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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Does Fosters cause severe memory loss?

It's funny how everyone and their mangy mutt is so shocked about the racist rioting in Australia this week: "What, Australia racist? No, Australia isn't racist." As one commenter said, "we need to look at the root causes" (heh!) for why thousands of white youths rampaged around Sydney trying to bash Lebs and Meds. LGFers, like Michael Howard and those goons they interviewed on Sky News last night, either haven't got a clue about Australian history or they've been in a lager-induced coma for the last fourty years.

Doesn't anyone remember the Aborigines?

Anti-Greek riots and the anti-Italian shit-stirring in the 50s?

What about Romper Stomper?

Pauline Hanson?

And though less organized, you'll find plenty of anti-Semitism, anti-Pom sentiment (though is that really racism?), and anti-Polynesian feeling in Australia. The fact of the matter is: Australia has a long and dishonorable history of racism, but you're never going to get white Australians to admit that on camera. And LGFers are only ever going to believe what white Australians say...


lobbey_dosser said...

Best comment from one of the racists last night (on BBC) was: "All these arabs should leave Australia to native Australians." and no, he wasn't an Aboriginal.

banjofreddy said...

Well no, that's a bit much actually: if you were in Australia you would realise that the outcry AGAINST these riots and the actions of all involved regardless of race, was very very big. People of all race and creed have denounced this violence.

Some Australians are racist. Some Americans are racist. KKK anyone? Cross burnings and lynchings, and all that, not to mention slavery?

Does that mean ALL Americans, or even a majority, are racist? Of course not. And the same applies to Australians, regardless of what anyone says.

To imply that all Australians are racist (as an opinion or an attack on LGFers who, in their narrow-minded ways, have supported attacks on Lebanese and the actions of those at Cronulla on Sunday), is frankly disingenuous.

There's racist white Australians, and there's racist Lebanese, there's racist aboriginals, there's racist Canadians and Americans. They're a vicious minority nearly everywhere you go, and the same applies here. A minority. Not all Australians are racist.

X said...

BF: there's a whole world between saying 'all Australians are racist' (which they aren't) and saying 'no Australians are racists' (which they aren't either.

I'm sure you'd agree that the truth lies somewhere in between.

The question is: just how much more prevalent is racism in Australia than in comparable societies? Is there such a thing as a thread of racist sentiment throughout Australian culture?

Panther said...

I think well done to the Aussies who fought back at Cronulla!! We are very easy going, laid back, accommodating people but can only take being kicked in the guts so many times before we fight back. It has been a long time in the coming and now we want our freedom back. Our soldiers fought for our country, our beaches, our freedom and way of life. Who do these Lebs, middle easterners (or whatever you choose to call them) think they are? Do they think they are above the law by spitting on us in the streets, burning our churches, abusing, degrading and raping our women and bashing our Lifesavers, who are true Aussie icons? They come out here to the lucky country for a better life but won't accept out culture. They do not want to fit in and are trying to inflict their culture on us. If their culture and way of life is so good then why the hell don't they p... off back to where they came from? Go Aussies, keep up the good work!