbage like that!) Need’s an army of shrink’s fast! (Or, to get seriously laid!) LOL


Thanks so much! :D ‘LGF Watch’ is rapidly becoming one of my fave ‘must read’ blogs (especially when I need a good laugh!) Thanks so much, sincerely. :)

Great job all! Made my day! And a happy Easter to all! :)

phleabo said...

Is that woman in the picture blowing Bolton? Is that Pammy?

Moonbat - you eat poop.