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Friday, December 16, 2005

Quick question

In violation of international law and the so-called "Road Map", Israel announces construction of yet more houses in West Bank. Number of times mentioned on LGF or Pajamas Media? Answers on a postcard or in the comments please.


dendragapus obscurus said...

Israel has been snubbing its nose at international law since its creation. Its funny how little they care of world opinion when theyre commiting ethnic cleansing and genocide by the drip, but rush off to the UN they hate so much when they feel threatened.

As for Israel being wiped off the map, its not only the Iranian circus who would be turning somersaults. The Christian right would be raptourous. It is one of the last signs of the Revelation, afterall.

Fuck Israel. Let them sweat for a bit then send in the UN they hate so much to sort it out next year.

If Israel ever decides they want to move up north to Europe for a few years Ill give them some advice if theyre after some real estate - Make sure the land youve taken a fancy to isnt already occupied. Make sure the bride isnt already married.

LanceThruster said...

I know! None?

Scott said...

Ethnic cleansing and genocide?

Don't think so. What we have here are two diametrically opposed ethnic/religious groups who both are laboring under the delusion that God explicity told them they were entitled to the same land.

The only solution for everyone is to reject the hijacking of religion as a justification for anti-God behaviors now and for all times.

dendragapus obscurus said...

Its well documented Scott. Not on LFG obviously, I must admit.,3604,1549816,00.html#article_continue

If youd like more evidence visit LGF. LGFers are not only supportive, they are constant promoters of Palestinian ethnic cleansing. Visit the comments. Those that support it have screen names like 'Transferthem' and other more deliberately volatile names.