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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Astroblogging: similar to "astroturfing", wherein an individual or entity seeks to influence "grass-roots" opinion by funding opinion leaders or aggregators of a particular philosophy or mindset by slipping them boatloads of cash with the implicit understanding they'll push said mindset, talking-points, devotion to said entity or individuals as an unwritten and largely untraceable quid pro quo for pocketing said moolah. May involve in funneling fractions of said moolah to other like-minded individuals who may or may not know the source of funding.

The term "astroblogging" has been introduced into the lexicon of Republican Black Ops by LGFwatch, and should so be credited.

Carry on.


We are not alone in thinking OSM/PJM is an astroblog. Developing... as we say...


Benjamin said...


Good term, and I think it fits Pajamas media perfectly.

tony said...

thanks for the love. im probably one of the few bloggers criticizing LGF and Insta who are actually on *both* of their blogrolls.

i have a new post today you might like .