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Monday, December 12, 2005

Racism rears its ugly head in Australia ... and at LGF

Mobs took to the streets and beaches of Sydney yesterday and had a go at each other, but this time it's not just a good old-fashioned Aussie argie bargie.

As one news outlet puts it:

Rioting erupted on Sunday after thousands of white youths attacked police and people of Middle Eastern appearance at Cronulla beach in southern Sydney.

So, if you're not blond, expect a bottle over the head on Bondi.

Naturally the lizards over at LGF, racist scum that they are, have a rather different take on the story: in their book, it's the poor white Australians who are being harassed by gangs of Lebanese Muzzies (hey wait, I thought we were with the Lebanese!?) and surfers simply ran out of patience and took upon themselves what liberal, PC politicians wouldn't do: teach them "wogs and Lebs" a lesson.

Here are some choice quotes from LGF:

44 starboardside 12/11/2005 10:07AM PST

Bloody sand monkeys,who do they think they are?Get rid of the lot I say!,send them back to the litter box from which they came.

56 McJenny50 12/11/2005 10:36AM PST

I'm thinking it's time to pack up all of them and have a "secret flight" to a country that has the same values they do. If they aren't willing to assimilate - they should be forced to leave.

#65 Shiplord Kirel 12/11/2005 11:10AM PST

Men of Australia:

The media and the multicultists are the enemy.
Their real objective is to enslave you with the help of their Islamofascist clients.

Rise up and destroy them before they destroy you.

#84 pork rinds for allah 12/11/2005 12:00PM PST

it's starting

pass the pork rinds

#87 ddd 12/11/2005 12:06PM PST

Deport all Muslim now.

#102 another brick in the hall 12/11/2005 12:27PM PST

#1 Organize a wet T-shirt or itsy-bitsy bikini contest at a Sidney beach (bait).

#2 Have a few of these guys hanging around with some baseball bats:



#3 Badda-Bing! Bip! Baam!

Australian for Good Ole Time!

#120 tuckunderbreak 12/11/2005 01:07PM PST

Filthy Muzzslime Lebs started it two weeks ago with an unprovoked assault on lifeguards.

#126 tuckunderbreak 12/11/2005 01:13PM PST

followers of the islamic cult have no business among human beings. period. QED.

Sure, there are some measured comments on the thread too, and some of the racists are gently rebuked for their views, but what's amazing is that Charles Johnson lets people get away with this kind of shit-stirring on his weblog. The conclusion can only be: racism against Arabs is acceptable, while any criticism of Bush/War/America/Israel/LGF gets you banned.

UPDATE: Pajamas Media also cover the story, but look who's missing. Aren't the racist rantings of the 'lizards' acceptable on Chuckles new project?


jonz said...

Filthy Muzzslime Lebs started it two weeks ago with an unprovoked assault on lifeguards.

That's racist. Sandmonkey comment is also rather dubious (unless of course they are from the middle east themselves and being ironic - but I doubt it).

However underplaying the motivations behind this riot is irresponsible, and underplaying the actions of some unsavoury characters of lebanese origin appears to have excarbated this. Many on the left went at great lengths to explain the root causes behind the Paris riots.. I'm just wandering if there's a double standard here..

MJ said...

How about this. Lebanese (who may or may not be Muslims....or are only white youngsters allowed to be aetheists?) thugs attack lifeguard. 5000 whites riot (spurred on by neo-nazi groups and like the Manchester riots recently hearsay). It has sod all to do with Islam....but LGF and other right wing hate sites have jumped on it as another front in their imagined 'global jihad'.