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Thursday, December 15, 2005

LGF & Iraq: Utter Idiocy

Take a look at this piece of astute news commentary posted on LGF Tuesday night.

The headline (1) reads: "Iran Tampering with Iraqi Election". So far so clear. Iran, the headline says, is fiddling the Iraqi elections. Presumably in an attempt to swing the result in its favor. Nasty Iranians. They're anti-semitic. They want nuclear weapons. Now they're messing with a free Iraq. How dare they! Strong stuff from the mouth of the lizard king.

The link (2) is a straight filch from the NYT's piece (written by the hilariously named 'Dexter Filkins' - is that a real name?) which obviously meets with Charles's approval, otherwise he wouldn't copy it.

The two line commentary from Charles (3) makes the point that Iran is trying to provoke the US at a 'delicate' time by shipping cartloads of forged ballots over the border to Iraq.

The correction (4) is one in name only, as Johnson pulls off the incredible feat of being both wrong and right. The NYT story he linked to turns out to be inaccurate, but that doesn't stop him from turning round and blaming the NYT for the falsehood (bad MSM, bad MSM!), rather than admit that he was taken in by it too and that his reliance on the MSM makes him look like a fucking fool when they recant and he's left standing naked on Hollywood Boulevard without his trousers on or a copy of the Times to cover his shrivelling...[that's enough, keep it clean - ed.]

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