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Thursday, December 15, 2005

A workplace fit for LGF'ers

This is something that the LGF'ers will probably love. A depot in the Asda supermarket chain is deliberately targetting Muslims for special treatment by insisting that they produce their passports to identify themselves. They even went as far as calling out names of employees (all Muslim) over the tannoy system to report to management for the checks.

Asda is being threatened with legal action for alleged racial discrimination after insisting that Muslim employees produce their passports to prove they had the right to work in the UK.

At one of the supermarket’s main depots, a manager read out 'foreign-sounding' names over the public address system, telling them to report immediately to the manager's office.

The workers, who were all Muslims, were ordered to produce evidence that they were not illegal immigrants. At least one was threatened with the sack unless he produced his passport the next day, reports the Independent.
Before the visiting LGF racists get their hopes up though Asda have condemned what happened and is looking into the case.

A spokesman for Asda told the paper that the company fully accepted that the managers in question had handled the situation poorly.

“We are fully committed to equality in the workplace and we deeply regret what happened," he said.

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