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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

LGF's racist bias

LGF lizard leader Charles Johnson likes to accuse news organisations of 'bias' on the basis of what he thinks their headlines imply or downplay. Well, yesterday CJ exposed himself to accusations of hypocrisy, when he posted an entry on his weblog about a hostage-taking incident in Germany involving four schoolkids and an Iranian (in LGF-speak read MUSLIM) man: (

Charles' reason for highlighting this incident aren't clear. Uncharitable readers might think it's just another opportunity to paint Muslims as violent crazies. More charitable readers might say Charles is merely picking up on a big news story. But if this were the case, why did Charles make NO MENTION of the shooting dead of five pupils and staff at Red Lake high school in Minnesota (which is a hell of a lot closer to California than Germany is) by student Jeff Weise three weeks ago. Could it be because, you know, Jeff wasn't MUSLIM enough?

Luckily some of Charles' readers (read 1:10) are wising up to his sickening prejudices and saying so or leaving LGF.

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