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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nazi Pajamas

Mobius at Jewschool has taken a well deserved shot at Michelle Malkin and her irresponsible and frankly racist backing of The Minuteman Project.

Right-wing blogger, columnist and Fox News analyst Michelle Malkin has recently been going to bat for the Minuteman Project, a self-described “citizens’ Neighborhood Watch on our border,” which has conferred itself with the authority to secure the US’s southern border from infiltration by illegal immigrants. Well-known to be overrun by White separatists, Klansmen and Neo-Nazis — as is thoroughly documented in photographs and testimony — one of the organization’s members, James Chase, founder of California Border Watch, broke ranks with The Minutemen earlier this year citing its domination by racist extremists.

Malkin has consistently promoted and defended the Minutemen on her blog and in the press, in her most recent offense referring to Mexican American critics of the Minutemen, including Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and California Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante, as “Latino supremacists”. In a column published last Wednesday, Malkin accused the Chicano community of plotting to liberate “Mexican lands” in the Southwestern United States.


Considering that the White supremacists at the Minuteman Project are the source from which Malkin’s getting her information, it’s no suprise she’s echoing this slander throughout the blogosphere. A star blogger with Pajamas Media, the prominent right-wing blogging collective launched by Little Green Football’s Charles Johnson, which counts among its members such noteable JBlogs as Israellycool, An Unsealed Room and Kesher Talk, she is also a regular contributor to The Jewish World Review, which published her most recent column.

Please let our friends know how you feel about their affiliation with Ms. Malkin and Pajamas Media.
Please support Mobius and his call for bloggers to express their disgust at Michell Malkin, Pajamas Media and others who would promote, justify and apologise for Neo-Nazis, Klansmen and White supremacists.

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