Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Selective outrage

Chuckles has got himself in a hissy fit over the release of Hezbollah member Ali Hamadi. He isn't happy that the Germans have allegedly done a deal to allow the release of a hostage in Iraq. Isn't it terrible Charles. Listen, well support your outrage here if you post about the US releasing people (Dr Germ and Mrs Anthrax) who should've faced crimes against humanity charges just to sell the Iraqi election to certain factions there. How about that for a deal?

Ali Hamadi was given a life sentence for murdering an American while he hijacked a plane was imprisoned in 1985. How many times does a life sentence mean life? How many people serve more than 20 years for the crime? If Charles wants to take such a moral stand here perhaps he should take it about murder convictions and prison terms in general. If he wants to sneer at the Germans for deal making then perhaps he should look at the deals his beloved Bush administration is making. Of course he wont. And neither will Pajamas Media.

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