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Monday, December 26, 2005

Roger L. Simon: MSM leech

You know Roger. Roger is half of the dynamic duo that founded the international media phenomenon Open Source Media, which within just a few days of launching managed to lose its name and any credibility it might have had through a serious of stupendously clumsy missteps.

Anyway Roger 'Pajamas Media in Los Angeles' Simon presumably had to sign up to the wingnut creed that all Mainstream Media is bad and all blogging media is good (except Kos of course!) when he jumped into bed with Charles Johnson.

So it's enlightening to browse Roger's website today (trust us, we don't do this often) and count the number of items that are entirely based on information provided by the oh-so-evil Mainstream Media.

There's one that starts off with a New York Times report, another that takes a potshot at an AP journalist, a post consisting largely of AP and Al-Jazeera quotes, another AP posting, then one from the NYT again, the San Diego Union-Tribune thrown in for good measure, then the Times (which Roger can't distinguish from its online offering, TimesOnline), back to AP and the get the message.

What is it with these people? Don't Roger and his fellow bedwetters realise they should be THANKING the Mainstream Media for providing them with an outlet for their frustrations, rather than hoping for their demise?

We certainly pray to the god of Lizards and his minions every night that he continues to provide us with plenty of entertainment to keep this little blog going...

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