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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Persecution Complex

Richard Silverstein nails Jeff Goldstein and John Cole here for using the anti-Semitism card when addressing his criticism of Pajamas Media. It seems that these Pajama clad warriors think that criticising the make up of Pajamas Media for it's obvious bias towards the Israeli and US right is equivalent to anti-Semitism, and that it's ok to throw around spurious charges of it around at anyone who is willing to pick them up on it.

Recently, I wrote a post here analyzing the hard-right Likud-type orientation of many of the blogs then affiliated with Pajamas Media. I felt it was important for potential readers to know that this project had a distinct, and rigidly neocon approach to the Mideast conflict.

There were howls and screams from some PJM participants which you can read in the comment thread for the post.

But lately Jeff Goldstein and John Cole (see links below) have dug up the old anti-Semitism card/canard in mischaracterizing my criticism of Pajamas Media. They say I attack it because of the Jewish affiliations of participants. I put them and all my readers on notice that Goldstein and Cole, in their anti-Semitism infused minds, are mischaracterizing my post and my criticism. I would never write disparagingly of someone being Jewish because I am myself. I criticize the political orientation of the project. That is all. Many (though not all) PJMers have a pronounced tilt toward hard-right Likud-style politics when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That’s all I said.

If Jeff/John want to go around the blogworld (see examples below) and throw these charges around that’s their blighted prerogative. But it’s mine to call them willful distorters of my meaning. If they continue saying this in light of my denial, then he’ll just become outright liars. Let them try to present one scintilla of evidence supporting my so-called anti-Semitism. They haven’t done so yet and they can’t because there isn’t any. So shut up already guys. Go pick a fight with some other unsuspecting shlump. I’m tired of your whining.
Seems like Richard hit a raw nerve with these guys. Are there no depths these guys won't sink to to justify their business deal with PJM?


Laurence said...

Wait. I'm Jewish, and I'm not throwing the Anti-Semitism card around with this PJM debacle.

Maybe I should. Where can I get a bunch of Race Cards and Anti-Semitism cards printed up?

MJ said...

Try Israellycool or Israpundit....they're bound to supply them.

Anyway,I think Richard was right to be disgusted here. He simply commented on the fact that PJM's blogroll leans heavily to the Israeli and US right and that people should be aware of this bias and not believe the 'fair and balanced' bullcrap eminating from RLS and Charles Johnson's little project.

PS Laurence, I'm still amazed that a blogger like yourself managed to be duped into the whole PJM thing. Are the cheques really worth lending your name to such a disaster?

Richard said...

Interesting that Laurence, a PJM participant calls the project a "debacle." Can't tell if he was serious or joking. But the comment is instructive.

He should be commended for not throwing around charges of anti-Semitism against those who attack PJM.