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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Fallujah fallacies

There's something particularly funny about Charles 'Icarus' Johnson's (non-)understanding of the way the media works. This week, after he and his buddies went on and on about how great things are going in Iraq and particularly in Fallujah and Ramadi, a dozen marines get blown to pieces or suffer some other gory fate in said towns and suddenly CJ and the lizards are all over...the media reporting of these events.

No word about how the C-in-C might not be giving the nation an honest appraisal of how the war is going; no soul-searching analysis of how the 'insurgents' could have killed so many US soldiers in so short a time in towns that have supposedly been 'cleared' of enemy combatants. No, just keep bashing old 'al-Jizz' (as the lizzies like to call it) because that's much easier than answering the question: what went wrong and what are we going to do next?

Let's take a look at what Charles's minions have to say about a tape al-Jazeera aired the other day, showing the explosion of an IED as a US patrol passes by:

#3 zombie 12/3/2005 10:19AM PST

In 2008, I'm voting against Bush because he didn't bomb al-Jazeera when he promised he would.

Ah yes, let's kill journalists...

#6 talk sick alaskan 12/3/2005 10:22AM PST

Good guys and bad guys. They're the bad guys, we're the good guys.

Life can be so simple, when you've got a reptile brain.

#16 Earth2moonbat 12/3/2005 10:54AM PST

And I suppose that they just happened to have a camera crew there by pure coincidence.

Maybe they should start evacuating areas that AJ cameras are pointed at.

Dude, get with the facts: The tape was posted on a website BY THE INSURGENTS, al-Jazeera found the website, downloaded the tape, aired it. No 'embedded' camera crews, no money changing hands. Al-Jazeera simply did their job, just as they did when they aired footage of US aircraft bombing Baghdad in 2003, which presumably also involved the death of one or two people but of course they're just "Sandniggers" right and so you don't give a shit about them...

Someone really needs to give Charles and co a crash course in media literacy.

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